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The Story

Over the next 31 days I have a goal to raise $10,000 to launch a website called 'A Little More Hope' that will provide education and support to survivors of sexual trauma.

I realized this week, it would only take 321 supporters to donate $31 each to help me bring 'A Little More Hope' to the world! So I figured, since my birthday is on 3-21, it would be the perfect day to start!  

Would you consider celebrating my birthday with me by donating to this initiative?  

Many people within earshot of me, know that I'm passionate about breaking the silence and shame surrounding sexual assault and making education, tools and support more accessible to those who need it.  For over a year I've been stewing on (and talking about) an idea to launch a website called A Little More Hope to help survivors of sexual trauma with recovery.  However, I've had a few things 'get in the way' when it comes to taking action on this dream of mine. 

Although as a graphic designer and entrepreneur, I can do a lot of the work required to create this website myself, there are certain costs when it comes to website programming, content creation, hosting and promotion that will need to be covered until the project can launch and generate sustainable resources.  

My second challenge has been accountability.  Since there is no specific deadline to start this project, and nobody other than me who is 'invested' in it...  I've been putting out  fires in my day-to-day spice creative life, without making any headway to take initiative on this project.  Seeking start-up funds from those who love me ups the ante - significantly! 


I've set this campaign up to last 31 days, starting on my birthday.  Instead of celebrating my birthday this year with friends, food, and wine... I am asking for the gift of  'A Little More Hope' If you were to join me for an actual celebration, you'd probably spend about $31 on a couple drinks or some food... Maybe even more!  Wouldn't this be a WAAAAY more awesome way to spend it?  Plus it's all kinda symbolic, cause my Birthday is March 21, which is 3-21... If 321 people donate $31 each, within 31 days, I'd pretty much reach my goal of raising $10,000 for this project!  That means that if less than half of my Facebook Friends donated $31, I'd reach my fundraising goal in 31 days.   BAM!

Do you know someone who has been effected by sexualized trauma?  Chances are, you do... Donate in their honour.  Have you survived sexual assault? Join me in breaking the silence around this issue and help provide access to 'A Little More Hope'.   

Backstory - For those who don't know already.  
In October 2010, I decided to run a 1/2 marathon (without training) to raise $10,000 for the Victoria Women's Sexual Assault Centre... To my surprise, I raised $20,000 in only 10 days! didn't realize that doing so, would change my life. Not only did the donations skyrocket to over $20,000 but I was also inspired to design T-shirts to create a sustainable fundraiser for the centre!  

If all that wasn't enough validation I was on the right track, in June 2011 Smartwater and Plan Canada selected me to be one of three Canadian women to travel to Rwanda and celebrate the work they have done to build a new school and latrine facilities. I had the chance to appear on Canada AM, and was featured in Elle Magazine, as a result. Opportunity of a lifetime is an understatement!!  

Who knows what will happen this time.... Give the gift of 'A Little More Hope'... Help me start a ripple effect that might just change the world!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 26, 2014

Posted on March 26, 2014

Weekend Update... 

Well it's been an INCREIDBLE weekend for A Little More Hope! Over twenty percent of the fundraising goal has been achieved already thanks to your incredible generosity.  I am honestly so humbled by the support that surrounds me.  Creating this website has been a dream I've been chasing for over two years now.. To have the resources to finally make it happen will be SUCH a gift.  The more time I spend advocating to provide accessible resources, eliminate the burden of secrecy and shame that often plauges survivors, and create a supportive healing network, the more I realize this is what I'm meant to be doing with my life.  The passion I feel towards making this happen simply cannot be contained.  I MUST DO IT.  

It's not all about the dollars and cents either... By sharing this campaign, you're helping to break the silence!  By sharing this campaign, you show your support of women you care about, who might be battling these issues in silence.  By sharing this campaign, the social reach grows exponentially which means the difference it can make grows exponentially, and maybe, when you share this campaign a unicorn gets it's wings... Do unicorns have wings? Moving on.

To know that I have friends, family, and perfectly amazing strangers supporting me through this incredible (and overwhelming) journey, means the world to me.  Thank you again, so much, for helping me bring A Little More Hope to those who need it.  :)

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