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The Story

I have a vintage typewriter with a unique typeface that John has been looking for, for 20 years. With packing materials, the machine will weigh 50 pounds. The cheapest shipping to Australia is $300.

John has helped many people in the typosphere, this is just one small way of returning the favor.

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Posted on May 1, 2014

Posted on May 1, 2014

WOW - we did it, plus a little more (which is always handy for covering anscillary costs - like the crate I am building)!!

I cannot thank you all enough, now I am in the packing and shipping phase.

I have the machine prepped:
  • The basket is automatically locked down on this electric when the power is off,
  • The basket is packed tight with poly bags and packing bubble sheeting,
  • The carriage release levers on both ends of the carriage are tie-wrapped into the disengaged position,
  • The carriage is tie-wrapped in place on both ends and in the middle,
  • The power cord is secured with a velcro cord keeper, and plastic "shrink wrapped" to the body of the machine,
  • The body of the machine is "shrink wrapped" with heavy duty cardboard L brackets locked in place on the top-rear of the carriage, and on the front/top of the leading edge/keyboard,
  • The carriage ends/knobs, are encased with cardboard egg crate, secured with "shrink wrap,"
  • The keyboard is covered with a sheet of foam and that is secured in place with "shrink wrap"
All-in-all, the machine is ready to be placed into the shipping crate.

The crate will consist of a heavy duty cardboard outer box, with plywood bottom and top (clamshell style), with 1x2" (nominal) supports, and heavy duty cardboard L reinforcements for the sides.
The top and bottom will be integrated together with the 1x2" wooden supports and decking screws.

The bottom will have a pair of 1x2" wooden cleats that the machine will sit upon, and 2 runs of 2" nylon webbing will secure the machine to the cleats. 
There will be heavy duty cardboard tubes used to provide side-to-side crush resistance, to ensure that the carriage is protected from side-impacts.
The rest of the space will be suitably filled with foam packing material in bags.

This capsule will be shipped via - they have promised 4 day, air, door-to-door delivery in Australia. My estimated shipping date is Monday, May 1. I will update if that changes.

Thanks again to all!!

Posted on April 13, 2014

Posted on April 13, 2014

Kicking this up a notch ... if you donate $25 or more, I will send you a free, hand-made, custom "Yes, I WILL fix your typewriter!" shirt.

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