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The Story

This adorable 3 month old Aussie mix was only doing what puppies do, grabbing a snack left unattened by his owner. What happened next is repulsive! Once his "owner" discovered what Frankie had done, he picked Frankie up by the neck and threw him off the porch, breaking his front paw.  

His former owner was charged with torturing or maiming of an animal and is getting deported as it was discovered during this incident that he is in the country illegally.  Fortunately, Frankie's current cargiver has agreed to relinquish the puppy as she cannot afford to treat his injury.  Unfortuantely, Frankie's injury has been left untreated for over two weeks with only pain meds as his "treatment."  He needs to be seen by a vet as soon as possible so his injury can be addressed and he can go on to live the life every dog deserves to filled love, care, and happiness.  One thing is for sure, Frankie will never know abuse like this again!  

If you feel moved to do so, please help with Frankie's vet expenses by making a donation via this fundraising link.  If you prefer to make a donation directly to the vet's office instead, you can call them during M-F during normal business hours at(989) 799-6859 and reference the Frankie/Paetz account.  

Below is the news link to Frankie's story.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 11, 2013 by Dawn Wetherbee Vargas
We will be visiting Frankie/Dakota this weekend.  We'll take lots of pictures and update you all on his health!  I'm so excited to see how big he's gotten!!

Posted on August 29, 2013 by Dawn Wetherbee Vargas
Here's another update about Frankie/Dakota's abuser from Linda Gittleman at The Morning Sun.  She is the reporter who first reported on the story.  Thank you Linda.

Posted on August 27, 2013 by Dawn Wetherbee Vargas
Here is an introductin from Frankie's (Now Dakota) new family, mom Tina and dad Javier.

"Frankie was introduced to our family by Animal Advocate, Mary Paetz.  Our Australian Shepherd/Border Collie has been an only dog since a week before Easter when we had to make the tough decision to put our Buster to sleep.  Three dogs in as many years has been tough.  We  were not sure if we were ready to take another dog in.  We visited the animal shelter, however none of the dogs felt like a right fit for us at the time.  When we received Frankie's picture and heard of his story, we knew he was the one we wanted.  I was introduced to Dawn and was love at first sight!  Dillon took to Frankie right away; so did the rest of us.  Frankie came to visit our home on a few occasions to spend time with Dillon.  It was so good to see the life come back into Dillon!  We have renamed Frankie; he is now  Dakota.  We have spent time cuddling and coddling him during his mending period. Following his visit to MSU, he was fitted with a cast.  Dakota started with a cone, however was able to have it removed as he stopped chewing on the cast due to the colorful socks put over the cast.  He has to go in for weekly check ups.  Today marked one week from his appointment at MSU. He has developed an infection on his leg so the cast had to be removed, and the cone is back on so he won't chew his leg.   
Dakota is such a well-behaved and well-mannered puppy...until it comes to sharing toys and treats.  He tries to tell his big brother, Dillon, that the treats and toys are all his, however Dillon has had to step in and remind him who was here first!  He definitely has spirit!  Dakota has enjoyed baseball and football games, as well as chasing bees in the yard!  He has taken a liking to his Mom's bed - he likes how he is getting spoiled during his healing process.  Kennel?  What kennel?  :).
Dakota has fit in to our family so well.  We could not imagine him not being with us.  We cannot wait until we can go on daily walks with his big brother, Dillon, as well as play, play, play in the yard chasing squirrels and bunnies."

Thank you Tina, Javier, and boys for caring for Dakota/Frankie.  We will continue to cover the cost of Frankie's injury repair until he is healed.  From there, any funds remaining (and we're expecting funds to be remaining) will be used to enrich the life of another rescued, homeless, or abused pet.

Posted on August 26, 2013 by Dawn Wetherbee Vargas

Posted on August 26, 2013 by Dawn Wetherbee Vargas
I've upoaded a few pictures of Frankie during his visit with MSU last week and of his new family.  He was a trooper!
Frankie has moved in with his new family.  We really miss him here at the Vargas household.  He brought new life into our family, as only a puppy can do.  Frankie loves his new fur brother Dillon!  His new mom has been sick but should have her introduction letter ready for us soon.  I'm excited to have you all meet them!  
Frankie has also been renamed.  He never really knew his either of his other names anyway!  lol  He is now Dakota.

