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Please Help Us Save This Family's Home (Family In Need, Especially the Kids)
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The Story

Here's a "Short Story" / "Poem-like" Thing written by Kids following accident.  They were both so brave and strong through it all.  Here's how they were able to capture what happened.  Hopefully it moves you the way it moved us.

Thank you for giving it a chance.

That day was an exciting day... New job... got the kids off to school... going to job site... ready to make a positive contribution.

Traveling there... GREEN traffic light... being safe... all clear... except for...

screeching tires... loud crash... lights out... caused by a distracted driver...  of a tractor trailer... ran his RED light.  Never saw it coming.  Couldn't have.  Happened too quick.

At 50 to 65 MPH, no way to know for sure... the tractor-trailer drove into my drivers side door...

Broken face... broken neck... broken back... broken ribs... broken scapula... bruised kidneys...cut spleen...tooth lost... lights out...

Horrified faces on witnesses... calls for help... first responders (so grateful for)...  CPR?... try to revive...
tracheotomy... "he's alive"...

Helicopter needed... travel to shock trauma... rooftop landing... a lot of real-life drama...

Skilled nurses and doctors do their work... just another day... saving lives... in that God-like way...

Scan and x-rays... to help determine the damage... pressure in skull... may be brain hemorrhage... Hole drilled... pressure gone... time to identify... what else is wrong...

Vena cava collapses... new threat arises... need wife to sign off... jeez, another 'crisis'...

Skilled surgeons work their magic... life saved again... one thing is for sure... this man wants to live...

7 days or was it 10... in shock trauma... the worst part is over... but there is still more in this real-life drama.

Transport to rehab hospital... at least that's the talk... but someone forgot to tell me that I cannot walk...  I tried to stand and fell without grace... just so lucky i didn't land on my face.

Time to start over... so I am told... to re-learn things I've known since I was just months old. 

Struggling... I know... it's kind of rough... but when the tough get going... I say... enough is enough...  I work very hard to get back on my feet... yeah, this is hard... but I will not be beat.

Kids come to visit... I recognize their face...  their smile... their laugh... helps me to get out of this place.  They are my inspiration... my drive to press on...  I will not let them down... I've got to get home.

A couple of weeks go by... and I've done my part... May be ready to go home... the doctors review my chart.  Remove my trach tube from my throat... x-ray test to see if I can swallow... without a threat to choke.  All clear... on my way... heading home at last... Want so bad to move forward... but so much pain left from that crash.

Starting out-patient rehab...could be another long-haul... but one thing is for sure... my life is not dull.

Therapist asks me... so what is your goal... I want to get back to as close as normal... if possible.   Well... what does that mean... how will we know if you're there... I said... I want to be able to carry my kids to bed...up the stairs.

Worked hard... lots of drive... and determination... I am anxious to be free of rehab and medication.  Last day of rehab... could it be... let's test... I picked up some weights... and headed to the steps.  Two 25-lb plates... one in each hand...  I look up two flights... to where I want to stand.

One step at a time... I begin my climb... Staying steady and sure... only a few steps more... near the top... at the top... i feel a mile high... I set the weights down gently and I start to cry.

I did it... I made it... I worked hard, but not alone...

THANK YOU to the first responders... and to the nurses in pink scrubs... thanks to the doctors... and therapists... thank to all for not giving up... and... THANK YOU to my wife and kids... for all of your love.

After all of that, here the Dad is still here.   Left unemployed, feeling like half a man.  It is with both great humilty and the swallowing of pride, that he reached out to askk for help so his family may keep their home.

That traffic accident left himwith a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and while there isn't any proof to help make his case, he is fairly certain that his unemployment is directly tied to that.  Of course that AND the very bad economy and job market.

This man likes to work and he wants to work.  He very much wants to EARN his own way and provide for his family, but right now he just needs a little hand-UP.  That's all.  A chance to try to provide for his family.

If you have work for him, he'd be very happy to talk with you about it.

In the meantime, would you PLEASE consider making a gift to us to help us keep their home.  Their two wonderful children shouldn't now be victimized by the same accident that took so much from thei father.  He has to live with the lingering physical pain for the rest of his life.  The injuries are the father's problem and should not be the kid's problem too.  No one wants this family, especially the children, to be homeless. 

PLEASE help us in any way you can, with any amount that you can spare...  No matter the amount, never will you have such a positive impact on the lives of a family of four that needs help to save their home. 

If you can give just $5, than GREAT and THANK YOU. 

If you cannot give, but you can spread the word about this effort by re-posting a link to this campaign on both Facebook and Twitter, than great and thank you. 

If you can do both, give and help spread the word, than that is even more wonderful.  

We are not asking for anyone to give anything that they cannot spare.  We believe that $5 may be the minimum allowed through this website. 

Know that does not take out a fee.  Everypenny that we receive will go directly towards helping this family of four to get their heads back above water.

If you would prefer to give directly to us via cash, check or money order, than please just contact us and we can make arrangements.  

All monies received will count towards the goal and ALL money received will save this family's home and keep us from being homeless.   Please... these kids deserve a chance to keep their home. 

THANK YOU, Thank You, thank you very much for anything and everything that you can do.

It is the family's hope, especially the father's, that they (he) MAY be able to either pay back as much as they/he can to folks who gave OR to maybe be able to pay it forward to help someone else in need.

Every gift WILL go towards saving their home and helping them to be able to stay in it.  If you'd like, please feel free to send us a valid check or money order made payable to Wells Fargo Home Mortgage -- this way you know for sure that the funds are not used elsewhere, though they absolutely guarantee you that any and all gifts will only be used for mortgage / debt items.  That's all. 

THANK YOU again, very much.  Your gift will help a family of four to stay in their home &, therefore, give two wonderful children a chance at a successful future.  No where else will your gift mean (and do) so very much.  Thanks again.  :-)

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 31, 2014

Posted on May 31, 2014

it's a sad world.
All we asked for was for just 3,000 people to find just $5 each to spare. That was all.  Three wonderful, caring people stepped up to the plate and offered their help.  A BIG Thank You goes out to each of them & to them alone.

I have asked to fully and completely REFUND those three gifts.  Two of them were for $5 each...THANK YOU.  And one was for $25...THANK YOU.  While we very much appreciate the gifts and the thoughts... the $35 wouldn't help this family to stay in their home... SO, again, I have asked to FULLY and COMPLETELY REFUND each and every penny to you.

The plug is being pulled on this effort, simply because there are enough caring folks in the world.  3,000 people (each giving just $5) was all we needed by June 1, 2014.  We were HOPING for a GRAND TOTAL of 30,000 people (each giving just $5) by August 31, 2014.  This numbers SHOULD have been VERY easily obtained, but the world is obviously too far gone.  People are just too selfish, uncaring and/or oblivious to the need.

Have a blessed day, week, Summer and LIFE.  I hope others are kinder to each other.  I also hope that, if we end up on the streets, that people will consider giving us the $5 then. 

Take care.  THANK YOU to the three wonderful folks who cared enough to TRY.  Shame on the rest of you.  A family may soon find themselves out on the street because YOU couldn't spare just $5.  Two kids may lose their bedrooms.  Two kids may have to leave their friends and their schools.  Three cats (one that is almost 20 ears old) may lose their home.  And...  well... you know what?... never mind... you didn't care before, so why would I think that you do now.  I simply hope that NONE of you find yourself in a similar situation, where all but three people turn their backs on you... leaving you to feel, and your family to feel, and your kids to feel... ALL ALONE.

Shame on you folks.  This isn't "God's Way".  If there is a heaven, I hope this doesn't come up on the list of things considered for entry.

Take care.

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