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The Story

When sweet Sasha was rescued from a high kill-shelter in San Antonio, TX, this very large-framed girl only weighed 45 lbs!  It is believe that Sasha was hit by a car at some point and, due to her condition and being severely underweight, she was listed as "rescue only".  Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue commited to save Sasha, however, her condition is requiring extensive care beyond the capacity of rescue and need your help to save her life.  

Sasha was diagnosed with both Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis and is in desperate need of IV medication and is in EXTREMELY critical condition and Sasha is in need of blood transfusions to save her life!!

Sasha is currently at an emergency specialist where she will remain until stabilized.  Sasha needs your help to survive!  Sasha is only 2 yrs old and has had a horrible start in life... Please consider helping this sweet girl and give her a chance to live out the life she deserves.  To follow Sasha's progress, please go to the UPDATES section here, or follow her on Facebook at Heidi's Legacy Rescue Network.   Thanks to everyone for their continued support!

A very special THANK YOU goes to Blue Angel German Shepherd Dog Rescue of San Antonio, TX who helped facilitate Sasha's rescue!  BAGSDR is committed to saving the lives of many GSDs in Texas.

Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue is a 501c3 non-profit, all volunteer organization, based in Florida.  While they are dedicated to rescuing all breed of dogs, they specialize in saving special needs German Shepherds.  Several in rescue right now require extensive treatment and need your help to continue!  Please consider donating to help them continue their life-saving work.  THANK YOU!!


Checks:  Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue, 3102 Nichols Road, Lithia, FL 33547 - Heidi's Legacy - 813-737-1795



Directly to Vet:  Sunshine Animal Hospital, 813-885-7071
8008 W Waters Ave, Tampa, FL 33615

Note:  Sasha has been released from BluePearl and her emergency care bill had to be paid at that time.  If you'd like to contribute towards that bill, please do so through this link.  Sasha is requiring extensive follow up care and will be treated at Sunshine Animal Hospital, if you feel more comfortable donating directly to a vet, please note she is now treating with Sunshine and feel free to contact them directly to donate. 

Or... just click on the link that says "GIVE NOW".


Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 13, 2013 by Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue
We are extremely sad to report our Sweet Sasha crossed the bridge last night. Her amazing foster mom, Natacha, was with her until the end and she was loved. Update from her mom: "Sasha lost her battle to Ehrlichosis and Anaplasmosis last evening. We received a devastating confirmation yesterday that although Sasha's blood counts were continuing to improve her blood smear results after pathology review revealed stage V lymphoma. The lymphoma was a direct result of her chronic ehrlichia that Sasha had battled for sometime. We did everything we could to help save Sasha and keep her comfortable but she was continuing to decline rapidly. Sasha lost 6 lbs in a 2 day period even while taking appetite stimulants and various other supplements.
Sasha was in no pain and I'm sure was very grateful for the care she received. Sasha was so loving and tender up until her very last breath where she even managed to give her sweet kiss goodnight. Sasha is already dearly missed!"
Thank you, Natacha, we know your heart and soul went into caring for her during her last weeks and thanks to you, Sasha felt loved.

Many thanks to all that helped our sweet girl in her last days.  She was well-cared for until the end and she was loved.   May our sweet Sasha rest in peace.

Thank you!

Posted on June 6, 2013 by Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue

Sasha is home from the hopital and resting comfortably today.  She seems to feel better again after the additional transfusions and we will be closely monitoring her blood counts over the next several days.  We are recieving concerning results that require additional specialists and testing to determine where we go next.   Assuming we can overcome her immediate life-treatening ailments, she will at some point require FHO surgery for her hip.  We have been assured numerous times that she is not in pain, she just feels completely exhuasted.  Sasha has such a loving disposition and wonderful spirit, as long as she is up for the fight and maintains that sweet smile, we are here to help her!  Our girl has a rough road ahead of her and we thank everyone for their continued support.    

On behalf of Sasha, THANK YOU!!

Sasha home from the hospital and enjoying a quiet rainy afternoon in her foster home.

Posted on June 5, 2013 by Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue

Sasha's follow up appointment showed her blood count was back down and was sent back to the hospital where she was admitted for additional blood transfusions.  We have been informed that the blood bank is extremely low and we are asking for donors to help, not only save Sasha and others, but will also help offset the costs of the transfusions.  If your dog meets the criteria, please consider making them a life-saving donor dog!  

FOR MORE INFO ON HOW TO DONATE BLOOD, please visit the link below and see if your dog is a candidate.  If you are outside the Tampa Bay area, please consider this option for dogs in your area.  There are so many Sasha's out there in need of your help, please consider helping other wonderful, and so very less fortunate dogs, in some way.

