help pendo to empower rural community,end poverty.

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The Story

Who Are We, And What Are We Doing?

We are” SAVE the Community Project “team from Dar es Salaam Tanzania who aimed to re-build up the rural Communities suffering from poverty; these people live in small farms in rural areas. Early this year we visited Shauri Moyo district for community services and found these people needed more than what we provided to them, they Suffering from diseases, poor sanitation, food, education facilities, shelters, and poor agricultural facilities and no clean water.

Our campaign called “Empower Rural Communities End Poverty “which aims  to transform rural communities suffering  from poverty life, we believe its essential to expand the opportunity which enable those who are living in poverty to enhance their overall capacities in their social and economic conditions. We came up with this campaign because we believe if we unlock this community from poverty line through providing health and safety training and facilities, as well as agricultural new method of irrigation and crop-farming we assure of ending poverty to these community as they will be able to provide for them self  and their kids future through giving them better education and healthier life.

This is what we ‘done to this community but us just getting started. Join us; support our campaign (picture)

What We Need? 

The campaign is medium in scale as we are starting by medium group of 35 families, who live in  higher risk of poverty. we thought of starting with this group of families who are mixed characterized of widows, orphan and those who are higher ranked poverty affected, We decided to start with this group due their situation and to make our project  effectually and maintainable. $5000 is what we need for our project to be complete, and we thought it would be excellent opportunity to accomplish this goal as our first stage.

How we will spend the money:

- To build 15 toilets in primary schools and 10 to ten families who don’t have toilets.

-To buy school facilities such as books, exercise books, pen and pencil, sports facilities and school uniforms.

-To fund training modern agricultural methods for them to improve their economic because we believe agriculture is unique role in reduce poverty

-To buy agricultural facilities to 35 families

-To fund house facilities and repairing for 15 families who are living in grass houses with worse condition.

-To fund health and safety training for 35 families

-To fund food, decent shelters and house needs to 35 families.

-To fund clean water facilities for 35 families.

We created excited perks for our contributors as people will be gifted  Masai shoes from Tanzania as shown in different perks  and accessories, the world is made up of beauty and arts that’ why we decided to give the unique gifts.

-If we won’t manage to collect the entire 50000 (fifty thousand dollars) we promise to use what will be contributed to support the communities and continue with the campaign.

The Impact

According to World Health Organization, approximately 1.2 billion in the world live in poverty(less than one dollar day) Poverty creates ill-health because it force people to live in environments that makes sick, without decent shelter, clean water or adequately .When we first met this community we moved by families who lived by one meal per day, ten years old kids no school, worse sanitation, no economic base. We thought of not only to provide the social needs but to help them create the sustainable economy which will enable them to support their life and kids future.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on February 6, 2017

Posted on February 6, 2017

“Let there be justice for all. Let there be peace for all. Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all. Let each know that for each the body, the mind and the soul have been freed to fulfill themselves.”
– Nelson Mandela

Posted on January 30, 2017

Posted on January 30, 2017

"Saving our planet, lifting people out of poverty, advancing economic growth…these are one and the same fight."
— Ban Ki-moon, Eighth Secretary-General of the United Nations
let's save the planet,let's be the driving force to those who need our support. let's change the world together.

Posted on January 20, 2017

Posted on January 20, 2017

Poverty is everyone's problem. It cuts across any line you can name: age, race, social, geographic or religious. Whether you are black or white; rich, middle-class or poor, we are ALL touched by poverty. Let’s recognize poverty as emergence situation that need to be changed and eradicated, let’s join hands and work together to fight against poverty in our societies.

Join saver team to support “Empower rural communities, End poverty campaign”  

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help pendo to empower rural community,end poverty.

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