Have a blessed day!


Posted on August 22, 2013 by Dawn Wetherbee Vargas

Thank you doesn’t seem adequate enough to express our gratitude for your compassion and generosity.  Every gift is truly appreciated.  Many of you continued to generously donate beyond our goal.  On behalf of Frankie, we thank you.  Any additional funds raised will be used to help another animal in need. 

Monday, August 19, we had Frankie evaluated by an orthopedic surgeon at MSU for a consult.  The doctor confirmed that Frankie’s metacarpals (front “hand” bones) had been broken.  There were not signs of additional breakages or tendon damage.  A term “subluxation” had been mentioned by our vet here in Saginaw as a possible problem based on his previous x-ray.  Subluxation involves a problem with the joint.  After several exams and additional x-rays, the MSU doctor was able to rule that out!  That was a sigh of relief!

The two outside metacarpals have begun to fuse together as they heal.  The two additional bones on the inside of his foot are still not healed.  The doctor felt that Frankie’s foot turned outward, in part, because he tries to limp on it using the outside of his foot, exaggerating the angle.

So with that said, the doctor’s recommendation was to splint the foot to allow the final two bones to heal.  He felt that there was no additional harm in allowing the two outside bones to continue to heal in their current position.  He said that there was no health advantage to re-breaking Frankie’s paw.  He also said that his paw may still turn outward slightly but, again, there’s no health disadvantage to that.  We could not be happier with the outcome!

After a very long day at MSU, Frankie and I did our first interview with Gino Vicci and TV5.  At the same time, The Morning Sun in Mt. Pleasant, MI, updated his story in their paper and online.  We send our heartfelt thanks to each reporter for doing the follow-up on Frankie.  He was one tired boy by the end of the day!

The following morning, we took him in to our vet with our MSU recommendations and had his foot splinted.  He will wear the splint for approximately 3-6 weeks.  Frankie is expected to make a full recovery. 

We have received several offers of adoption for Frankie.  We have not taken any offers for granted, recognizing that he could find a lovely home with many of you.  Thank you so much for your love and passion.  I will take this opportunity to let you know that we have chosen a wonderful adoptive family for Frankie.  He will have a fur brother named Dillon and two growing boys to call his own.  The boys are in 9th and 12th grade.  Mom and dad are highly respected individuals within our community.  I’ve asked them to put together a small biography with some pictures that I’ll add to Frankie’s page this weekend.  This family is a perfect fit for Frankie!

Again, thank you all for following Frankie’s story, for caring enough to help with his expenses, and for sharing his story.  The more people we share it with, the more opportunity we have to potentially save another pet from being abused.  Maybe, just maybe, the next person will choose a different way, a healthier way  to express their frustration and anger, rather than on an innocent creature.

Posted on August 19, 2013 by Dawn Wetherbee Vargas

Posted on August 19, 2013 by Dawn Wetherbee Vargas
Meeting with Gino Vicci from TV5 tomorrow, Monday, to do an update on Frankie the puppy.  Also, Linda Gittleman, with The Morning Sun newspaper, is updating his story.  Thank you to all who've hung in there with us.  We're having Frankie evaluated at MSU in the morning.  Stay tuned!

Posted on August 15, 2013 by Dawn Wetherbee Vargas
P.S.  I also uploaded a VERY poor quality video of him.  

Posted on August 15, 2013 by Dawn Wetherbee Vargas
Our vet is getting second opinios and advice from MSU and a couple of other advaced hospitals.  Frankie's surgery is more tha just re-setting his paw.  His wrist has completely turned outward and has begun to heal that way.  The term "subluxation" was used.  I uploaded a new picture this morning of Frankie straddling a food bowl.  You can clearly see how his left paw is extremely crooked.  He never puts much pressure on it, uses his foot more for balance.  He's very protective of it.

I'll continue to update as I receive information.  Thank you all for your love and support of Frankie.  He will make someone an AWESOME compaion when he's ready to go to his forever home.

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