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The Story

* The First Online Platform to Serve Migrant Women 屬於時代女工的網站
Although there are already a dizzying array of media outlets, most target the middle class, very few are intended for grassroots women and address the issues they face, and none are based online. 

To fill this gap, Jie Mei Web will be the first online site in China that truly serves migrant women with information on gender equality, labor rights, lifestyles and life management, as these are information as relevant and indispensible to them.

* Migrant Women to Hold Up Half The Sky and More 女工撐起半邊天
They are the backbone of China's economy. Despite the harsh conditions they are facing, many of them still try to seek empowerment and solidarity in every possible way.

Jie Mei Web will be a place where they can plant the seeds of empowerment and solidarity and make them grow. From sharing tips of job interviews or best buys in the area, or how to intervene sexual harassment in the workplace, to giving a 'Like' to each other's online talent show, Jie Mei Web is migrant women's foundation of social innovation.

* Tax Deduction Applicable to Hong Kong Only 
Please kindly leave us your contact email if you wish to receive the official receipt. Donations are acceptable in US dollars only.

* Expression of Gratitude, From Migrant Women to You 感謝您的支持
To express our gratitude for your support, we have selected a series of crafty handmade gifts by very talented migrant women, each with a personal thank you note. To receive these gifts, simply leave us your mailing address when making a donation. Please rest assured that all the gifts are paid by Han Yan Yuen and Jue Sun out of their own pockets and not from yours. They are limited so waste no time!   

  • Pledge USD 50 or more
you will receive a handmade zip pouch with a playful pattern, designed and handmade by Caixia, a migrant worker from Beijing.「彩霞零錢袋」 estimated delivery: the end of January 2014.

  • Pledge USD 100 or more
you will receive a pair of knitted slippers by Tian Yu. The girl who once made the headlines by her tragic experience at Foxconn has now rebuilt her life with her own hands.「田玉手織拖鞋」estimated delivery: the end of January 2014. 

  • Pledge USD 200 or more
you will receive a cool card case and an envelope-like laptop case created by talented migrant women in Beijing to keep your high-tech pal warm and cosy in chilly wintery temperature.「同心女工手工名片夾+電腦包」estimated delivery: the end of January 2014. 

  • Pledge USD 500 or more
you will receive a trendy set of gifts which include a zip pouch, a card case, a laptop case, and a modern-looking shopper bag made from recycled jeans, invented by Tong Xin female workers in Beijing.「同心女工手工布包系列」 estimated delivery: the end of January 2014.

  • Pledge USD 1000 or more
you will receive a large set of gifts which include 1) 3 CDs which contain the greatest hits of the famous workers' rock band Xin Gong Ren Yi Shu Tuan who have completely transformed the arts scene by adding their own soundtrack; 2) the collection of a handmade pouch, a card case, and laptop case.「新工人藝術團原創金曲CD+同心女工手工布包系列」estimated delivery: the end of January 2014.

* Who Are We? 關於半邊天公益

Half The Sky Public Education is a collective committed to empowering women, especially vulnerable women, in China.

Through innovative uses of the media, technology and other platforms for public education, we try to provide the most vulnerable populations with information and knowledge to prevent situations of exploitation, such as domestic abuse, sexual violence and labour rights violations.

We also work to change public perceptions and attitudes towards women.

Partnering with international bodies, government departments, media organizations, non-profit organizations and private companies, we launch strategic multi-platform media campaigns to maximize our reach and results.

We are an official partner of UNWomen.

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