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The Story

Hi everybody it's Petey the puppy!!

I am home with my adoptered family check me out on Facebook at Petey Romp

Well by now I am sure you know my story, heck that's probably why you're here!  First of all I want to thank you for coming to my page and donating. I can tell you're an nimal lover and boy, do I wish there were more people like you in the world ! :-)

Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened. ~Anatole France

I'd like to tell you about some of my canine friends at Romp Rescue.   Well they are not really friends as you know I kind of have a problem meeting other dogs and not wanting to kick their butts please don't tell anyone but I do this because I am scared.  They still are my fellow canines and I want you to help me help them.   One day after my rehab  I want to be a real puppy and play with them- oh happy doggie day!!

I would also like you to know that Romp Rescue he has over 50 dogs currently in their care some in foster care but most are in boarding facilities if you think I have it tough living in a garage some of my friends are living in kennels 24 hours a day pretty much 7 days a week. Sure volunteers which there are far too few of stop by to walk my friends  as much as possible and I know they do their best I want more for my friends they need forever homes like the one I am sure to get.

Let me tell you about my friend-to-be Cade he has had some tough luck not only did his owner surrender him to the shelter but while at the shelter some bad man entered into the dog run Cade was playing in and beat the holy crap out of him, why ? Who knows just a sick deranged man  sending sweet Cade to the vet for 1000's of dollars in vet care.  The shelter where it happened was going to put Cade down but Romp Rescue heard the shelters pleas on sweet Cade's behalf and took him to get the care he needed and of course assumed all liability for his medical bills.  Let me tell you these Romp people even when they find themselves with no money they find a way to pawn something,  go deeper in debt and just do whatever it takes to take care of these deserving dogs. I added a picture of my friend Cade to the my picture gallery Cade is wearing his super smart harness necause after he was beaten with a chain he's not cool with metal objects especially collars.  

My friends at Romp have two hot little momma blue Pitties Lola and Charity boy oh boy do  I have my eyes on them because when I am all better and back from rehab I want to play with them - well actually I hope they find their furever homes even before I am back from my rehab but heck maybe one day I will run into these hot mamas at a dog park.

Romp has a very gentle older girl named Lady and if I were just a bit older I would make her "my lady" she a big round and brown gentle girl about 5 years old - she doesn't even destroy her toys she acts like they are babies I don't get it but whatever I really like her anyway.  She just had some surgery paid for by my friends at Romp Rescue and they tell me she is good to go.  Randy says if his dog Molly misbehaves she will be replaced by Lady - that's not nice I like Molly even though I did bite her... I am sorry I just can't help it I want to be a good dog.

Well I could talk about the Romp dogs all day and night but I just want to mention Romp
has some great low energy seniors that should never ever sleep on cement floors, it's not good for old tired bones. Won't you please consider giving one of these seniors a place to sleep out their golden years?.  Randy tells me anyone can adopt a puppy but Angels take care of seniors are there any Angels out there? I hope so.

Please visit Romp Rescue and click on their paypal account so they can continue to help my friends.  Please tell them Petey sent you and they will make sure they match you with just the right dog and all adoption donations are refundable. 

Don't want a long term commitment how about a dog to play with the kids during the summer or a dog to keep your feet warm in the winter Romp always needs foster mommies and daddies.  When you foster Romp covers any unexpected medical expenses and food  you provide the love and the shelter.  Please consider donating, fostering or even adopting one of my buddies-to-be.

This is Petey saying goodbye for now but look for updates on my progress as I am sure I will graduate from doggy rehab with honors! 

Later Dudes and Dudettes

Donations are sincerely appreciated, and can be made via this YouCaring site or to ROMP Rescue (tax-deductible). 

-Tax deductible donations can be made to on their webpage please put 'PETEY' in the comments.  Romp Rescue is a 501c3 non profit organization created for the purpose of saving the lives shelter dogs.

Thank you so much for helping save Petey. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 23, 2013 by DogLover
Well check peteys FB page search 'petey romp' to see petey unattended hanging with his own kind

Posted on August 9, 2013 by DogLover
follow petey on fb great videos

Posted on August 1, 2013 by DogLover
I can not say thank you enough and if you could see what a happy puppy Petey is becoming you'd be beaming with pride because without all of you none of this would be possible - we are truly grateful.

Posted on August 1, 2013 by DogLover
videos posted on facebook page search Petey Romp  like his page to follow him as he goes to training and ultimately to his new loving home

Posted on July 30, 2013 by DogLover
LIKE "Petey Romp" on facebook for updates - things are getting good see facebook for exciting update and like to continue receiving updates.   Petey's happy path is strating soon.

Posted on July 27, 2013 by DogLover
just cut and paste the link  thank you  

Posted on July 26, 2013 by DogLover

Please make sure you like me and visit me on facebook this is where we will post updates I hear so many people are asking about me I am so grateful that Liz decided to care and found Romp to help me from there.

Posted on July 23, 2013 by DogLover
Some have wondered why some of the media reports mention the need for 2100-2500 dollars and we have more than that and are still asking for help. To be honest 2100-2500 is all we dared to dream that the public would contribute.  The truth is there were costs, for instance ROMP is currently spending 80 dollars a day on two 90 minute training sessions, for Petey - before Petey leaves for training these costs alone will approach 1600.00 - why so much well these training sessions get Petey a much needed break from living in a garage, Petey as you know has had some veterinary cost which we are now going to be able to repay the good samaritan that took Petey in.  There are transportation costs to the training center believe me there are many expenses we had originally planned to pay ourselves with our "no money "  you all know 'no money' that is the money you don't have but you find a way to dig up because your heart will not let you say no- that's no money].  The publics response to Petey has been beyond our wildest dreams and we are so grateful.   I hope you will consider ROMP RESCUE or any rescue group local to you for ongoing charitable contributions - many of your local rescue groups like ROMP are 501c3 non profits that offer the same tax deductible donation benefit as the large charititable groups.

Posted on July 23, 2013 by DogLover

Hi everyone it's Petey I wanted to let you know that this nice lady named Claudia comes to visit me everyday twice in fact and we go for bike rides, walks and she even rubs me with lavender oil -  I am not quite sure what lavender oil is or why she does it but it sure smells nice,  its feels so good and she always tells me what a good boy I am - I really like her.  She tells me I am about to go away for 3 weeks to training - what's training I am not sure it sounds fun at all but we will see.   She told me this place works miracles and I will meet a lot of nice friends that look like me and that I will like it - she should know I DON'T LIKE DOGS I am a people I am not a dog!   She kinda of laughs when I tell her that I am not quite not sure why.  Hey watch my new video  I am bike riding - well I call it bike riding but really I am just running to next to bike this is so fun we sometimes go really really fast

Talk to you later love and kisses Petey

Posted on July 22, 2013 by DogLover
Hi Everyone on Team Petey - Petey is currently relaxing at an undisclosed location his trainer claudia has worked miracles and this Sunday he is off to training.  We are curently looking for a way to follow Petey throw his rehab and training.  Due to the sensitive nature of preserving Petey's security this may not be possible but we are trying

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