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Project Restore Puerto Rico - (RELIEF FUNDRAISER) (People of Puerto Rico)
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The Story

Thank you to all the volunteers and donators helping to make it possible to give relief to the people of Puerto Rico! Please share our link and know that any amount is appreciated... every bit of help goes a long way. 


O  Monetary and physical donations are welcomed 100% going towards (SOLAR POWER/WATER FILTERING SYSTEMS) and the people.

O  Flying out to Puerto Rico on a self funded flight to begin third round of Direct Delivery to people living in Puerto Rico not receiving any or very little help and are affected by the continuous power outages black out.


O Received a charitable donation from LuminAID a solar power light company that supplied us with $3,000 worth of  gently used solar lights within a short time frame since we just established contact two days before take off. 

O Shipped 150 Ibs of water along with Sawyer water filters. 


Since the return from the two relief trips I have been able to gain personal insight on what is needed and have assessed major key areas while observing and joining others who are volunteering.  Project Restore Puerto Rico is now embarking on a third relief trip, with a key mission to bring DIRECT RELIEF to the people. Each trip is self-funded with 100% of donations going to the people. 

I am in connection with multiple organizations here in the mainland as well as in Puerto Rico who have contributed to the fundraising efforts for purchasing relief aid. 

On our last trip in November we obtained a charitable donation from Anna Stork, one of the founders of the company @LuminAID, providing solar power light to people and are constantly looking for ways to partner with resources that are out there. 

Though I originally began my trip to the island because of my family living throughout the island, it has turned into a greater mission beyond my personal life. This mission, a grassroots community relief effort titled Project Restore Puerto Rico.

Without the community, none of this work would be possible.  From the States to Puerto Rico and beyond, we remain humble, honored and blessed to have the capacity to help bring relief.

With every cell in my body and form of energy surrounding my soul... I sincerely thank you all for the support.

All my love,


Project Restore Puerto Rico 

Grassroots Community Relief

Relief Trip Updates:

O First Relief Trip Update: October 14th- October  21st, 2017

(See updates on Facebook @ProjectRestorePR & Youcaring)

O Second Relief Trip Update: November 18th - November 26th, 2017

(See updates on Facebook @ProjectRestorePR & Youcaring)

Humble Beginnings:

Hello World,

My name is Nicole (Nicci). I am a resident living in Chicago, IL and a graduate student at Adler University, currently working on my Masters Degree in Counseling in Art Therapy. I have always been involved in community service and philanthropic/social efforts helping people and the youth since I was a child. Puerto Rico and the people of the island have always been in my heart and mind. I remember my first time finally going to visit my family at the age of 14 and falling in love with all of the beauty and life on our Isla. Fast forward to growing up I took a few of my own trips out to the island as an adult to connect with my roots and pay more respect to my history and culture. As beautiful as it is, I saw the side that many tourists don't see. As a person of the diaspora who has felt the effects of every social, spiritual, economical and political issue surrounding Puerto Rico and the U.S., I never would have thought in my lifetime that I would experience the effects of this humanitarian crisis.  

Puerto Rico is a sacred place where I first experienced what it is like to feel HOME and so I only know to take care of my home.

Having a spiritual connection to the Island and a deep love for our people, I only knew that someway, somehow I was going to help and not stand witness to the corruption and neglectful treatment of the people I love. Hurricane Maria ignited a spirit in many of us who have been compelled to help.

I began fundraising the night Hurricane Maria made landfall in Yabucoa, where my Grandparents were born. I wanted people to know that I was fundraising for Puerto Rico, I titled the YouCaring url...

From then on everyday has been a natural progression of having the heart to keep helping by connecting with my community at home in Chicago and Puerto Rico. We are not giving up on the lives we are trying to save through these restorative efforts.

Evening of Hurricane Maria: September 20, 2017

Hello, my name is Nicole (Nicci). I will be heading on October 14th to Puerto Rico to bring supplies and check on people within isolated/remote communities. This is an effort to collect donations as a community and ensure help and relief will get to places in Puerto Rico that have yet to receive help.