If you are in the Tampa Bay area and CAN DONATE BLOOD, please contact Brenda at Bluepearl, 813-933-8944 and let her know you'd like to HELP SAVE SASHA WITH HEIDI'S LEGACY!  THANK YOU!!!

Posted on June 5, 2013 by Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue
Sasha is battling a few very serious conditions, each one alone would be bad enough, but the combination of Ehrlichia and Anaplasmosis has her absolutely drained.  Testing shows her organs are functioning properly, she is not in pain, but her extreme anemia and her body fighting off the diseases are leaving her exhausted, to the point the vets are wondering how she is even functioning.  As thin and weak as Sasha is, our girl can still always seem to manage a smile!  As long as Sasha is smiling, we are going to fight for her!!

Please help us help Sasha win her battle, and please help spread awareness of the dangers of tick-borne diseases.  Thank you for helping SAVE SASHA!!  

Posted on June 4, 2013 by Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue

Sasha is home from the hospital but our girl seems to be having a rough day.  

Sasha's foster mom reports:  Sasha is having a tough morning. She seems "sad" and is totally not interested in her favorite toy. Sasha is still alert but does not want to eat at all so giving her her medications is a bit difficult as they require food. Please keep praying for Sasha. She is scheduled to have her blood rechecked today. I'll keep everyone posted later today. 
Sasha's Foster Mom, Natacha

Please note that Sasha is still considered in "poor/guarded condition" and will require extensive follow up treatment.  She has been released from Blue Pearl and will now be treating at Sunshine Animal Hospital in Tampa.  Information on how to help Save Sasha is listed on the main page.  Heidi's Legacy is a non-profit dog rescue that relies solely on donations to help save lives.  Please consider helping in some way, no amount is too small.  All donations go directly towards her care are greatly needed and appreciated.  Thank you!!

Posted on June 4, 2013 by Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue

WONDERFUL NEWS ~ Sasha has been released from the hospital and can now rest peacefully from the comfort of her foster home.  Sasha is scheduled for her first follow up appointment on Tuesday to run more tests, CBC, and serum chemistry test.  Her blood counts will be closely monitored.  In addition to the immediate concerns associated with her severe anemia and Ehrlichia, it was discovered that Sasha was probably hit by a car at some point due to several broken ribs and hip injury and Sasha will require FHO surgery once she is healthy and stable enough to underg the procedure.  Thank you for helping Save Sasha and supporting her road to recovery!

Posted on June 4, 2013 by Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue

Great news!  Sasha has responded great to the blood transfusions so far, she was released from ICU and the port and IVs have been removed.  She will continue with follow up care based on results of testing.  Thank you for your continued prayers for strength and recovery for our sweet girl.   She still has a long road to go, your support is greatly appreciated.

Posted on June 3, 2013 by Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue

Sasha's transfusion and iv fluids are kicking in and she is feeling a little better.  We are hoping she will be released to continue care in her quiet foster home and follow up from the comforts of "home".  This poor girl has already been through so much... she was rescued from a kill-shelter, believed to be hit by a car as evidenced by 7 ribs that were apparently broken and she is in need of hip surgery once she recovers and stabilizes from the immediate threat of Ehrlichiosis and Anaplasmosis.  The transfusions were absolutely necessary to save her life and they are amazed at her energy level, given her condition.  Sasha is taking well to the treatment and we are hopeful for more good reports soon, will keep you posted.  Thank you for helping save Sasha!

Posted on June 3, 2013 by Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue


Sasha had her second blood transfusion andher blood count was up to 19% and was stable for most of the day.  Saturdayevening her blood count dipped to 17% and has so far remained stable.  Sasha was moved from the ICU to the medical room Sundaymorning and is starting to eat a little bit.  She seemed to have a small spurt of energy because she carried on barking when she saw the cats in the medical room.  Sasha is still not in the clear and will frequently need to have her blood counts checked.  Please continue to keep Sasha in your prayers.  Please share Sasha's story not only to raise awareness of how quickly Ehrlichia can hit but also to help raise funds to help pay for her life saving medical care.  Sasha's ICU bills are estimated over $4,000 and will likely continue to go up with the cost of her medications and repeated blood work testing. 

Posted on June 2, 2013 by Heidi's Legacy Dog Rescue


Sasha has a special angel, Natacha, determined to help save her!  Natacha has been visiting Sasha a few times every day and been overseeing her care.  Update from last night's visit:  "They had just started her fluid treatment when we got there so our visit was in her ICU kennel.  She ate very well tonight!  She was very bright and alert and stood to greet us with kisses and a wagging tail!   Her blood counts did drop to 17% though... I'll update after I visit in the morning.  Praying she gets to come home with me tomorrow."

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