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The Story

I am Pamela Juers. My son's are John and Zane. I am here hoping you can be a Medical Guardian Angels. Allow us to heal, stay out of a shelter and allow me to stay at home caring for them

I have never felt entitled to a life of perfections. That is such a moving target. Our ideals of what that is changes as we develop insightfulness. I find the sweetest parts of life pressed out of the ripest fruits. I admit, that sounds more like cooking tips on making a great fruit salad. But seriously, my personal mantra is that our tears just water the soul and clouds shelter from the burn of regret.

We have been touched by a tsunami of medical illness. Our journey began in the month of October. In 2016, I entered a season of acceptance and stopped being bitter that my children's lives are not marked with happy developmental milestones. Or that my adult life is not full of destination photos and countries visited. We measure our years by numbers of IVs placed, surgical procedures, hospital admissions and number of medications in the home. We spent a total of 136 days in the hospital in 2016.

I am disabled with a spinal cord injury suffered in a car accident while pregnant. Since then not a single year has been without a surgery done on my body, or a day without pain strong enough to make breathing hard.

Zane (10) suffered some unknown injuries in utero. He had a hematoma on his head and GI disease. He has spent most of his life in the hospital. This month he was diagnosed with an intellectual disability of age 4 possibly forever. Migraines add to the number of hospital admissions. Along with chronic casting for syndrome fractures. He had a central line port place in August because his veins are scarred. Now severe adhesive allergies make every dressing put over IVs painful and leaving chemical burns.

At age 4, John suffered a Traumatic brain injury at school shortly after Zane was born. He fell face first into wet metal steps of a slide and took a blow to the frontal lobe. He has spent years in pain. The last four years his migraines have stopped life, putting him in the hospital every 3-4 weeks, non-stop. He has now developed pseudotumor cerebri. He is unable to write, cut food, tie shoes, etc. On any given day he may lose his speech, be unable to walk without collapsing, or trembling so bad, he has no grip. Regular spinal taps seize up his back, and other symptoms leave him frustrated.

Life is still sweet. When you have laughter in your home, when love keeps a continuous glow of warmth, when you adore one another, and see reason to have faith, life is sweet. I started by stating perfection is a moving target. Many days those moving targets are my children.

Please help us, and be that Medical Guardian Angel for us.  I am calling it Angels for Our October. Somehow, that allows me to view this as a journey and story to share than simply a trauma to live.

Daily necessities

Fall/winter clothing & shoes

Past due medical bills

Medical supplies/uncovered medications

Co-insurance % required for surgery

Extra hands at home

Food delivery

Ultra light wheelchair

Rolling walker with seat

Car repairs

Parking fees hospital charges

Prescription Migraine glasses


As you can imagine, anything relating to medical needs, cost can be crippling. For us it threatens our lives. These needs are critical and just weeks away from sinking me to the point of no return. I pray you can help. I am working out kinks on my blog site. But I will update here as we progress. Thanks for considering being an Angel of Our October.

Sincerely, Pamela Juers

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 15, 2017

Posted on November 15, 2017

We really need you! There is always hope. Steps forward, steps back. 

With help from the few donors here, I finally got the MRI needed. Results came in and the knee tears ended up being ACL, but not as bad as feared. No surgery for now. Yea! Lots and lots of injections. Insurance doesn't cover the gel injections but I am keeping the faith alive help here will turn into help there.

Zane's central line port was tested last week and turns out its not able to be accessed. So he will face another surgery. The good news is things have solutions even if troublesome. But that's okay, solutions are awesome. Now its a press to obtain them. We hope you will consider supporting us. The amount needed has decreased since my bigger surgery is able to be avoided for now. WOW!!!! 

Steps back do involve a few things. John developed hospital acquired staph infection in his nostrils.  Fingers crossed it will respond to 1st round of medications. Zane's surgery will be long, and I face some spinal cord weakening. 

None of those will hold us down. We will encourage ourselves to the very end. We can face it best with the funds to recover, but face it bravely we will.

