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With the worst flooding in over 120 years thegovernment of the Federation of Bosnia-Herzegovina has declared a state of natural disaster. 

Please see In Memory of Vucko for more details.

Overflowing rivers have burst into towns and villages, cutting off whole communities, landslides have buried houses. Whole suburbs of Sarajevo and other towns have been submerged. Army helicopters have been sent to evacuate thousands of stranded residents.

Bodies of dogs and cats are being found, and dogs have been found left chained up outside homes that have been evacuated… remember there are well over 10,000 strays in the city of Sarajevo alone…

Animal rescuers all over the country need our support in their rescue efforts – very few have cars, and fewer still have cars that can handle these kind of weather conditions but they are doing their best, working around the clock to search all areas that are worst hit.

They need help to buy food, petrol, hire vehicles, give medical care both immediate and in the ensuing consequences of such a disaster even when the flooding ceases: outbreaks of canine parvovirus, distemper and other diseases. 

AWAB, Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia Herzegovina will be sharing all collected funds with several groups and animal welfare advocates within Bih including Sapa Zenica, Andjeo Sarajevo, Marianne's Dog Food Bank, Angel's Breath as well as independent rescuers and Journalists for Animals. Funds will also be needed to help document the situation for animals - how are the dogs in the notorious public shelters? We fear the worst.

AWAB Facebook page and group:

For more about the situation for dogs and cats in Bosnia Herzegovina:

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 6, 2014 by AWAB - Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia Herzegovina

Parts of Bosnia have been hit by floods again. As with the May floods, there will be a huge fallout of abandoned, stranded and stray animals again. We should keep an eye on this situation as it unfolds. This is a video taken in Travnik about an hour or so from Sarajevo

Posted on July 28, 2014 by AWAB - Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia Herzegovina

There is a new post on In Memory of Vucko, an update on three of the cats rescued during the floods: 

Flood Rescues from Bosnia

Thank you !

Posted on June 30, 2014 by AWAB - Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia Herzegovina

We have been monitoring as many dogs and cats rescued from the floods as possible, and ensuring funds are distributed where needed. Three cats were rescued from Samac, one pregnant, the other thought to be pregnant but was in fact ill and had to have her uterus taken out. She's not doing so well but is in the best of hands. The cost of her vet care and foster home has been covered by this fundraiser. The kittens are thriving and we will ensure they are cared for and that mother and kittens are sterilised when possible.

Many of the rescued dogs from Samac area were housed in temporary shelter in Odzak by Zlatko Lemut, who was able to locate the original owners of many dogs and reunite them. However there are still 11 dogs at the shelter, and two litters of puppies.  Zlatko has started making kennels in his own garden as he has a deadline to leave the temporary shelter in one month. He is now missing financial support to finish those boxes and move the dogs at his own place if he doesn't adopt them in this short time period, and funds from this fundraiser will go to assist his work. 

Posted on May 30, 2014 by AWAB - Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia Herzegovina

Apologies for the broken link in the last update. Here is the correct one:

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS in the latest In Memory of Vucko post:


Work still continues to assist the animals affected by the flooding.

Watch the video

Please also see this interview of Dalida Kozlic lawyer animal rescuer - who your donations have helped in her efforts to assist in this crises situation. Thank you, please keep sharing the news and this fundraiser, it is much appreciated and much needed.

Posted on May 26, 2014 by AWAB - Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia Herzegovina

NEW PHOTOGRAPHS AND VIDEO in the latest In Memory of Vucko post:


3 rescuers from Mariannes Dog Food Bank (Ivana Tomic, Amila Citakovic) & Angels Rest cat rescue (Dutch Lansky Schultz Mayer) organized help for animals in Bosanski Samac over the weekend - as this was one of the cities hit by floods in the worst possible way and completely destroyed. 

They called all Bosnia Herzegovina rescuers to come and help and their trip started early Saturday morning.

