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The Story

We're an unincorporated group, and as such don't have the legal requirements for auditors, a committee or board and so on. This makes us more 'nimble' and also means we're free of costs that can be associated with these things eg for an auditor, or yearly ASIC fees (if the group is set up as a business).

Funds are received into a private account, but all go to offset costs associated with Vegan Sun. None is spent on adminstration, or padding jetset lifestyles roaming the globe. There wouldn't be enough for that anyway - well, maybe for the odd taxi from an airport ; )

All donated amounts are automatically made public. We have no ability to reduce the amounts shown. Correspondingly, things we pay for are listed on our Updates. So if you suddently see a $10,000 increase in funds, without a corresponsing increase in payments, then you can be alarmed and think twice about contributing your money.

Until then, we hope you'll help us spread the profound philosophy and action that makes up veganism, and we thank you if you do!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 5, 2014

Posted on July 5, 2014

April 2014 Expenses

5 April: 88c. Colour copy, Officeworks.
25 April: $10 (US$9). Meetup website fee.
April total: $10.88.

2013 yearly total: $1154.75.

2014 cumulative total: $73.96.

Posted on July 5, 2014

Posted on July 5, 2014

May 2014 Expenses

6 May: $16.37. Printing, laminating and sign holder, Officeworks.
9 May: $5.40. Printing card recharge.
25 May: $10.04 (US$9). Meetup website fee.
29 May: $305. Public and product liability insurance, Traders Voice.
May total: $336.81.

2013 yearly total: $1154.75.

2014 cumulative total: $410.77.

Posted on April 13, 2014

Posted on April 13, 2014

March 2014 Expenses

25 March: $10.09 (US$9). Meetup website fee.
March total: $10.09.

2013 yearly total: $1154.75.

2014 cumulative total: $63.08.

Posted on April 10, 2014

Posted on April 10, 2014


7 February: $23.36. Officeworks - brochure holders.
18 February: $10.29 (US$9). Meetup website fee.

February total: $33.65.

Posted on March 10, 2014

Posted on March 10, 2014

We received $15 in donations this month - thank you. That was before this site was launched, though, so the amount isn't reflected in the donation meter. As far as expenses, a quiet month:

18 January: $10.58 (US$9). Meetup website fee.
27 January: $8.76 (US$7.40). Premier App Shop - mobile application hosting (application not yet complete).

January total $19.34

Posted on February 19, 2014

Posted on February 19, 2014

So supporters get an idea of what it costs to run Vegan Sun, each month we're going to list payments we make to people for products and services.

As a starting point and reference, though, the total amount we paid last year was $1154.75. This is itemised below and doesn't include the time that volunteers put into Vegan Sun doing things like photocopying on their own printers, distributing brochures and arranging events.

Everyone who does anything for Vegan Sun - from photocopying to representing us at festivals - is a volunteer. Vegan Sun is made *entirely* of volunteers and non-paying members. No one is paid or makes a profit from anything.

Unlike some large groups which have a stash of funds to draw from, that's not the case with us. If we want to do something, and donations don't cover the costs - which was certainly the case last year, when no donations were made - that money comes from our own pockets. We received $20 of donations in 2012, nothing last year, and $15 in donations so far this year (before launching this site).

While Glenn may print some leaflets in colour on his own printer, we print higher volumes in black and white so we get more leaflets for the money.

Here's our spending breakdown from January to December 2013:

18 January: $8.65 (US$9). Meetup website fee.
21 January: $33.77 (US$35.46 inc postage). Tribe of Heart - dvds for screenings.

January total $42.42.

4 February: $8.73. VistaPrint - postage for print material.
4 February: $15.44. (US $16 inc postage) Tribe of Heart - brochures required for screenings.
18 February: $8.72. (US $9) Meetup website fee.
23 February: $15. Officeworks - printing and folding leaflets.

February total: $47.89

18 March: $8.75 (US $9). Meetup website fee.

18 April: $8.82 (US $9). Meetup website fee.
26 April: $10. Officeworks - printing leaflets.

April total: $18.82

4 May: $22.91 (£11 + £3.58 delivery + handling). - The Animals DVD.
18 May: $9.34 (US $9). Meetup website fee.
28 May: $225. Traders Voice - public liability insurance.
28 May: $115.65. Vistaprint - banner, cards, labels.
30 May: $67.50. Officeworks - leaflet printing, folding and labels.
31 May: $7.72. Officeworks - printing, laminating, and getting eyelets for wall sign.

May total: $448.12

18 June: $9.77 (US $9). Meetup website fee.

2 July: $45.05 (US $39.95). Digiarty Software - Win X DVD Ripper required for The Animals dvd.
18 July: $10.12 (US $9). Meetup website fee.

July total: $55.17

18 August: $10.16 (US $9). Meetup website fee.
22 August: $16.20. Officeworks - business card and leaflet holders.

August total: $26.36

3 September: $335.25. Premier App Shop - mobile application development software.
7 September: $0.80. Officeworks - leaflet folding.
18 September: $9.83 (US $9). Meetup website fee.

September total: $345.88

4 October: $10. Officeworks - printing.
5 October: $1.20. Officeworks - folding Our Relation leaflets.
8 October: $15.68 (US $14.36). Namecheap - domain registration and privacy (
12 October: $14. Officeworks - leaflet printing and folding.
18 October: $9.63 (US $9). Meetup website fee.

October total: $50.51

18 November: $9.86 (US $9). Meetup website fee.

18 December: $10.50 (US $9). Meetup website fee.
24 December: $80.70 (US $9.99 + $19.94 shipping). Five copies of Eat Like You Care book.

December total: $91.20

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