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The Story

Orphan filly needs our help now.  Yesterday (4/5), AAE received a plea for assistance with an orphaned foal who was just a few hours old. She had been rejected by mom and needed help. So transport was arranged and off we went. She was about 4.5 hours away and we met in the middle.

Gosh, what a precious lil' filly we met, but it's been a really rough start!  Unfortunately, she was very weak, and definitely in a fragile state, so we stopped at Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center (LBEMC) on the way home. Turns out, her blood values were not good, and she was hospitalized.  A call at midnight informed us her blood values moving in wrong direction, and we were being prepared for not so good news in the morning.  HOWEVER, she was up and drinking milk replacer on her own, so that was good!

This morning, she was holding her own, but still quite sick. She was still getting up on her own and drinking her milk replacer with a good appetite. That offered some optimism.  This afternoon, she was up, she's eating, and her blood levels are trending in the right direction. She wants to live! She's a FIGHTER and AAE wants to support her as she battles to live. 

Although she's not out of the woods, the docs think she's moving in the right direction.  It likely she's dealing with the results of being rejected by mom, stresses of transport, and secondary effects resulting from mom's malnourishment and selenium deficiency.  are hopeful that with 5 +/- days of hospitalization and supportive care, she has a good shot at a relatively normal life.  However, there is a chance there will be some long lasting effects, but it's too early to know.  We need a few more days to have a better picture, but so far, the trend is good. A BIG THANK YOU to LBEMC for their quick actions and the outstanding care provided for this little filly. 

Without hospitalization, she has little chance of survival at this point. The unfortunate reality is that we are looking at a big expense for this one little life, well over $5,000 to get there.  She needs your help.  If our big community can help in little bits, the hit isn't so hard to any one, and for those that need, AAE is a 501(c)(3), so donations are tax deductible. 

If everyone that can will help just a little, we can give this precious girl a chance to live a full life.

Some folks may think because of the costs that euthanasia is the better choice.  Fair enough, and if you feel that way, you are under no obligation to donate.  But if you are like many others and believe every life counts as long as there's a good chance for a good quality of life, please help if you can.  Because this little girl has a good chance for a good quality of life, we think she deserves the opportunity.  This girl wants to live!

This little girl thanks YOU for caring enough to help her live. 

Please note, should there be excess funds, they will apply to future AAE veterinary needs. 

"By saving the life of one horse, we may not be changing the world, but we are changing the world for that one horse."  - Author Unknown

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on April 12, 2017

Posted on April 12, 2017

4/12/17 Update:  Our little one is still moving in the right direction, but it's been baby steps, and we are not where we hoped to be at a week.  That being said, she has made substantial improvement in her whole week of life.  A quick point of reference is that her first lab results for a muscle enzyme showed her values were off the charts.  Normal is 800, and she was beyond the equipment's analytical ability at 120,000, meaning the highest the equipment could read was 120,000 and that's where she was.  Yesterday, she was down to 6,000.  Her other blood levels are within normal range including her kidney values that were way off originally, as well as acid levels.  She had a brief setback with intestinal/diarrhea issues a couple days ago, but that improved overnight.   I will be visiting her again today sometime, but yesterday, was initially troubling, but by the end of the visit I was optimistic.  She is still weak and unable to get up on her own, but once she's helped to stand, her mobility is MUCH improved from a week ago.  Today's photo is from yesterday's visit.  The tape around her nose is securing her feeding tube and oxygen, and the tape around her neck keeping her catheter in place.

That being said, she's making substantial progress, but we're working with baby steps.  Baby steps in the right direction, but the obvious issue is the cost of care is climbing daily and we've exceeded our initial "guestimate" for costs for hospitalization.  It's a difficult thing to ask, but if we continue, we are going to need additional help with the costs.  We've committed to getting her this far, and we need some help to continue.  The goal has been increased to help cover costs of care.  Help if you can.  Donate, share, spread the word.  Let's get this filly home!

You can donate here on YouCaring or via our website (  Please be sure to note the donation is for the "Little Filly Fund".  

Alternatively, you can mail a check to:

All About Equine Animal Rescue, Inc.
2201 Francisco Dr. #140-174
El Dorado Hills, CA  95762


Make a payment directly to the vet:

Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center - Please reference our AAE's Account, ID# 23216 and Little Filly Fund
2973 Penryn Road
Penryn, CA 95663
(916) 652-7645

We've gotten some feedback that the filly's updates are not easy to access.  If you visit this link, you should be able to monitor progress.

We also setting up a Facebook album to add photos and updates.

Thank you for helping this sweet girl.

Posted on April 11, 2017

Posted on April 11, 2017

4/9/17 Update:  Just a quick update.  Lil filly is holding her own, but a bit of a rollercoaster as foals can be.  She's had some improvements with blood levels and interaction, but is having some new intestinal issues, so we're still in guarded condition.  Cross your fingers, say some prayers, or do whatever you do to send good energies to the lil' gal.  Thank you all for your continued support!!

Posted on April 8, 2017


Posted on April 8, 2017

4/8/17 AM Updated:  Good news!!!  Filly's kidney values are normal!!!  She is still weak, still has feeding tube, and still on oxygen, but still heading in the right direction!!  Keep up the good work, lil filly!!!  Thank you, Team LBEMC!!

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