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The Story

Amelie is an approxiamtely one year old pit bull puppy who ended up at the local public shelter after being discovered tied up to a bench in a nearby park, unable to move and crying in pain.

The shelter staff knew she needed immediate medical care that could not be provided at their facility and reached out to us for help. We picked up Amelie as quickly as we could and rushed her to our emergency vet where she was stabilized as much as possible and an initial diagnosis was made. The doctors suspect that a vertebrae in her neck has been severely fractured, causing her immense pain and loss of most of her motor skills. Though she is able to move her eyes, ears, mouth, tongue and tail, her legs are completely immobile. She cannot stand, sit, walk or even move her legs at all. Despite being in constant, she still wags her tail when people show her affection and readily gives kisses to those who come within reach.

Amelie will have a CT scan to determine the exact cause of her paralysis and once a final diagnosis is made, she will likely have surgery to repair the damage. This will, hopefully, allow her to walk again and live a normal life. She will have a long road to recovery following this surgery, including physical therapy, water therapy and slow, adjustments to lots of new surroundings and experiences. All of these expenses will add up very quickly.

Please help us by donating today towards Amelie's care. We'd love to see her up and walking again, and going up to her friends to give them kisses rather than her friends having to go to her.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 28, 2013

Posted on October 28, 2013

AMELIE UPDATE! Here's the news everyone has been waiting for: Amelie is doing amazingly well! She was discharged from the hospital at the end of last week, without having had surgery. She had shown so much improvement that her doctors decided that it would be best to continue to let her heal on her own. She now has mobility in all four limbs, and strength enough in her back legs to actually let them bear weight. Her front legs are still weak, but she can move them! The best part is: her doctors loved her so much, and wanted to continue to be involved in her follow up care, that they all arranged a plan amongst themselves to foster her! During the daytime, she's at the hospital with them, hanging out and getting lots of attention. And she spends her nights at home with one of her doctors. It's the best situation we could have hoped for! Thank you all for your incredible support, and we will continue to keep you updated about her progress! You can still donate towards her care and rehabilitation here!

Posted on October 20, 2013

Posted on October 20, 2013

Yesterday, we got the opportunity to visit Amelie in the hospital. She is doing amazingly well there and the doctors are taking the utmost care with her. They have seen slight improvement in her mobility over the past couple of days, and have therefore decided to continue monitoring her progress before committing to surgery, which is inherently risky.

During our visit, we noticed Amelie begin to get antsy at one point as she had to relieve herself, and didn't want to do so on her bed. In an effort to get herself to a better place, she actually moved both of her back legs on her own! It was an exciting moment, though small. She was not able to move herself to a different position, but she definitely has begun to regain some control.

The doctors have her in an upper body neck splint to hold her neck stable and prevent further injury to the cervical vertebra. You can see that in our photo gallery here and on Facebook.

But for the time being, Amelie is in great spirits! She took lots of treats, including some pieces of a buttered bagel and gave out lots of kisses and all of her doctors have nothing but wonderful things to say about her.

Please share our fundraiser on your social networks so that we can continue to provide Amelie with the great care that she so deserves. Thank you!

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