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The Story

MY KITCHEN is a hands-on learning program; a series of basic nutrition, planning, shopping, and cooking classes for at-risk and special-needs youth, including children recovering from abuse, and foster-care teens who are preparing to live on their own for the first time. We also cook for homeless shelters and family warming centers, and offer our cooking services for other charity's fundraisers.

Myself, and two other chefs began the outreach in 2012, and since then we have taught classes for hundreds of teens, and served tens of thousands of meals to the homeless and the hungry,

We have partnered with organizations like Impact Northwest, the Amy Roloff Charity Foundation, and local public and private schools to offer hands on, “real food” cooking classes for the youth they work with.

These are not classes that focus on a career in the culinary arts, but instead cover the primary skills and techniques required to plan, shop for, and cook healthy, affordable meals at home, using basic cooking equipment that these young people are likely to have available starting out on their own.

Think of it as “Home Ec.” for kids who may have never had a stable home environment to learn these essential skills from.

We believe that the ability to cook for oneself is a basic skill needed by everyone, and that the confidence and independence that comes along with these skills will transfer into all other areas of these kids lives.

In other words, if they can cook for themselves, they learn that they can do anything else they want to do!

There are few ways you can help us...first and foremost, sign up to recieve updates, announcements, and free recipes and mealplans, on our blog at We consider this step to be the most important, even above fundraising, because we are community of people who care about kids, and if you do as well, we want you right there beside us. Secondly, and quite frankly, we need money. We are an all volunteer organization, and 100% of what's donated goes to our outreach programs.  Ingredients, supplies, fuel, marketing...none of these are free. The more we have to work with, the more kids we can help!

Lastly, please share the love! Encourage friends, family members, co-workers, neighbors, and complete strangers you meet at the sushi bar, to do all of the above!

Thank you,

Chef Perry
MY KITCHEN Outreach Program
a 501(c)3 Charity Organization

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 27, 2018


Posted on March 27, 2018


Okay,'s the deal. ;)

Below is the link to the MY KITCHEN Outreach Donation Page. We're hoping to start two more six week courses this Spring, but do not currently have the funding to do so.

Until we have raised $2,000 in this account, I'm not willing to start a new series and risk running out of funds again.

I've turned off the automatic transfers to to outreach bank account, so the money will collect on the donation page (and you can track it's progress) until we reach that goal.

I'm not going to inundate people with a lot of personal emails or text messages about this, but I will post one "status" update, once a week.

Thank you so much, to all of you who have generously supported us in the past, and those who will help us continue to help kids in the future!

Here's the link:


~ Chef Perry

MY KITCHEN Outreach Program

Posted on February 19, 2018


Posted on February 19, 2018


Okay Peeps...there seems to have been a misunderstanding in some corners of the interwebs about the future of the MY KITCHEN Program!!! 


Don't send flowers...we're not dead! 

Here's What Happened:  

Due to financial restrictions, and a (much) lower than expected Q4  giving period, we have taken a TEMPORARY hiatus from active classes. 

Here's The Plan:  

Classes WILL resume as soon as we have sufficient funds to cover at  least a six-month period of classes and charitable cooking. It's just  not fair to the kids, parents, or volunteers, to have to notify them  week by week, if there will be a class. 

My goal is to return to the regularly scheduled programming in early Spring of this year (and you can help ~

As long I have not returned to room temp, the outreach program will continue! ;)  


Please pass it along. Thank you! 

~Chef Perry 

PS ~ What we REALLY need is a group of ongoing monthly patrons, in the  $10-$100 range, so that we have an accurate idea of what our upcoming  budget is, and can plan accordingly.

Posted on February 8, 2018

Posted on February 8, 2018

I love this picture!

~Chef Perry

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MY KITCHEN Outreach Program 2018

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