They bought 170 kg of dog and cat food, medication, disinfection supplies and many other supplies for dogs. In Orasje  100 kg of food was given for flooded villages in Orasje area (Kopanice & Vidovice). Rescuers from Sarajevo joined - Caki Bravo, Arijana Ari & Jelena Paunovic. They travelled to Bosanski Samac. During the weekend they covered most of Bosanski Samac and nearby village of Tisina. 4 volunteers from Sapa Zenica and 2 volunteers from Kerber Banja Luka arrived on Sunday. 


Rescued dogs were placed In cooperation with Zlatko Lemut from Odzak, in his temporary shelter in Svilaj, near Odzak.

There are at the moment 15 dogs and 8 little puppies at tnis evacuation centre. Zlatko is expecting more dogs to arrive. Some of the dogs at the centre are owners dogs who managed to escape from water to safety. Everyone will do their best to spread the pictures with the exact place where the dogs were found so they can be returned to their owners after the water withdraws (there is no microchip data base in Bosnia). Other dogs that had no owner and who also managed to escape the flood and possible killing by hunters (because of the disease that they will allegedly be spreading) are also safely at the centre and they will be needing urgent foster homes or if possible and the best - adoptions.

On Sunday, the vet came to Bosanski Samac to treat dogs in the field and in Zlatko Lemut's temporary shelter in Odzak. 




Posted on May 25, 2014 by AWAB - Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia Herzegovina

Rescuers from MDFB and other groups have been working in severely affected areas in Samac. The MDFB rescue team stayed overnight in Odzak, along with Journalists for Animals, Angel's Breath, Arijana Ari and other rescuers. They have rescued 3 pregnant cats, a mother dog and 8 puppies, a mother with 11 puppies, 1 lone two month old puppy they have called 'Rainy' and 4 kittens saved from Orasje. They have helped feed a lot of dogs trapped in houses on the second floor. Private citizens have given them rides in boats to get around - fortunately many of them come to their house every day to feed their pets. More volunteers are arriving and a vet is going there as soon as possible to help with first aid for animal victims. 

So far no international animal welfare organisations have come in to assist with the rescue of strays and owned dogs and cats. 

The rescued animals will need funds to keep them safe until they can be homed, and long term homes needed!

If you are on Facebook and think you can offer a home, please visit MDFB, Angel's Breath and AWAB more details and photographs.

Please keep sharing the fundraiser, and thank you so much for your support!

Posted on May 23, 2014 by AWAB - Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia Herzegovina

We have a full update on our In Memory of Vucko blog:

CRISES IN BOSNIA CONTINUES…. dogs and cats abandoned and stranded!

Posted on May 22, 2014 by AWAB - Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia Herzegovina
We have once again upped our goal. Funds are needed to hire cars and even boats to get to some of the areas. Reports from Orasje / Samac area are dire, with many stranded animals in what are now not only flooded but restricted areas. Volunteers have managed to get accreditation from the local crises center and this weekend will go and rescue as many dogs and cats as possible. 

Posted on May 22, 2014 by AWAB - Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia Herzegovina

Today some of the rescuers we work with were at Bosanski Šamac, north east BiH and have told us that the situation is catastrophic, dogs that were left behind when people were evacuated are in streets and are starving and there is nobody there to help them. There was an announcement that the all such dogs will be shot in Bosanski Šamac, there are many dead animals floating in water, nobody is removing the bodies, the stench is unbearable. Movement is only possible with police escort and it's not allowed to stay longer there than necessary. Jelena Paunovic, journalist and animal advocate says: "if there is hell then it must look like Samac."

Please keep sharing our fundraiser: much of the funds in it have already been distributed to MDFB, Andjeo Sarajevo, Sapa Zenica and other rescuers and today 1000 Kgs of dog food was bought for distribution to dogs and cats - 500 Kgs to Sapa Zenica and 500 Kgs for Andjeo Sarajevo to distribute to towns and villages affected

There is GREAT concern about outbreaks of disease in the coming days and months with so many dead animals....we need to keep fundraising to help buy vaccines and medication for this likely potential. 

Posted on May 21, 2014 by AWAB - Animal Welfare Advocates for Bosnia Herzegovina

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