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The Story

By Lindsey Rinehart,
Co-Founder of the Undergreen Railroad
Written ForThe Weed Blog

When I first heard from single mom Pam Bailey about her daughter Brileigh, and their need to get from Georgia, a state with oppressive cannabis laws, to Colorado, a state with freedom, my heart broke.  Then it got more complicated, as sadly, the entire family is ill.

Briliegh is Pam’s three- year-old daughter who has seizures induced by Congenital Lyme Disease.  She has chronic fevers, migraines, joint and muscle pain and swelling, and odd rashes caused by Lyme Disease.  Sometimes she has multiple seizures a day.  No child deserves this.  I cannot imagine my child suffering from seizures when there is something that could vastly help them in a different state, but not my own state.

It doesn’t have to be this way.  Pam has done her research, and cannabis will help her daughter tremendously.  In fact, it will help her whole family.  The problem is that her and her family cannot get cannabis treatment in Georgia, but they can in Colorado, and 20 other states in the US.  How hard would it be to be an ill, single parent, with two sick kids, and not be able to treat them because you’re in the wrong state?

Pam has another child, Justin, age 20.  Justin also has Lyme disease and suffers from odd rashes, pain and swelling in joints and legs, fevers, and migraines.  He also has Asperger’s, as well as some other mental health issues that would benefit from cannabis.

Lastly, Pam herself, would benefit from cannabis in multiple ways.  Pam has a severe case of Lyme Disease as well.  She fears that if she doesn’t get her children to safety to treat their conditions, that the children’s health is going to deteriorate to the same level as hers.  Pam suffers daily with a myriad of illnesses and symptoms of these illnesses:  Chronic Lyme Disease, Crohn's Disease, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Degenerative Disc Disease, and Osteoarthritis in her spine and hips.

Her symptoms make her quality of life poor due to her suffering. “I suffer daily with extreme fatigue, migraines, joint pain and swelling, widespread inflammation in all joints that causes very visible swelling, neuropathy (nerve pain and numbness & tingling) in my hands, wrists and forearms, feet, ankles, and calves, muscle pain and swelling all over, muscle tension and spasms where my muscles will tighten so badly I can't function and have to wait til it passes, hearing and vision sensitivity (loud noises or bright lights are painful), chronic diarrhea, abdominal pain and cramping, nausea and vomiting, inflammation of the esophagus and digestive tract, POTS Syndrome (blood pressure won't stay regulated), anemia, my iron won't stay in normal ranges no matter what supplements I take, Enlarged Thyroid with fluid filled cyst on each side, extreme pain in my back, spine, and hips.

A lot of times it is hard to function because the pain and fatigue are so extreme I struggle to take care of my basic physical needs let alone my families needs.”

Any one of Pam’s illnesses would be enough to move her and her family to a medical state, but her children’s conditions possibly worsening to the severity of her conditions is a very real fear, that we as compassionate humans can help alleviate by donating to their move for better medical care.

In Colorado, Pam will be able to function as a better mother to her children with her own illnesses regulated.  Her daugher will get to be happy and seizure free, and her son will find great relief from his illnesses too.  This entire family needs cannabis, and they need it as soon as possible.  Can you please donate to their move?

Your donation goes to the cost of relocting to Colorado. Pam has decided to sell her household and personal items to put towards the move as well so she may move her family quicker. She has taken a serious turn for the worse and needs to get to Colorado as soon as she can to begin cannabis oil treatments.

Your generosity will matter to this family tremendously.  Pam worked two jobs until she fell too ill to maintain her jobs.  Once they are in their new home, they can sustain their lives from their disability payments.

If you can donate, please do.  The money goes directly to the family.  Also, please share this everywhere!  Lastly, but Certainly not least, this family needs prayers and positive energy sent their way.  

Thank You for your help and generosity!

To learn more about Lyme Disease and how Cannabis Oil helps Lyme, seizures, and Asperger's Syndrome please look to the right of the page for videos & testimonals.

