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The Story

The short of this story.............
On Nov 17, 2011 our rescue was raided out of retaliation because I filed a tort claim against animal control.  This was the first legal step to file a lawsuit.

This is a long story, let me try to explain it in short as much as I can.

In December 2009 my neighbor called CPS on my family.  We talked to the caseworker, I am a very open book anyone that knows me knows I love to talk and I love to talk about my kids and our animals.  I was free and open with this case worker even explained we were remodeling our home and that we ran a feline rescue.  She asked us on 12/17/09 if we'd agree to an open case, we said no.  On 12/21/09 we received a letter that she unsubstantiated all allegations against us.

1/6/10 she came back.  I'm going to cut this part short.  However, the gest of it is this, on 12/17/09, 1/6/10, 1/7/10, 1/8/10 and 1/11/10 she asked us if we'd agree to an open case,  We said no.  On 12/17/09 and 1/11/10, she said if we'd agree she'd get us funding to finish the remodel. we still said no.

1/13/10 she came back and took our kids, without a warrant, and detained them to a motel and called animal control.  Animal control said he'd be back the next day to seize the cats, but said I could keep my dog and my Frizzled Cochin Chicken. 

1/14/10 animal control come back and got the cats, coerced me into surrendering Parker's ducks.  (Parker is my youngest son, who hand raised these ducks).  Of the 15 cats he took 1 was Candace's 10 year old cat Toulouse, Josh's 7 year old cat Nemo and Parker's 7 year old cat Simba and 18 month old Saliary. 

Leaving alot of stuff out here, a new caseworker was put on the case, down the road after my complaints and attitude about this, she said she talked to her boss and said if we could prove we were not cat hoarders they'd dismiss the case against us.  I said just because I had a lot of cats does not mean I was a cat hoarder.  She asked me if I could prove I took care of them, medically, not food wise as she stated they knew we fed the cats.  I provided vet bills, and they dismissed the case.

From that, since we wer lied by animal control about a bence warrant to see the judge, I began digging into the case and found out the aco lied to the judge to get the warrant to seize the cats.

It was then I called and told them I wanted the cats back.

Nothing, so in February 2011 I filed a tort claim against animal control, the county commissioners and the county council.  They ignored my request of return of my cats and refused to answer my notice of intent to sue.  Shortly after this is when odd things began to happen.

November 17, 2011 after helping a woman so she didn't get evicted over feral cats she was feeding, 16 hours later, law was on my porch, we were staked out for 5 hours and then raided.

2 cats died, 2 cats were euthanized not because of our care, but because of theirs.  With this my husband and I were criminally charged.

We filed a lawsuit over the animals on 11/30/11 and have been fighting hard for them ever sense.  The aco is playing dirty, he is trying to financially break us, KNOWING, if we are broke and can't pay the animals attorney he has a advantage to get the animals awarded to him, in which he WILL kill.  He is that spiteful.

Please see the photos of the cats in their care now, the photo on this fundraiser is Gizmo, the before and after photo.  Then see Sparrows, Elizabeths, Chewbaccas, etc.  These cats are in danger, they went from being average sized cats to grossly obese.  My daughters cat is obese and my daughter (Candace) cries all the time over the fear she is going to get any obesity prone disease and/or die.  These kids and animals have been used as pawns simply because my husband and I refused to agree to an open CPS case, how is that even fair, then retaliation, how is that even fair?

In 2010, the aco killed all 15 cats, the aco said in family court in April 2012 when asked what happened with the cats, his reply was "they were euthanized because Mrs. Lee never returned for them."  However the aco never bothered saying that he told us that a bench warrant would be issued to see about getting the cats back.

Help us stop this and get our pets back, it won't stop there, I plan to lobby for stronger and better laws againt the goverment when it comes to our beloved pets.  Too many animals are being killed without cause by police and animal control officers.

We have spent over $7000 in the crusade to see this through, we need help.
Please if you can spare just a few dollars to save these animals please donate.  Your donation is tax deductible.  And time is URGENT.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,
Samantha, Randell, Josh, Candace anda Parker

If you don't know our story you can read it here...........

Please help us get them home:
The Cats
Mufasa, Jasmine, Speck, Sparrow, Elizabeth, Kitler, Kenya, Diamond, Sweetness, Munchkin, Smores, Ashley, Chewbacca, Zoey, Paris, Phantom, Noel Natasha, Meeko, Tippsy, Nero, Chargheera, Beauty, Crystal and Phoebe

The Dogs
Brownie, Bindie and Coal

The Chickens
Margalow, Cheyenne and Mazzie

Those that have died while in animal controls care
Pumpkin, Sagwa, Garfield, Abbigayle and Izzabelle


Our hearts are broken, please do not allow them to kill these too.  Help us stop this stupidity.  We have the right to live in peace.

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