For the Love of Scooter

For: Scooter Nadeau (Mary Nadeau)
Organizer: Angel Warren for Mary Nadeau, and Scooter on behalf of the AML, Sycamore Creek Ranch LLC and the American Mastiff Family
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The Story

This little puppy is a pure bred American Mastiff, born in a litter of puppies on 12.3.2013 to Connie Henley of Sycamore Creek Ranch LLC. He came into the world just as normal as any other puppy.

On January 16th, 2014, the night before his six week well puppy checkup, tragedy struck this tiny puppy's young life, and changed him forever. His mother, accidentally stepped on him and broke his back, thus rendering his hind legs immobile. Connie took this little un-named puppy to the vet and realized that she was now facing the most painful decision any breeder, or human can make. To put him down, or spare his life, she was heartbroken. Connie made the decision to wait to place this for adoption until she knew whether or not he would survive his injuries, and how extensive the damage was. Her vet placed him on medication, and told her to bring him back, in a week.

Connie consulted with other breeders, and friends about what would be the best path for this little boy that she nicknamed Scooter (so named because of the cute way he scooted himself across the floor to the potty pad.)  

Scooter made Connie's decision for her. His spirit, spunk and playful personality, were very quickly evident! Scooter does not realize he is any different than any other puppy! Scooter has a WILL to survive, and thrive! His amazing spirit, and adorable, fun-loving, personality shines as bright as any ray of sunshine, and Connie decided that Scooter's quality of life is what matters most. Scooter is not in any pain, but is the most determined, sweet, funny, little, puppy in the world!

So after the follow up vet appointment, in which the vet said that Scooter could lead a realtively normal life, Connie sat out to find Scooter the PERFECT home. She began sharing his story all over social media. It didn't take long for one very special woman, to see his picture, hear his story, and fall completely in love! Mary Nadeau instantly filled out the application to adopt Scooter, and was found to be the perfect fit for Scooter. 

Connie, also began looking for the first of many wheelcarts for Scooter, and through some friends online, she found a set of DIY instructions and her loving husband made Scooter his first cart. However it's made out of PCV and as Scooter grows into the big,majestic, beauty, he will be, the PVC will not longer support his weight, and he will need a regular wheelcart. Scooter was also taken this past week, to a trainer in Pennsylvania who has more than 20 years experience training dogs, specializing in American Mastiffs. As she works with him, to get him started on learning how to use his chair and follow commands, Mary anxiously awaits the day her sweet baby boy will come home. So many people have already joined in sharing Scooter's sweet, heartwarming journey.

Mary is thrilled to give Scooter a loving forever home, and has started talks with her vet on payment plans for his lifelong continued care. However, reality is that Scooter's medical bills WILL be massive! So before a home was even chosen for Scooter, Connie wanted to set up a fundraiser for ANY future family that might get him, just because she knew, that insurance would never cover any of Scooter's medical expenses, in association with this injury. This was not something she made public. Even if he is a candidate for corrective surgery at some point, that too is going to be costly. Trips to a neurologist, his first MRI, specialized wheelchairs, and physical therapy, are just a few of the enormous expenses that will go hand in hand with owning this very beautiful boy. No pet insurance company in the world will cover Scooter's medical expenses, as it will be considered a pre-exsisting condition, meaning that any complications from this unforutnate accident, will also never be covered by insurance. 

Since his introduction to the world, many people have expressed interest in helping Mary and her family with donations for Scooter. We created this fundraiser to make it easier for those who wish to help Scooter and his new family. We have started with a goal of $5000.00, however since we cannot assertain what Scooters future medical needs will be, we may extend the amount as needed, or run his fundraisers on an as needed basis. We look at this fundraiser as more of a backup to Scooter's insurance, as a way to help Mary and her family, cover costs, that his insurance won't touch. All funds donated will go directly to Scooter's vets, specialists, therapists or even to help purchase a bigger wheelcart.

It is our hope that Mary and her family, never feel like they are raising Scooter alone. In addition, we hope that it will be shared as much as possible, so that we can show Mary, her family and Scooter that love and compassion do still reside in the hearts of animal lovers everywhere. We are reaching out to our friends, our American Mastiff Community, and the world to help us in this endeavor. 

It is our hope, that with therapy, time, and the proper medical treatment, Scooter will go on to become a therapy dog, perhaps with wounded vets, or disabled children. The possibilites for his future are as endless as ones own imagination. Let's show this family that they aren't in this alone!

