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Penny's Pyometria (Penny, the Dachshund)
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The Story

Yesterday we shared Penny’s trip to the emergency room at NorthStar VETS with you.  Poor Penny was leaking discharge from her vulva and while we hoped it was merely a simple infection, we feared that it could be much more.  Sadly, our worse fears were confirmed.  Penny has a condition known as an open pyometra.

The most obvious symptom of open pyometra is a discharge of pus from the vulva in a female that has recently been in heat; however, a heat cycle need not be present and in Penny’s case was not.  We were lucky because we are early in her treatment. Symptoms of this disease can include vomiting, loss of appetite, depression and increased drinking and urinating. Fever is seen in less than a third of female dogs with pyometra.

We know you are looking at her picture and are saying wait a minute…isn’t she a senior?  Why wasn’t she spayed when you took her in?  What is going to happen now?  Great questions.

Yes, Penny is a senior, but age is not a disease, at least, not to us.  It has been suggested to us that because she is a senior that we let her go over the bridge, but we know there is so much love and so much life left in this little one that the Rainbow Bridge will have to wait.

We were told she was spayed. There is no real way to tell and as a senior, she never had a heat cycle.  We did not know.  Often, people relinquishing dogs to DRBC will lie to us afraid that we will not take the dog if everything is not perfect.  We think this is what happened here.

Today we are starting this fundraiser for little Penny.  We have her on two antibiotics and she has had some blood work, but we need to get her into surgery ASAP to save her life.  Let us be very clear here – without your help and the intervention of a skilled veterinary surgeon, Penny will die.  The procedure is not a simple one, but that fact is.

The overall cost is $3,500 and that is a lot of money, but we and you know that it takes a village to save a Doxie.  Penny will need radiographs, an ultrasound, medications, ICU hospitalization and of course, the surgery.  It all adds up.

As the year nears a close, our war chest is tapped.  We are so hoping you can help with Penny’s expenses.  We hope you believe as we do, that no doxie should go without and a donation to Penny today will allow us to continue that mission.  Remember, pyometra and not age is the disease here.

Remember, generous support is desperately needed and greatly appreciated.  Like many non-profit organizations DRBC is a 501[c][3] operated solely by volunteers.  We have been dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, re-homing and educating families about this breed for almost 34 years.  We welcome and need your benevolent tax-deductible donation.  Please, help us to help them.

We welcome you to stay tuned for updates.  Until then, Penny, all the rescue doxies and the DRBC Team thank you.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 9, 2017

Posted on November 9, 2017

This morning we rushed Penny to the hospital for emergency surgery. She could wait no longer.

Please, please help us to help her. GIVE. Our plea is that simple. No amount is too small. Like, share and donate.

Follow the link or type #donate and an amount for an instant GoodWorld donation. 100% goes to her vet bill. We cannot afford to help without you. Thanks Gang.

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Penny's Pyometria

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