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The Story

105 brave men and women jumped into their cars-gear in hand to respond willingly to a rescue needed at Ellisons Cave in Walker County Georgia. Little did they know this was going to be the rescue of the year. Dwight Kempf 54 of Orefield. Pa. was an experienced caver and was doing a crossover from Incredible Pit to Fantastic when he slipped and fell approx. 30ft into a pit. With a broken femur and fractured skull almost 24 hrs later these 105 people along with his caving buddies all became his angels and saved his life. In Lieu of sending flowers the family would like to send donations to the local cave rescues. Please reach into your pocket to help raise money for instruction and equipement so these angels can continue what they do best!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 7, 2013 by Susie Sanders Chiriano,Dutch Sanders & The Kempf Family
Jill and Dwight are happily home safe and sound- Tomorrow Dwight starts pt in his home state. Reunion today with his Ellisons Cave Buddies since the accident. Prayers Do work! Thank you Angels!!!!

Posted on July 6, 2013 by Susie Sanders Chiriano,Dutch Sanders & The Kempf Family
Dwight & Jill are home! Blessings all around. Now lets pray for a speedy recovery for Dwight. Thank you again for all your love and support!

Posted on July 4, 2013 by Susie Sanders Chiriano,Dutch Sanders & The Kempf Family
DWIGHT & JILL are heading home! Flight is scheduled! :) WHAT A BLESSING. I had a request to keep this open a bit longer so I added two days. To all our thoughtful, wonderful donators please post this one more time to your facebook and Twitter for all those last minute donations in Dwights name for his rescuers. Thanks so much for your thoughts and prayers for our Dwight!

Posted on June 27, 2013 by Susie Sanders Chiriano,Dutch Sanders & The Kempf Family
As Per Jill: Dwight continues to make progress. He is so much more "Dwight" every day. He is chattier and more social. He is fully oriented, and thinking ahead, looking forward to discharge and transitioning back into his own life. I will make flight reservations for the 5th, and we will get to sleep at home for the first time since May; and get to see our DOG! Dwight will need outpatient therapy to get him back to where we can get him back on his feet and back to hiking/climbing/caving; but we can do that at home! Time and the experts at Shepherd are doing their magic!

Posted on June 25, 2013 by Susie Sanders Chiriano,Dutch Sanders & The Kempf Family
Dwight will be heading home soon- We have extended this fundraiser for those of you who voiced an interest in giving but have not gotten a chance to as of yet. Below is an article written by Caving News that I wish to share:

Fundraiser for Ellison’s Cave Rescuers Surpasses Goal

Caver Dwight Kempf who was injured after a fall in Georgia’s Ellison’s Cave. Photo via YouCaring.com

With 9 days left to spare, the fundraising campaign to benefit the Ellison’s Cave rescuers has reached, and now surpassed its goal of $5,000.

Started by friends and family of the now recovering Dwight Kempf, the caver who was pulled from Ellison’s Cave on May 27th, the campaign aimed to raise money to go toward equipment and training for rescuers to ensure that anyone else who requires their assistance, will get it.

Over 100 men and women responded to the call on Sunday, May 26th, after Kempf, 54 of Orefield, Pennsylvania, slipped and fell about 9 meters (30 feet) into a pit during a trip in Georgia’s Ellison’s Cave.

Known for its vertical pitches, Ellison’s Cave is home to the 179 meter (586 foot) deep Fantastic and 134 meter (440 foot) deep Incredible, the deepest pits in the United States.

With a broken left femur and fractured skull, it took crews 22 hours to first stabilize, including giving him an in-cave blood transfusion, and, using a number of techniques, haul him to the surface from a depth of more than 240 meters (800 feet) below the ground.

In critical condition, Kempf was then immediately flown to by Life Force helicopter to Erlanger Medical Center in Chattanooga.

Now in rehab in Atlanta, Dwight continues to make progress on the road to recovery.

"As for Dwight: he continues to improve; working hard with PT on being able to get around until he is allowed to begin to put weight on the leg and get back to outdoor activities; and is making steady gains in recovery from the head injury. He still has some periods of confusion; but is largely aware of what happened, has good long term memory, and is becoming increasingly conversational with family and staff." Jill Kempf, Dwight Kempf’s Wife

Attributing the ease of reaching their goal on the immense gratitude to the rescuers for saving Dwight, and the desire to give back to them and acknowledge their unselfishness, organizers are now hoping to far exceed the original goal.

"I think when [folks] see our men on a trip or at an event, they see all the good things about caving: camaraderie, skills, willingness to work hard, thoroughness in preparation and clean up…and so on. Jill Kempf, Dwight Kempf’s Wife"

Posted on June 23, 2013 by Susie Sanders Chiriano,Dutch Sanders & The Kempf Family
As per Jill:
Had a great day today! Dwight was so much more himself today than he has been yet! Much chattier and an active participant in conversations today. He told his cog. therapist all about caving and such; as well as other activities; and Tim White, a local caver and a participant in his rescue visited and they talked a lot about caving.

Posted on June 20, 2013 by Susie Sanders Chiriano,Dutch Sanders & The Kempf Family
As per Jill- "Dwight continues to make progress. He used the walker and came all the way back from the PT gym, which is a pretty good distance. He has a padded boot for his left foot (the impact that shattered the femur also deeply bruised the bottom of the foot, and the bruises are surfacing, so we are being careful to protect the tissue)" " We both appreciate the cards/emails! Your support is overwhelming!

Posted on June 17, 2013 by Susie Sanders Chiriano,Dutch Sanders & The Kempf Family
As per Jill Kempf Monday June 17th:
"Things are moving along nicely here. We enjoyed (beyond words) Caitlin and Ally's visit! Dwight has been enjoying the baked goods they brought, too! We continue to work on strength/mobility/endurance and regaining cognitive skills and memory (shorter term stuff). Tentative discharge is July 5th; not sure of what mode of transportation we will use--sometimes after a head injury, air travel is discouraged for a while, so we will see what the neurologist thinks a little closer to crunch time. Maybe fly, maybe train, maybe drive... It will fall into place, I have no worries there. His appetite seems to be picking up, which is a good thing. Everyone here is positive, helpful, and respectful. We're in the right place."

Posted on June 15, 2013 by Susie Sanders Chiriano,Dutch Sanders & The Kempf Family
As most of you know Dwight is in a rehab in Atlanta. Each day is a step in the right direction. His PT's are happy with his progress :) Jill says that he is getting use to the routine and doing better. She remains his rock and an inspiration to all of us!-He is on the road to recovery! We all miss both of them and continue to pray that each day brings them closer to being home. He has many Angels on his side :)  Please share the link daily to assure as much exposure as possible in hopes to reach our goal and possibly exceed. WE CAN DO THIS!!!

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