No amount donated is too small for this tiny puppy with the HUGE will to live! Making sure that his family has the funds needed for future medical care, therapy and special equiptment would be such a blessing to this family and best of all to Scooter! 

Please help Scooter reach his full potential! Let's all show our love and support for this very special family and their very special puppy, Scooter. 

We pray that everyone who sees this page, will also join Scooter's Facebook page and join with us in watching his extraordinary journey as it unfolds.

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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 22, 2014

Posted on September 22, 2014

Hi everyone, it’s Mary, Scooter’s mom. I’m writing this today with a heavy, pained heart. All of you that have been donating, and following Scooter’s story, know that he recently had surgery that was supposed to help our sweet boy walk again. After that surgery, Scooter was sent home on anti-biotics. We noticed that he had drainage coming from his legs. So they switched the anti-biotcs. After the staples came out, he still had drainage, and the vet sent that off to be tested. We’ve just received the results today, and Scooter has a staph infection in both legs!

So many of you have lent your support, helped with donations, and we can’t thank you enough, for sharing this journey with us, and as hard as it is, to come back and ask for more, we need to rally around Scooter at this time, and do all we can to save his legs, and even his life. Staph infections are no joke. Scooter now needs a round of anti-biotic injections daily for a few weeks. He will be given two shots, and the pricier of the two is $100 per injection.

We, have fought so hard for Scooter, but not nearly as hard Scooter himself has fought. He has had such a very hard life, for such a young puppy! We are asking everyone, to please pray, please share, and please donate, to help save our little Scooter’s legs, and even his life.

Again, we thank you, from our hearts and from family to yours, for being a part of our lives and Scooter’s. I will be doing everything in my power, to keep my boy healthy, loved and happy, but sometimes, there is just more than one person can handle, even with the best of intentions, and we all need a little help, in our times of need. This is Scooter’s time of need. Thank you all for being there for me as well! We couldn’t do any of this, without all of you! 

Posted on August 4, 2014

Posted on August 4, 2014

You may have noticed that an update hasn't been posted about Scooter for quite sometime. You may also have noticed that the amount we need raised as also increased, well let me tell you all that believe it or not this has happened for a VERY good reason! We have GOOD news! 

Scooter's back has HEALED!!! The break is no longer compressing his spine at all! But, we have also found out that Scooter still can't walk because his leg and knees all need to be surgically repaired! Once this happens though, Little Scooter WILL walk again!!!! He has been a miracle since his accident and continues to be one now!!! We have a video for you all to watch, and we pray you will watch the whole thing and see his amazing journey as well as ALL the hard work his owner Mary, his physical therapists, and Scooter himself have been doing for the past several months! 

Scooters surgery, his ability to walk again, cannot happen without donations from people like you. Be it $1 or $5, or even $100 we need your continued support and donations to make Scooter's surgery a reality! Please if you can, donate. Thank you!!!

Posted on March 21, 2014

Posted on March 21, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, WE DID IT!!!!!! In checking this evening all of the funds needed to get Mr. Scooter his MRI have been raised!!!

I personally wept, when I found out, as Scooter's Journey has been so very dear to my heart. This little puppy has shown more enthusiasm, more zest, more spirit than any dog I have personally ever met. He's got a will to live! In short, Scooter is a miracle puppy! He survived this horrific incident, and has continued to make great strides developmentally. I personally cannot thank you all enough! The public display of compassion and love for one little puppy, a puppy with special needs, is nothing short of indescribable. While the world goes on about their lives, you all have paused in yours, to celebrate a life, to lend a hand, to say a pray, to inquire, and to love such a little creature, a puppy, whom many would have given up on, or turned away from, or simply not cared about. I want you to know that you are ALL Scooter's heroes! Without you, none of this would have been possible!

Scooter's MRI has been scheduled for April 4th at 11 am. With this MRI we will better know what's going on with Scooter medically. Some say he will never walk again, some say he might, I hope he will. Regardless of outcome, I know that Mary plans to give Scooter the best possible life. To have these answers once and for all, will be a huge step forward.

We will leave Scooter's fundraiser up, after the funds have been paid to the vet, in case anyone wants to continue to donate towards his care. Should more medical problems arise, I personally feel better knowing it's there.

I want to give a special thank you to Mary, Connie, and Kathy, for never once giving up on this boy and seeing all of his potential from the start.

To the rest of you, THANK YOU!! Thank you for your love, support, compassion, donations, prayers, and best of all, for being animal lovers! Thank you for caring.

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