Any donation is appreciated!

I will be flying on my own dime/money from my job. 

100% of donations made will be going to the people of Puerto Rico.

Funds will be distributed directly to supply people with water filters, dry food, water, water bottles, water purifiers tabs, toothpaste, toothbrush, feminine products(tampons/pads), cleansing wipes, babyfood, batteries, solar power chargers, manual power flashlights, first aid kits, tarp, rope and other basic necessities. 

The main goal: is to ensure that every contribution will reach communities NOT RECEIVING AID until more help arrives. There are a total of 78 municipalities and I will stop through as many as I am able to during my time there to check on people and relay updates to people here back in the United States. I also have family/friends in Yabucoa, Patillas, Ponce, Dorado, La Perla, & San Juan. I plan on checking in on as many people as I can, knowing that many of you still have not heard of your loved ones. 

If you feel inclined, Please email [email protected] with your loved ones information below:

1. Municipality

2. Barrio

3. Full Name

4. Address

I am one person, but I will do my very best to check on as many people as I can adding them to my list.

The TRUTH:Much of the aid from larger organizations have not made it out to many people living in remote areas throughout the Island and countless people are in desperate need.

We can make an effort together to ensure relief will get to them.

Thank you for trusting me with this philanthropic humanitarian effort to bring relief to our people and Restore Puerto Rico.

With all of my love!!!


#PuertoRicoSeLevanta #ProjectRestorePuertoRico #ParaLaGente #VivaPuertoRico #HumanityFirst

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 18, 2018

Posted on April 18, 2018


As promised I would have documentation of proof that 100% of all funds donated would be going toward direct relief to the people of Puerto Rico.

Expenses for the People of PR (October - November)


In October a $2,209.30 (gross) was raised on with an actual amount of +$2,180.94(net) after credit card fees were deducted. From this total there was -$2,061.30 spent on donation items/supplies to deliver directly to people in Puerto Rico. The remaining 119.64 balance from October carried over into the total balance for the fundraising for relief in November.In November including the 119.64 balance leftover from October a total of $1,025 (gross) came in, after credit card fees +$1,008.31 (net). From this there was -$1,436.57 spent on items/supplies to deliver aid which went over the donated amount by $308.62. OUT OF THE MONEY FUNDRAISED 3,234.30(gross) after fees= $3,189.25(net) 100% OF DONATION MONEY WENT TOWARDS DIRECT RELIEF.

Detailed Journal of Funds raised in (October - November)

Personal Income Expenses for Both Relief TripsA total of $2,496.23 between October-November for my flight, car rental, tolls, gas, food, parking, and helping to rescue a dog from my personal income. I was given a total of $785 from three indivuals to go towards my personal expenses. From this amount, 308.62 in extra donation supplies was deducted, leaving me with $476.38 extra to use towards my personal expenses necessary for this trip. From October-Novemeber my gf spent about $1,800 in flights, gas, food, and rescuing Bino the pup. This includes the emergency flight she took out to bring me another form of Identification so I could rent a car. 

Bino the Pup Rescue Expenses

It has been our mission to have 100% of every single donation go toward people who have not received help in Puerto Rico and turn this into something greater than myself.   Though we have accomplished this and helped over 200 people, without any major sponsors and as a one person team (make that two, with the help of my gf) I unfortunately am not able to continue keeping up with all of this by myself.    

I have tried to continue with my spirit in hopes that others would see the passion in what I am doing and be with me on this, but everyone has their own way of navigating how they bring relief, coming with their own mission to conquer or turn their relief work into some sort of career which is more necessary/crucial for the native people of the Island to be doing for their own entrepreneurial business pursuits to rebuild Puerto Rico (FOR THE PUERTO RICAN PEOPLE, BY THE PUERTO RICAN PEOPLE). 

