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The Story

Please help us print and distribute two pro-life novels for teens and young adults.

We don't have money for a big advertising campaign and are relying on word-of-mouth advertising by people who are passionate about the pro-life cause.

We've received requests for printed versions of the books from crisis pregnancy centers and shelters for victims of human trafficking.  We will also be donating them to homeless shelters, prisons, juvenile homes, foster care reading programs, school libraries and high school and college pro-life student groups as well as distributing them freely outside abortion clinics.

These two novels — Painting Shadows and My Name is Emily — were inspired by true stories and written out of the desire to share a lifesaving message of redemption and hope with men and women dealing with crisis pregnancy situations.

Painting Shadows is written specifically for the fathers of unplanned pregnancies.  It shares the story of Thomas, who was recently in a serious motorcycle accident, and in an effort to make a living is forced to confront the darkness of his past.  Along the way, he discovers both the beauty of redemption and the potential of each life — including life in the womb.

My Name is Emily is for teen girls.  It follows the story of Emily, a young teen facing an unwanted pregnancy, as she considers the options of abortion, adoption, or raising a child and tries to piece back into place her shattered dreams.  It is a story of common experience poetically told from the perspective of an intelligent, artistic, and independent woman.

Both novels can be read in less than an hour each, yethave the potential to change a person's entire perspective about the beauty and potential of each life.

Unlike movies, books are a cost-effective way of sharing these stories with thousands of teens and young adults across the country.  While a DVD of a pro-life film can cost $5 to $15 dollars, limiting student groups and crisis pregnancy centers from distributing copies freely to friends and visitors, books cost only a fraction of the price when purchased in bulk.

Please consider helping us freely distribute these powerful books nationwide to those in need of their lifesaving message.


1.)  Share this page on your Facebook, Twitter or other social media site.  Just a few seconds of your time could get these books into the hands of someone in need of lifesaving hope.

2.)Purchase a digital copy at or to read them for yourself or for friends or family.  If you don't have an eBook reader like an iPad or Kindle, download a free eBook reading program to read them on your computer:

3.)  Write a review of the books at  We need 10 reviews of each for Amazon to recommend them.  Also post a review on Good Reads, your blog or your Facebook page — then let us know so we can highlight it on the author's Facebook.

4.)Post about the books and this page on the Facebook pages of the pro-life organizations and other organizations and people you follow.  Tell your pastor, small group leader, and friends at church and ask them to help print and distribute these books.  Look up your local pro-life student groups and crisis pregnancy centers and tell them about our goal.

5.)Every little action helps!  Don't NOT do or say something because you don't think it will make a difference.  Just $1 can get a book into the hands of someone who could save a life.  Just $5, what one might spend on a drink or muffin from a coffee shop, will buy 5 books.  Just $10, what one might spend on a lunch out or evening movie ticket, will buy 10 books.  Books that could change lives — and save lives.

$25,000 may seem like a big goal, but if just 5,000 people give $5 each, or 2,500 give $10 each, we can meet that goal.

Thank you for taking the time to visit our page.  Please spread the word about this terrific new pro-life resource to your friends, family, church, student group, and favorite pro-life organizations.

The books can be purchased at and

Follow the author, London Henry, on Facebook and Twitter to be the first to hear about the latest promotions, updates, and free giveaways:


My Name is Emily is a powerful testimony of life and hope. The story effectively captures the conflict and emotions of a woman dealing with an unplanned pregnancy and leaves the reader confident that choosing life is the right option, evenwhen it seems like the hard thing to do.” 
—Human Life Alliance,

"Painting Shadows is a book of rediscovering oneself. Thomas's bleak look on life is about to change. But it won't be without some digging up of old pain which will lead to a new appreciation for the beauty in the world around him. With theeyes of a painter his worldview is about to change. London's book is a keen look at how our past decisions can shape our future. You will not be the same after reading this book."

"My Name is Emily is a story that will touch your heart in more ways than one. Emily's poems and story make you think about the hard choices behind abortion and adoption thoughts. A story of redemption and hope through troubles and loss, London's book is thought-provoking and a must read!"
—Elizabeth Novak of

"My Name is Emilyis the story of a teenage girl who finds herself pregnant at fifteen and is left on her own to deal with the consequences. Essentially the book is a beautiful, heart-wrenching monologue that lays bare Emily’s heart and reveals her inner struggle.

While the plot might be a little predictable, Emily’s character is well developed and her fight is raw and real. Her profound reflections and the slow change in her perspective present a better case against abortion than her initial wrestle with the question itself.

The fierce mental battle of someone facing this life-altering decision is both moving and thought provoking. But more than that, the story portrays a powerful message of sacrificial love and of God’s unfailing grace to every one of His children. For any girl considering an abortion, there are many points in this book that are well worth considering."

"Painting Shadowsis the bittersweet story of a man whose life is darkened by selfishness and regret. As the title suggests, the novel presents the idea that we need to face the shadows in our life in order for the light to stand out. Without the dark, there is nothing to contrast the light.

The main character, Thomas, has lived his whole life following this simple philosophy: you take care of your needs, and let the world take care of theirs. He doesn’t depend on anyone else, and he certainly isn’t going to let anyone depend on him. But when a serious accident leaves Thomas paralysed from the waist down, he must rethink his entire life, and learn many difficult lessons along the way.

The book’s characters are relatable, and their struggles will strike a chord with many. The novel’s message: that the human life is precious, and cannot be thrown away, is tenderly portrayed through this story of healing and redemption. Ultimately Painting Shadows serves as a reminder that even as we grow older, it is never too late to change; no matter how much time we have wasted, our lives are never pointless and never meaningless. This almost backwards approach to abortion is both powerful and sensitive, and I would definitely recommend it."
—Ilana Reimer of

"My Name is Emily is a perfect example of the struggles that go through a birth mother's head as they contemplate all of her options.  I too was a birth mother who chose open adoption and this book reminds me exactly how I felt during my toughest decisions.  It shows every possible option to be considered and makes the situation real.  I could relate to all of her fears and joys of an unplanned pregnancy, and felt the relief and acceptance of my final decision as she did.  Any woman who is pregnant and wondering what to do should read this story to help them come to a decision."
—Kendra Griessmann of

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