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The Story

Our story begins with our very own dream wedding that we had planned months prior while I went through treatment for cancer (late stage). We worked very hard in preparation and had found ways to make our dreams come true despite the cancer. That dream was shattered on Saturday April 20th, 5 days before our wedding, when I awoke to find myself paralyzed from mid-chest down. Laura contacted the paramedics, who rushed me to Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The doctors discovered that a tumor had comprimised my spine and had to perform an emergency spinal surgery.

That was the most scared I have ever been, I really didn't think I would make it out seeing as how this was my 61st operation with cancer fighting against me, but I came out of surgery like I always have. And this time with a new found appreciation for all the things that some people take for granted, like family, friends and the love of my life.

After discovering this new appreciation, I began to realize that my struggles had only begun. Each day at Vanderbilt was filled with small set backs but also small victories. With every small step forward, I have been guided with the help of friends and family. I really couldn't have maintained my high spirits and positive attitude without their love and support. I am now going through rehab at the Vanderbilt Stallworth Rehab Center and I am scheduled for release upon the 21st but upon my release, there will be many more physical and financial struggles.

I do not have insurance because I was dropped from TennCare, I have Stage 4 Cancer with no life insurance or burial insurance with no company that is willing to take me in and the last thing that I would ever want to do is leave my sweet Laura with my debts. We cannot afford the cost of all of my prescriptions, medical supplies and supplies for my paralysis. We do still want to get married despite everything but our finanacial means are yet again limited.

Laura and I are reaching out to the public for anything you may have to offer us to try and help us through these tough times and anything you choose to donate will not go unnoticed or unappreciated. We are asking mainly for money but if you are an organization that would like to donate any needed materials for the wedding or my disability that would be amazing.

Through it all, our love remains. It is unchanging and grows stronger by the day. She is the woman of my dreams and she cares for me like no other. I only wish that I could have more time with her to fulfill all of our dreams.

With your help, we can make our wedding dream come true because love really does trump cancer. Thank you for your donation!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 4, 2013 by Laura Olmsted
Hello Everyone,
Wanted to let everyone know that we finally got married!! This past Friday the 31st of May at 7:15 we were wed! The wedding was beautiful and it was more that I ever thought it would be :) We are back home and still trying to find a place to live that it affordable and handicapped accessible for the apartment we are in is not handicapped accessible and makes living so much more difficult. We are currently considering Alive Hospice Center as an option for living until we can find a more suitable home. Thank you everyone that has supported us through everything so far!

Posted on May 27, 2013 by Laura Olmsted
Hello everyone,
Thursday the 23rd I had to readmit James to the ER for a bed wound that was getting out of control. He received this bed wound at Stallworth because they were not turning him as they should have been, he received a urinary tract infection and they were not treating it properly so it too was still there and we had no idea until we actually got to the ER and heard his lab test results. He was running a 103 fever when I brought him in, they found infectious bacteria in his blood and the uti. They have him on atibiotics and his white count is going down since the antibiotics are working to reduce the infection. We received a visit today (27th) from some doctor in the oncology dept telling us chemo is not an option now, well really? You should know thats not a priority right now! We also received words of doubt saying that yes they can get rid of the infection now but with the open wound it could take weeks to months to heal it and they were wanting to send him back to Stallworth for it! Excuse us, but Stallworth did this to him, why in the world would we ever go back?!?! I sware that if he dies from this wound, Stallworth will pay. James clearly stated he wants to be at the house be the 30th and the social workers here are working on getting a sort of hospice care for the house. He said marrying me is the last and only thing he wants from this life and I am doing my best to fulfill that wish and whatever other dying wish he may have. I love this man, some have said I'm foolish to stay, foolish to marry, but if you wouldn't do the same for your significant other, I say you are the foolish one and what is love? He is still fighting as always and I am right by his side however tough this road may get. 

Posted on May 14, 2013 by Laura Olmsted
UPDATE! We are getting married!! Thanks to you guys :) May 31st at 7:15pm is the date here in Nashville and we are so excited!!! Set in stone finally and can't wait! Thank you all for the donations, we are still accepting donations for his medical supplies. He will need things like catheters, a new low pressure bed, a shower stool, prescriptions, bars/railing installed, a ramp to our apartment entrance, accessible shelving and we're saving for our next move in August when this lease expires so that we may move into a handicapped accessible spacious apartment. Again, thank you guys for everything, it is all appreciated more than you know! :)

Posted on May 9, 2013 by Laura Olmsted
Thank you to those that have donated so far. We really didn't know what to expect out of all of this but you guys are definitely giving us hope! James is fighting through his rehab. He sadly has developed tendonitis in both of his shoulders from wheeling around his wheelchair that is not custom fit but Stallworth is looking to make some adjustments for him. A small set back but Stallworth has said they can keep him there until the 21st so that he can get the therapy he needs. Our love goes out to all of you!

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