Lindsey Rinehart and the Undergreen Railroad Team

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 2, 2014

Posted on August 2, 2014

It's been a while so I have quite a lot to update. I have have gotten MUCH worse and I have been forced to make the choice to either go to Colorado and get on cannabis oil or to stay and have a hysterectomy. On top of that I am having very severe GI issues. I had to stop antobiotics to treat Lyme because of the GI issues, as they were making the problem much worse.

I have been having severally irregular menstrual cycles since April of 2014. The Drs fianlly did a D&C and Endometrial Abaltion surgery on May 29th, but that only stopped the problem for a few days before it came back. My iron had gotten down to 2% iron stores in my body, so I stopped producing red cells. That has caused me to have severe weakness, vision & hearing issues, bone pain, major GI upset, hair loss, fevers, horrible back and stomach pain, trouble breathing at times, along with worst fatigue I have ever experienced and I have had chronic fatigue for over 3 years. I didn't think the fatigue could psssibly get worse, but it did. I am dealing with this on top of my Lyme and co infections inssues. I really feel like death every day. 

I have been so weak even a shower feels like an olympic marathon. My Dr said he can't believe I was still pushing on. My hemagolbin got down as low as 7, so I was given a two day iron infusion to try to get my body to produce red cells again. That should have helped me, but due to the severe menstrual issues my hemagolbin has dropped back down to 8.5. 

I have been given IV & pill hormones to try and stop the bleeeding to no avail at this point. I have been told it is time for me to decide weather or not to have the hysterectomy or continue to have these issues and risk a blood clot and possibly death. I am being closley monitored by my Drs and a Hematologist and if I go below 7 hemagolbin again I will have a blood transfusion and iron treatments as needed. I can only carry on so long like this and I am getting menatlly worn down being so weak. 

I came across the opportunity to get us out to Colorado on a flight for the cost of what one train ticket and only a small fraction of the cost it would take to go by car. My body is so weak and in so much pain, I can't make a 3 day car or train ride. These cheap flights was an absolute miracle. I had go for it and take back my health into my own hands. I am suffering so badly here and only getting worse by the day. Drs only solution here is surgery. After the 1st surgery being a failure and all these pharmaceuticals only making me worse, I am just not confident having another surgery.  I want to try cannabis oil before I commit myself to the rest of my life taking hormone replacement drugs. I am only 37 years old. 

My son Justin has decided to stay behind in GA. I am deeply saddened by this but I can't make him come since he is almost 21 years old. He has some things he wants to settle here before coming to Colorado. My brother is going to come with me and my daughter, Brileigh to help us. I am having to use a wheelchair and cane to get around so I will need help traveling with Brileigh. I can't do it alone. 

I should also update on Brileigh. She continued to have major seizures and we made the decision to stop her Lyme treatments and that slowed the seizures down. While she is only having seizures sporadically now, her Lyme symptoms have spiraled out of control. She is having fevers, rashes, body pains and headaches, sleep disturbances, OCD type behavior, and MAJOR rage issues. These rage fits are like an autistic fit times a million. She will hit herself and try to hurt herself while uncontrollably screaming. It's like she leaves herself and something takes over. She will cry and apologize afterwards. She has no control over this. I have to get my son Justin to hold her as we try to calm her down so she wont severely hurt herself. She will be four in November and despite all she has been thru is very intelligent.She understands what is going on and tells me she is scared to death during this fits. It breaks my heart to see her suffer when I know there is a non toxic medicine from a PLANT that can help her in another state. 

Our plane tickets are covered, but I am reaching out asking for help getting some of our things shipped ahead of us and cost of getting into an apartment. I will also need to purchase us winter clothing. Coming from balmy Savannah, GA we don't have a lot of warm clothing. I am selling or giving away all our belongs and we will be starting over. Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated and never forgotten. While this has been a long and difficult journey, I have had many people offering prayers and support. I will be forever grateful for that. God Bless!! 

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Family of Three Moving For Medical Marijuana - Please Help

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