I DID IT! - Broke A World Record and Set A New One For PAWS

Paphos, Paphos, Cyprus
Organizer: Ashlee Lovebox
I DID IT! - Broke A World Record and Set A New One For PAWS (PAWS - CAPCA)
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The Story

After spending my winter in Cyprus and helping every so often at PAWS dog shelter, I always left wishing I could do more.

In an ideal world I would adopt all of the furry pooches and let them live a tail-waggingly happy life in doggy paradise, or I would find the perfect families for each and every one of them to go live the lives full of bountiful love that they each deserve.... 
Whilst I cling onto the hope that these dreams shall one day manifest themselves, PAWS in Paphos, Cyprus offers hundreds of homeless dogs a safe haven free from the abuse, neglect or abandonment they were previously subject to.
One of the only shelters that does NOT euthanise healthy dogs, this place is run 95% by volunteers (mostly expats and retirees) who work tirelessly to ensure the dogs receive food, warmth, love, care and exercise and they exist on donations, fund-raising, sponsorship and money raised through their charity shop.

I couldn't leave without one - so I didn't - but giving one dog of hundreds a new life is not enough. I want to do something HUGE for PAWS, to celebrate the HUGE impact their dedication to helping dogs has had on a crazy dog lover such as myself.  And the hugest thing I could think of doing for them was to break a world record.

So here goes.

I, Ashlee Lovebox, shall attempt to break a Guinness World Record this summer, for the love of dogs. I will be putting myself under the most amount of pressure ever (I love a bit of pressure I do!) and undergoing intense training to ensure I will not let myself or donaters down, by smashing this record.

The record being  - 

Most hula hoop rotations on the leg in the arabesque position in one minute         - current record is 166.  (see photo of me attempting it)

What I want to achieve by doing this, (apart from superhuman mental and physical abilities) is to raise awareness of the fact that it is possible to adopt dogs from abroad (and the process is made to be simple.) I want people to realise they can give a furry baby from another country a new home - can you imagine - a country like Cyprus only has a population of just over a million and yet 200,000 dogs are abandoned per year..... Not everyone on the island is going to want to rehome a dog - creating a problem.

I also want to raise awareness of and money for PAWS, who have a special place in my heart. The money will go towards the general maintenance of the shelter - dogs need food, collars, veterinary treatment, leads, treats, blankets, beds, food bowls, water bowls, etc etc. And new dogs are arriving on a daily basis.

Please give what you can/ what you feel. This is the biggest thing I will ever do in my life until now and if you feel that deserves some funding then that will definitely motivate me to go practise my standing on one leg skills. :) 

I will be updating this page showing my progress/ news and so on. 

In the meantime check out - 

Video of PAWS!

Telephone: 99683775

E-mail: [email protected]

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/PawsDogShelter

Website: www.pawsdogshelter.com

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 7, 2018

Posted on March 7, 2018

Here I am on the Guinness World Record site- http://www.guinnessworldrecords.com/world-records/most-hula-hoop-rotations-on-the-leg-in-the-arabesque-position-in-one-minute

Posted on September 23, 2017

Posted on September 23, 2017


On Sunday 17th September I went out to Burngreave Cemetery, Sheffield, with the lovely support of the brilliant members of the local community and beyond. Pat the Dog hosted the event and provided entertainment with hula hoops whilst myself and witnesses were counting back the hoop rotations from the recording, in slow motion.
And the confirmed result is - drumroll please -
Number Of Hula Hoop Rotations On The Leg In The Arabaesque Position In One Minute - 208! The previous record being 166.

I also set a record, Number Of Hula Hoop Rotations On The Leg In The Headstand Position In One Minute - 171 (yet to be confirmed by witnesses). 

My evidence has been sent off to GWR and now I have to be patient and wait (up to 12 weeks) for their confirmation. 

In the meantime I am STILL raising money for PAWS - I will keep on going until December. 

Thank you everyone for the support.



Posted on September 15, 2017

Posted on September 15, 2017


So since a few weeks ago I decided I needed a contingency plan - just in case things don't go as planned. My mind was full of doubts - what if I don't break the record? That'll be a bit of an anti-climax... and kind of embarassing! What could I do instead?

So lo-and-behold, I decided to SET a new Guinness World Record. 

For those who know me, my trademark trick is hula hooping in headstand, and surprisingly there is no record for this. Until soon! I'm going to create a new entry in the Guinness Book of Records - 

Number of hula hoop rotations on one leg whilst upside down in headstand position.

This Sunday 17th i'll be doing both records (I did plan to do another for those who saw my video, but changed my mind - 2 is enough!) to raise money for PAWS Dog Shelter in Cyprus. Woop woop!

See you on the flip side (of the page... in the Guinness Book of World Records...)!!


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I DID IT! - Broke A World Record and Set A New One For PAWS

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