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Create a warm nest for Indian orphans - Thank You Mother India 2015 

Do you know how it feels to wake up in the middle of the night, scared to death because of a nightmare and there's nobody to go to? No warm and safe place to fall back into sleep? Nothing that can help you hide from the big bad world? To be completely vulnerable for fears, bad dreams and not to forget a lot of insects? 

How to deal with sleeplessness during the day? What if you really want to achieve something in life, because that's the only thing you got? No parents to take care of you. Nobody that caresses you, to dry your tears of sorrow and pain. 

At night everything feels cold and uncomfortable. How to relax? Fully surrender to something which is called sleep. A state of being where everything is ok as it is and you're able to recuperate from all the stress and heavy baggage your taking with you on your shoulders. 

Almost 100 children from orphanage Deenabandhu in the south of India are yearning for a good night sleep. For some tenderness, warmth, comfort and a feeling of safety which helps them to let go of the day. Let go of the past. One of the basic needs of human beings is not so simple to achieve for these kids. Just some good rest. So they're able to to their best at school the day after. More days. Years. So they're able to make a living. Sustain themselves and their families. Big changes start with small steps. And therefore we need your help! Join us, donate and help a child to reach the sky! 

This mission trip is an initiative of Anouk Prop, yoga teacher and psychologist originally based in Maastricht, the Netherlands. As a dedicated ambassador of Yoga Gives Back the Netherlands & Belgium, she wants to mobilize the global community by setting an example to take action instead of just donating. The goal of this mission trip is to create a warm nest for the children of orphanage Deenabandhu Children's Home India by supporting them directly in practice and by raising funding to be able to create a total make over of their bed rooms and provide them with a caring house mother. 

In November 2015 this extraordinary mission trip takes place in Chamarajanagar in the South of India, where Anouk will be offering her services as a volunteer for a month at orphanage Deenabandhu Trust. During that period she will give psychological support, trauma healing, yoga (therapy) for the orphans as well as training the school staff. From her own experience she knows how it is to grow up in an unsafe environment and how love, affection and acceptance can make such a big difference in a child's life. Blessed for the fact that yoga came into her life, she wants to give back to the source. In India, with orphans. Because she knows how yoga can be a tool to overcome all obstacles and can create a feeling of a warm and safe haven within yourself.

The conditions in which the children sleep are very poor. They share their simple beds, often without mattresses, bed spreads, cushions to keep them warm and give them a feeling of safety during the night. Moreover, in this rural part of India there are many mosquitos and other insects which hamper the children from a good night sleep. Obviously this has its effect on the total wellbeing and  school performances of the children. In this mission trip a total make over of the bed rooms of the children is being made. With the help of your funding new beds can be bought, as well as mattresses, sheets, bed spreads, towels, cushions, mosquito nets and everything that is needed to create a warm nest for the children. 

In the light of Yoga Gives Back annual campaign Thank You Mother India, part of the donations will be used to appoint a good caregiver for the children. They all lack the warmth and love from their own mothers. There's nobody to go to during the dark night when waking up from a nightmare. With the funding a good house mother could be appointed who's present for them and can take care of the children day and night. 

All children love to do yoga. Therefore a big yoga event is organized at the end of the mission trip where about 500 children will participate in a big yoga mala of 108 sun salutations to express their gratitude for the gift that yoga has brought them. This will be accompanied by healthy snacks and drinks. This event was a big success last year. Some of the children reported that this was the best day of their life. 

"Being ambassador of Yoga Gives Back, I already organized many events in the last years to raise funding and awareness for the women and children in India, the country where yoga has its origins. Now the time has come for some real action at the source. In India, for children, since they are the essence of existence. That’s my deepest motivation to volunteer at one of the sister aid projects of YGB, orphanage Deenabandhu Trust. In October 2014 I already went to volunteer here for four months by supporting the orphans directly in practice (psychotherapy and yoga) and by raising funds for them to grow and develop to their full capacity. To reinforce this, I’ve climbed the Kilimanjaro mountain in 2015, dedicated to the orphans in Deenabandhu and raised an amount of almost 12000 euros with this. With this extraordinairy endeavour Expedition KILI ( For me, planting a seed on the top of the world for love and acceptance is a dream that came true. Now the story continues, since there's still much work to do. I keep on taking action and hope this will inspire many others to give as well. Join me in my journeys and help a child to reach the sky!" 

