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The Story

Our Program & Founder:

Hello, my name is Nandini Goel. I am 11 years old and the founder of Educate My Girl. For the past few months, I have been working for girls’ education with a few of my friends and this summer I started a special program for them. It has been a lot of work, but I am lucky that I have some very educated and senior guides from various fields and walks of life as well as my family to help me.

To know more about me:

Our Mission:

Educate My Girl is a program which helps girls learn about their health, understand their rights, improve their education, and achieve their goals and ambitions.

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What We Need:

We have been working for some time alone with a small group of girls on topics that are important to them, but, recently, we realized that computer education for girls is essential. There are some training programs available in New Delhi, but these girls come from families that may be surviving on only $60 a month. They will not be able to afford outside training, and they come from conservative families, so they are not able to travel far from their homes. We must take computer education to them.

We decided to start a program where we can teach young girls computer skills every weekend near their homes. To do this, we need a computer that we can make available to the girls. We are asking for $850 for a computer and printer and $400 to run our program for six months.

What You Get:

Some fundraisers offer incentives and some fundraising sites charge fees. Instead of using part of the money we raise for incentives, we want to devote all the money to this girls’ education project, so we decided to use, a site that does not charge fees, and we are asking our donors to donate to help the girls without incentives. We think our donors will agree with our idea. If you would like to leave your name, we will happily thank you on our website,, and, after the girls have their computer, the very first thing we will teach them is to write personal thank you emails to each of our donors!

The Impact:

You may be surprised to learn that, even though many people in India have computers and good access to technology, there are still many people, especially girls, who don’t. The computers in schools often go unused because there are not enough for all students or because teachers don’t have time to use them. The girls in our group are very eager to learn. Your contribution will help to educate these girls who have no other access to technology. You can track the progress of the program at or

How Do We Plan to Spend this Money?

Every weekend, I have around 6-10 girls who are working with me. The girls come from conservative families so they are not allowed to travel far from their homes, but our house maid lives close to these girls, and near to our house. She has a small room vacant at her place. Even now, I go to her house to meet these girls every weekend with my family. She told my mother they rent this room for 1000Rs per month. I have arranged to keep the computer there and to operate classes every weekend. I plan to meet the girls in small groups every Saturday and Sunday. We will be teaching them computer skills, English, and health information, including meditation to help them deal with the stress they will have in their lives. I have expert guidance to help me in these areas.

If we reach our first goal of $1300, then we plan to buy a computer and a printer that all the girls will share. This will cost us around $855. To run the classes for the first six months, we need approximately $400 to cover six months’ rent, electricity, stationery, internet access, and printer ink, approximately $45 to cover foreseeable fundraising costs. We will only attempt to start the program once we have raised enough for it to run for at least six months.

After that, if we raise more money, we will put aside enough to run the program for a year, before setting  stretch goals. Stretch goals will include plans to buy an additional computer for the girls so that they can get more time to work on the computers individually to learn on their own and to work on school work. If, after some time, the program ends, we will donate any equipment we have bought to a local school or to another organization that is working for girls’ education.

See our estimated budget here.

Ways You Can Help:

Donate and share news of our fundraiser with your friends, like our Facebook page:, or follow us on twitter: .

Trust us that you are always in our prayers even if you do not donate. This is a very young program, and we just want your promise that you will help girls in the way we are trying to.

Even if you don’t donate, please promise to tell every girl you meet: "It is important to have the skills to read and write, but it is even more important for every girl to understand and learn how to prepare herself to meet the challenges of family, society, and world."

-Nandini Goel and the Educate My Girl Team

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