What I have started is too much for one person to do alone. The past three months have been great, but I have also neglected parts of myself because I am extremely selfless.   I am a human with a huge honest heart.... I am also aware when I must not neglect my own health and financial stability. I will be going to the Island at my leisure to visit/help when I can. 

After I share updates on the stories of people I was able to reach on the last trip I will be taking a break from fundraising or keeping up with Project Restore Puerto Rico until I can pick back up with this work again. Sponsorship is always appreciated so that this work can continue. 

Thank you for your support!  Puerto Rico will always be on my mind and I will help where I can knowing all that I know now.

With love,Nicci

Posted on November 10, 2017

Posted on November 10, 2017

Hi everyone, we have raised 75% of the goal thanks to your generosity. If you haven't donated yet, please consider donating $5 to $10 to help us reach our goal. Every dollar counts!

Posted on October 25, 2017


Posted on October 25, 2017

For all updates and details go to

From FB update post Oct. 21st 2017

So much to update... my mind has been entirely set on the people and getting aid to where it's needed no matter what. The universe has always served as a guide even while being tested, but %100 of the relief funds raised through the Project Restore Puerto Rico youcaring fundraiser was successfully delivered directly!!!! WE DID IT as a Community and we shall continue because the efforts will not stop here. November 18th is the next date.... Cuidando Nuestra Gente Americanos!!! 🇵🇷✊🏽

Though I came as myself representing our community, the Diaspora, Chicago, IL, and the unconditional love I have for our people I leave today feeling the impact of everyone and I will carry these stories to help continue connecting and building community. 

This is a thank you to those who contributed and continue to contribute in anyway. 

While staying in Hatillo and Quebradillas I've met many wonderful people with different skill sets. Once I'm able to process all that I've encountered I will update, but for now I would like you all to see the network of people we are building with each other and the relief work being done. The following people are whom I am connected with in different capacities and each of them have multiple connections to help bring aid to people as well. This is a personal thank you to everyone for committing to and bringing help to places of need outside of the metro and most importantly to us Borikens who are often forgotten. 

Grant Yegge

Renee Villanova

Sarah Vanga

Caroline Hartridge

Tiffany Barnes

Elizabeth Conde

Kyle Scarbrough

Jana Stone

Anthony Gazotti

Giovan Bazan

Ián González-Bascó

Tony Alsup

Lu-Sea Mar

Fabiola Cavill

Darma Diaz


Jake Burchmore

Keith Hill

Jason Maddy

Mike Lowery 

and of course anyone I missed is included! 

It is a joy to see humanity and people coming together, however my hopes are that we all remember this isn't about us as individuals if you came to help. 

Message: To those volunteering and future volunteers



Who are you there to help?? Is it really about the people or is it a self fulfilling prophecy in an opportunistic situation with a vulnerable community? Be open to seeing the larger picture before you hop on a plane and come to Puerto Rico to help. What is it that you are really bringing to help people live and sustain on their own again? Hurricane Maria shouldn't be a ticket to come here and start a new business unless it is one that has never existed and can provide direct benefits to Puerto Rican's. People often forget that while Puerto Rico is a territory of the US it is colonized and people have been fighting against this for years. The last thing needed here is more sudo colonization. This is a fear of many Puerto Rican's that understand their culture and the politics of gentrification, being wiped out and having outsiders replace them.   

As a person who studies social issues and psychology when working with A VULNERABLE POPULATION... things may slip our minds about how we think we are helping, but are potentially harming in the long run. 

I'm checking mine daily and while I was there I noticed so much that did not sit well with me personally and I know it wouldn't sit well with many people. 

As a Puerto Rican person of the Diaspora I hope things change in individuals for the better because chaos brought to a chaotic situation should never be happening nor should personal gain during a humanitarian crisis. Unless you're also a little corrupt and came to do that or are in denial then you probably haven't made it to finish reading. Anywho... That is where I will leave that gem of a note. 😊 

Continue to LOVE and Always Grow,

Nicci ❤️🇵🇷✊🏽

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