Anouk Prop, July 2015

[email protected] 

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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 19, 2016

Posted on January 19, 2016


Very exciting news from orphanage Deenabandhu Children's Home Karnataka, India! The creation of the warm nest for the children to sleep in continues...more new cots and wooden shelves are being made, thanks to all the great donations! ??

Secondly, thanks to the great efforts of Marieke Dijkstra and her friends Frans & Astrid, hundreds of yoga mats are finally send to the orphanage so that each child has an own mat to practice on! ????

And last but not least, the DESI shop is going to open its doors at the end of the month in Chamarajanagar! The donations of fundraiser Expedition KILI that I set up last year in the light of Yoga Gives Back's Thank You Mother India campaign were used to provide Deenabandhu a loan with which they could set up their own DESI store, as part of a successful chain of stores throughout Karnataka. CHARAKA women's co-op renowned theater director Mr Prasanna founded this project 25 years ago to revive traditional handlooming for all cotton material production, while creating a truly sustainable life style in this rural area. The DESI store will sell natural clothes, bags, sarees and more and will provide work for destitute mothers in the area as well as possibilities for 'internships' for the orphans! ??????

In two weeks I'll be visiting the orphanage again. Can't wait to see all the developments with my own eyes, as well as the big smiley faces, happy with their yoga mats and new bedrooms!!! ??

To be continued! ??

Join me in creating a warm nest for these kids! We cannot give them their parents back, but we do can give them a safe and warm nest to turn back to… You can still contribute by making an online donation or support in any other way. Read the website for more info! Thank you! :-) 

Posted on November 15, 2015

Posted on November 15, 2015


Deenabandhu. Home of love and acceptance. Sanskrit for ‘friend of the poor’. A safe oasis of light in the dark surroundings of the remote rural areas of South India. Happy to be back here again, that brings me back to the essence of life as well. Simplicity in its purest form, which in the same time makes me feel so rich inside. Nothing and everything go hand in hand, creating a deeper awareness of fulfillment from inside.

Grateful to be able to return to my own warm nest within me, I’m even more grateful to give the children a warm nest to turn back to. To be a friend. Holding their hand. In the trauma sessions that I had with some of the kids in the last days, it again became so clear that safety and unconditional love is one of the primary human needs and when this is being stimulated and nourished, a child can open up, flower and overcome bad experiences from the past.

The twinkling in their eyes, a smile on their faces, a hand, a hug, a kiss. All little lights showing me that we’re able to be present in the darkness and shine. In the sadness there’s joy. The duality of human existence has never been so obvious for me.

So much fun, joy and laughter we had during Diwali, the Hindu festival of light, which we celebrated warmly together. Enlightening the children’s world with special meals, small presents and fireworks. In the same time we’ve set up a plan for the practical creation of the warm nests for the orphans. The total make over of their bedrooms. In the next coming weeks a local carpenter will make cupboards for each child to put their clothes in, as well as beds. Mattresses, sheets and covers I’m going to buy by the end of next week, together with mosquito nets. This time of the year it’s winter in Karnataka, so days and especially nights can be quite chilly. Therefore I would like to give all the kids hooded sweaters as well, so they always can have the warm nest feeling with them, wherever they are.

Let’s be a friend for the poor together. Join me in creating a warm nest for these kids! We cannot give them their parents back, but we do can give them a safe and warm nest to turn back to… This I want to offer them as a very special Christmas gift and I need your help! You can still contribute by making an online donation or support in any other way. Read the website for more info! Thank you! :-)  

Posted on October 19, 2015

Posted on October 19, 2015

Deenabandhu orphans' heart touching answers on "what is a warm nest for me?" - Part 5 Niranjan (6th standard) 

"I want my nest to be like that of a baya weaver bird and it should be small. The bigger one will attract terrorists and thieves thinking that they will have a lot of wealth. Even if they attach I can escape from a second door and I will make another small home in another place." 

Join me in creating a warm nest for these kids! We cannot give them their parents back, but we do can give them a safe and warm nest to turn back to… This I want to offer them as a very special Christmas gift and I need your help! You can contribute by making an online donation or support in any other way. Read the website for more info! Only 2 more weeks to go… Thank you :-) 

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