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The struggle of the Boston School Bus Drivers against union-busting by the Veolia corporation and the Boston School Department continues! It needs your renewed personal and financial support.

On June 30, the last day of the current collective bargaining agreement, hundreds of union members and supporters participated in a Solidarity Day march and rally, ending with a briefing of the members on contract negotiations in the Drivers’ Room at the Veolia Freeport bus yard. 

The union contract specifically states all union officials have unlimited access to the property for conducting union business. But Veolia has produced, out of whole cloth, a series of trumped-up counts -- Assault and Battery with a Dangerous Weapon, Breaking and Entering to Commit a Felony, Trespassing and Malicious Destruction of Property -- against union grievance chair and founder Steve Kirschbaum.

These outrageous charges are meant to open up another front for the union to fight on -- since it is clear that the courageous immigrant workforce of Local 8751 is not backing downfrom defending its union from Veolia and the city's union-busting attempts.

The workers are strong, turning a recent arraignment for Steve into a protest that took over a Boston courthouse. The union’s lawyers have collected statements from witnesses who were at the breakroom on June 30, and those statements show that the charges against Steve are complete fabrications.

Local 8751’s leaders feel strong and expect to win against the charges -- and against Veolia’s attempt to housebreak their union.

However, the unemployment benefits of the four fired drivers have expired. The fired leaders – Steve Kirschbaum, Garry Murchison, Andre Francois and Steve Gillis – are attempting to wage this struggle with absolutely no income at all.

Team Solidarity is again requesting help in resurrecting the crowdsourcing campaign that was so successful the first time around.

This means, above all, taking a few moments to share this appeal with everyone you know.

If you can contribute $10, $15 or $50, please do. The most important thing, though, is to help spread the word.Helping the Boston school bus drivers prevail will be necessary to preserving an outstanding progressive local who fights for union rights as well as for LGBTQ rights and Palestine. It’s also necessary for keeping our leaders out of jail and fighting in the progressive struggle.

Most of all, a victory in Boston could be the turning-point spark that helps turn back the onslaught of austerity and push all poor and working people in a fightback direction.

Please help spread the word and contribute what you can.

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Support the Fired 8751 Leaders -- Drop the Bogus Charges! -

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