Help Owen Cooley Through: Radiation, Chemo & Recovery Too!

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Help Owen Cooley Through: Radiation, Chemo & Recovery Too! (Owen Cooley & Family)
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The Story

We are so grateful for you visiting this page to find out more information about Owen! On Friday, June 16, Owen (5 years old) was admitted to Children's Hospital for what was thought to be issues with his enlarged adenoids and fluid behind his ears, causing blurred vision, headaches, balance issues and nausea. A CT scan revealed a large mass in the back of his brain in the cerebral hemispheres in the fourth ventricle. An MRI later that afternoon confirmed the mass was a tumor and there was a high probability it was malignant. Owen was scheduled for surgery to remove the tumor on Monday, June 19. The tumor was removed and diagnosed as a Medulloblastoma. With the manipulation of the brain during a major surgery such as this, children can lose their speech (mutism) and suffer from mobility impairments for months at a time. Owen is experiencing these effects. Currently, Owen is working to sit, stand, walk and feed himself on his own again. As well as developing his ability to speak in full sentences. While we are optimistic he will regain these abilities with time, he will begin Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech within the next week to help re-learn these skills.

We will be finding out the specific subtype of the Medulloblastoma (there are four) at the beginning of July, which will determine the specifics of his treatment plan. Radiation is set to start in mid July, and Owen will need to be at the clinic 5 days a week for a 6 week time frame. Because of the length of time for each treatment, Owen will require sedation each day, during each treatment. Chemo will begin shortly after the six weeks of Radiation and will require several days in the hospital, followed by two weeks at home to rest - this cycle will continue for approximately 6 months. Owen will be having MRIs that also require sedation, every 3 months to make sure things have not spread or returned. 

This isn't Owen's first time visiting the hospital - he and his twin brother Wyatt were born extremely prematurely at 26 weeks and spent 118 days in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit of the Hospital. These boys are no strangers to being brave and definitely know how to beat all odds! 

As you can imagine, this is quite a heavy load to have to carry for one family, not to mention a growing family - Owen has a twin brother Wyatt, and they are expecting to have their third baby boy, join their family on Thursday, June 29! Dad has taken a temporary leave from work during this time and Mom is currently on maternity leave. With the third baby on the way, driving to and from treatments, appointments, check ups as well as covering medical bills, things can add up rather quickly.

Please know that absolutely nothing is expected! We are so very grateful for all of the support and love from the caring hearts that we are surrounded by! We are firm believers in the power of prayer, healing wishes and positive thoughts and will gladly accept them all! 


Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 16, 2017

Posted on August 16, 2017


My my my... what a week we've had! Power failed on Thursday last week at the Baltimore proton center so Owen was all dressed up with no where to go (he was sedated when the power failed)! We ended up hustling a Saturday treatment so we were still able to get our five for the week- whew 😓! Much to our chagrin we didn't get the flight home we were expecting Sunday. We were informed last minute that the SD beam was still not running properly so we decided it was best to stay in Baltimore. We had a lot more vomiting last week and found out they had not be giving his iv anti-nausea meds. So today he got them and no barfs! Yay! His hair began dropping significantly last week and today-he's is officially without! Trying to keep him distracted from it- thank the Lord for Amazon Prime and Instacart-he told daddy he wanted his "hair back on".

The San Diego proton beam has only be "fully operational" since THIS morning sooooo we are praying they solved the problem of RF contamination and we can get the boys home and out of the storm that's been hanging over the area! 

LOVE YOU ALL- thank you for keeping us in your thoughts🙏🏼

Posted on August 16, 2017

Posted on August 16, 2017


Just sent a chunk of my heart off to Baltimore! Ohios pediatric proton center is down so Owen will be receiving treatment Monday God willing at the adult clinic with pediatric oversight. Please pray this works out- he has been without treatment for several days and we just want O to get what he needs! 


Posted on August 16, 2017

Posted on August 16, 2017


*UPDATE* Saturday 7am packed and ready to fly out THEN-Cincinnati beam is down flight is cancelled! San Diego beam is still down! Trying to get an idea of what's really going to happen. There is talk of Baltimore as well but Baltimore is not a pediatric center...these are the only sites that share the same same style machine so all of Owens scans and gear etc could just smoothly transition over. Any other site (like St.Jude) would involve redoing several things that would put him out another week at least. There is also the thought that he could go to UCSD for tradition radiation 😰But couldn't start until Tuesday... 


1130am We have to wait until tomorrow morning before anything happens- flight or not. If he goes to Cincinnati he will not get treatment until MONDAY. Best thing would be for the beam to be up and running tomorrow morning so we don't have to leave🙏🏼. We shall see


Sooooo... the proton beam in California (the one we use) has been down for three days now so Owen has been unable to receive any treatment any of those days! This is obviously upsetting and worrisome for us as it delays the rest of the therapies and time lines and he is not getting what he needs. There is a specialist arriving some time today from Germany to help the physicists figure out the issue--- but this means that Owen and Dad will be flying out to Cincinnati, Ohio today (praying) or tomorrow to receive treatment there for an uncertain amount of time.

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Help Owen Cooley Through: Radiation, Chemo & Recovery Too!

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