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The Story

Cat Shelter Felix is a private cat shelter (well, it’s more of a sanctuary) in the Vojvodina region of Serbia. There are 115 cats in the shelter at the moment, all of them ex-strays. Most of them have been sick, unwanted, neglected and/or abused until they came here and learned love for the first time. They’re provided with a lifetime of care and loved to bits, but their expenses are enormous. Seniors and chronically ill kitties need special food according to their age and health, the little kittens require high protein diets in order to stimulate growth. All of the cats require medical treatment if and when they become sick – it’s a never ending story. All of the shelter tenants must be vaccinated against rabies and feline infectious diseases once a year and need to be de-wormed and de-fleaed regularly. Cats that are being vaccinated against rabies for the first time in their lives must be microchipped also, so the costs of their vaccinations are more than two times higher than later yearly vaccinations – and there’re 20 of those kitties at the moment! The overall cost is frighteningly high.

Could you please help the Felix kitties? Every cat deserves to be safe, well fed, healthy, loved and cared for, yet it’s not easy to raise funds to enable all of the shelter kitties to live long and happy lives.  Please, consider a donation of any amount and make a difference in their lives today!

All of these magnificent creatures will be boundlessly grateful for your vital help. Thank you all so much in advance!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 6, 2013

Posted on December 6, 2013

It really seems that the problems are never ending…

Flekica has horribly injured both of her front legs and her right back leg, she has open, infected abscesses on her paws and I have no idea what happened. Her injuries look as if she got stuck somewhere and struggled to free herself, but it’s a mystery as to where – nothing similar has ever happened to any of my other cats, not even the careless and silly youngsters, much less to a senior kitty. All of her wounds are being treated and she is being given antibiotic shots every day.

Lizan has a flea allergy, but now he’s exhibiting the symptoms of a severe allergic reaction to something else, as he has no fleas. He’s been scratching himself for days now and a fungal infection has appeared on the borders of the affected areas of his skin. He is currently under treatment, both systemic and local.

Njanja has lost a lot of weight recently and the vet suspects he has exocrine pancreatic insufficiency, for which Creon is the drug of choice. His lymph nodes are slightly swollen and in addition to this problem, he probably also has some kind of a virus. He eats and behaves normally, but is being given injections every day.

Days are getting shorter and colder, winter is approaching rapidly and all of the cats need to recover as soon as possible in order to get ready for the freezing months ahead. Please, help us if you can!

Posted on November 25, 2013

Posted on November 25, 2013

A couple of weeks ago Klea was diagnosed with a horrible eye infection caused by the feline herpes virus and the vet said she might have had chlamydia as well. She hadn’t eaten for a couple of days and had been unusually quiet and calm. After a week of treatment her eyes have cleared up; she has recovered completely and she looks beautiful and regal again!

Tira and Milica have both come down ill, they have some eye discharge, but thankfully no fever and they are being given injections every day. 
Kus Kus had a minor surgery, he somehow broke one of his claws and it needed to be removed. The old guy was very brave and endured it heroically; even though his leg is now all bandaged up, he's not limping and doesn’t show any signs of pain. 
Sunny is sick again, he has some eye discharge and is under antibiotic treatment. 
Please, help us! Problems are piling up, our vet bills are sky high. New kitties are falling ill one after the other like dominoes and this is far too much already!

Posted on November 7, 2013

Posted on November 7, 2013

Bad news is becoming the norm… More kitties have come down sick.

Hala has lost a lot of weight recently, although she eats very well, her appetite knows no bounds. Nobody knows exactly what’s wrong with her, the cause of her problems may be some systemic disease. The truth is we don’t really know much about her – she was picked up from a cat and dog shelter which burned to the ground in 2011 and consequently her age is unknown. We don’t even know how she lived before she arrived here or where she came from, we know almost nothing. Her appetite was voracious from the beginning, she gained a lot of weight and looked chubby and happy back in the spring, but now she seems to be fading away and is light as a feather. She is currently under treatment and being given special food, but nothing helps, she just keeps getting weaker by the day. 

Maggie is in crisis again. The entire litter she belongs to was born with some underlying problems - one kitten was stillborn, two died promptly after birth and only Maggie and her brother Keith (whom we used to call Kate until we realized he was a boy) survived. Maggie was in terribly bad shape when she arrived here although she’d been kept in a house since she was born and it’s a question if she carries something which is impossible to correct. She is exhibiting symptoms of a kitty cold but she is eating and behaving normally. She is being given injections every day.

Flekica is a beautiful and gracious old lady who has probably turned 16 already and all of her health problems are age-related, just common health issues of the elderly. She’s been losing weight for some time now although I feed her separately and she eats well. Her behavior is quite normal and even though there is no rejuvenation treatment, we have to assure she is living as comfortably and fully as possible in whatever time she has left.

Please, help us! We’ve been struggling with unexpected problems for far too long and now, with winter rapidly approaching, we must try and do everything we can to enable even the most delicate and the oldest kitties to make it through the cold months ahead. Every donation counts!

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Caring for Felix Kitties

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