Posted on November 2, 2017


Posted on November 2, 2017

Why We Need You

It's November already, wow! The year is flying by. October proved to be difficult. With another round of hospital admission completed, some unexpected setbacks came up. 

But, first let's focus on the good. Here is one of the boys favorite physicians. Dr. Sicard of Charlotte Eye Ears Nose Throat Associates (CEENTA). He first meet Zane at 9 months old, when he determined Zane's chronic ear infections essential had left him deaf from birth. With some swift surgery, many sets of tubes and careful observation, Zane hears just fine. AH, well perhaps selective hearing better describes it. 

Dr. Sicard met John at age 3, when he developed strep throat that just never left. Blame it on me. I worked as a Joint Commission STAT coordinator for a hospital and constant exposure to really sick folks took the whole family down with strep. No worries, Dr Sicard removed everyone's tonsils and adenoids No more strep in the home, yippeeeeeeee.

Dr Sicard loves these boys as if they were favorite nephews. I continue to feel blessed to have so many invested doctors who have the expertise to manage critical care patients. 

This office visit was no different in that he makes all of us feel supported and care for. But it also was in  response to yet another challenge for John. The smiles hide the pain but are accurate to the friendship. John picked up hospital aquired staph infection, in his nostrils. I can only express in words the pain it causes. John is the most stoic human I have ever met. Anyone who spends a great deal of time confined to a hospital usually brings home those super bugs. John is now going through a series of medications hoping one kicks the staph out. 

But your help is needed. We can't overcome constant challenges, topped on top of more crisis without increased support. I am having to work hard to humble myself and curb the impulse to plunge the painful truths deep where no one can see. But of course, that prevents anyone from helping. 

I refuse to surrender or buckle under the stress. It is not my strength that determines the outcome. That I leave to God. How can failure be the end with the big guy as the front line solider of grace. I also know, asking is how we get help. As John takes on another unwanted fight, and I dig a bit deeper to support. I ask for your kindness.]

To end this update on a high note some awesome things have happened too. Some compassionate donors allowed me to pay for my MRI's on my knees. Copayment expense have prevented that for nearly 11 months. Fnally my surgeon can make a proper plan. Also our website is up and runnng. I made a vow to help others adn contribute to this cause through the work I am able. THat means writing a blog about healthcare gives back and shows willingness to pull my own weight.

SO trot over to and enjoy the blog. It has both inside knowledge of medical world environments to simple update on the boys in greater detail.

Thanks for the support and hope you find the blog enjoyable. 

Posted on October 22, 2017


Posted on October 22, 2017

Ups and Downs, Progress and Setbacks. 

Hi Everyone. There is good news. A few thoughtful donors gave enough that I will be able to order more port covers and a rolling walker for John. During admission one nurse forgot to use our dressing and caused a burn on Zane, but having the supplies on hand made a huge positive impact. John was comfortable, had no burns for the first time ever. Oh Yeah!!!! 

We have had a bit of a setback during the boys hospital admission in the last two weeks. Some complications with Zane's central line port, who has decided to be quite a trouble maker. It migrated where it doesn't belong, and possibly will require surgery. Which is "kinda a bummer", says Zane. Zane was discharged early as he was unable to receive IV medications he requires to stabilize his condition. 

But what I stand in awe of, is these boys desire to overcome. I am having my own speed bumps and delaying my own surgeries so long. Camping out at a hospital is no vacation. The smores here are terrible. But with children so brave and who do not complain, I am not about to start myself. 

Please be sure to share our story. I am forever grateful for every dollar, but much more is needed. We keep smiling because life will hold joy when you set your mind into finding it. That journey is made a bit easier when you can travel it less ill. Your donations give our legs longer strides. 

John's doctors keep telling me to get him a dog. I am not ready to do that. But I do love the ever present therapy dogs who know how to bring out the biggest smiles he has, and Zane never misses a chance for doggie kisses.

Again, we need your help. Progress is kind of stalled, but I will not fail to believe and expect the best. Thank you for holding us up in prayer.

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