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The Story

Meet Blue – discarded like trash because he got into the trash – Now he is in critical condition, hospitalized and struggling to recuperate after surgery to save his life. NAR has taken on the financial responsibility of Blue’s hospital stay – please help us help Blue get the loving care he deserves!

Blue is a handsome and playful Siamese kitten. But sometimes, being playful means mischievous, and sometimes mischievous means trouble. Just the other day, Blue was exercising his curiosity when he got into the trash can, and inadvertently ingested some non-food material, which lodged in his gastrointestinal tract. Unlucky for Blue, his owners waited for 4 days before surrendering him to ACCT – 4 days of vomiting and difficulty eating or drinking, leaving him severely dehydrated – because they couldn’t afford vet care even when they knew he had something seriously wrong with him.

Normally, ACCT would humanely euthanize an animal surrendered in such grave condition. Fortunately for Blue, however, some St. Patrick’s Day luck was still in the air - an ACCT veterinarian (and waitstaff to “Meezers” herself) fell in love with him and put in motion the steps to save Blue’s life. It was determined that Blue had swallowed thread, and some of the thread was caught around the base of his tongue. Swallowed thread can NEVER be safely removed just by pulling backwards on it; Blue needed exploratory surgery to remove the thread from his intestines. The plan was for ACCT to transfer guardianship of Blue to NAR, then for NAR to arrange for Blue’s surgery and aftercare. It was quickly determined that Blue was critical and time wasn’t on his side; the ACCT veterinarian performed the 4-hour long exploratory surgery (with consult from a VSEC surgeon) while we at NAR arranged for his transfer and transport into emergency care at VSEC in Levittown.

Five enterotomies (surgical incisions into the intestine) later, a remarkable length of thread was removed from Blue’s intestines, a perforation in the intestine (caused by the thread) was repaired, and the last piece of thread was removed from around Blue’s tongue. Immediately after surgery, as soon as Blue was stable for transport, a NAR volunteer drove Blue to VSEC, where he was immediately hospitalized, placed on warming blankets, IV fluids, and medication to keep him comfortable following such major surgery.

Blue could use all of the healing thoughts and prayers you can muster to promote his healing, and to help him avoid complications such as an opening of an incision followed by sepsis. NAR needs your donations to ensure that Blue is able to receive the care he needs to recover. Blue is a good boy who got into a bad situation – he doesn’t deserve to be thrown away like garbage, just because he chose to play in it one day. Blue is still in critical condition, but we are hopeful for his recovery! Won’t you help NAR help Blue get that chance?

About NAR

Northeast Animal Rescue is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization located in Northeast Philadelphia. Started in 2000, NAR has helped over 1,000 cats find new homes. We are dedicated to saving homeless, unwanted and abandoned cats. We depend solely on donations, which are tax deductible. Our goal is to place all cats in stable, loving homes where they will be cared for and never be abandoned, abused or neglected.

NAR focuses on having feral (wild) cats spayed and/or neutered to decrease overpopulation. In the process of helping feral cats, we come across many who are friendly. These cats receive medical attention with the help of local veterinarians, and when ready, are put up for adoption. All our cats are cared for in foster homes. As a general policy, we do not take owner-surrendered cats.  

All donations are tax-deductible: #20-0027010

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 30, 2013

Posted on March 30, 2013

It is with heavy heart that we bring you the news of Blue's passing at 4:45 Friday morning. 

His condition was very grave, even more so than after his visit with his foster mom last night.  Blue was moved from the Isolation ward into a spec...ial isolation incubator in the ICU ward so that he would have company and the nurses could keep a very close eye on him.

When we received the call from his doctors at 4:35 Friday morning, Blue was agonal - a very specific breathing pattern that indicated he was close to crossing the Rainbow Bridge.  We made the most selfless decision anyone could, by taking his struggle and pain and making it our own; with tears in everyone's eyes we helped him on his journey to the Bridge.

Having had an uphill battle to fight from the beginning, the addition of the panleukopenia virus to Blue's fight was ultimately too much for him.  A virus that is so easily preventable through proper vaccination as a kitten, which we are unsure if Blue ever had his proper vaccinations when he was little.  However, this is not the time for that soapbox.

This is the time to remember the valiant spirit that is Blue, and say a little prayer for his safe passage to the Bridge.  Also, please send your love to Blue's foster family, as they grieve heavily for this gentle boy they may have only met last week, but love as if he was with them his whole life.

Thank you for all of your support during Blue's fight; we ask that you continue your support during the mourning and healing process.

Sweet baby Blue, have a safe journey

Posted on March 28, 2013

Posted on March 28, 2013

Blue is back at VSEC. He has been nauseous, drooling and having bloody diarrhea today (was expected). To be safe, we are admitting for supportive care and an ultrasound tomorrow to make sure he is OK. NAR will keep everyone posted. Please say a prayer.

Posted on March 22, 2013

Posted on March 22, 2013

Blue is making leaps and bounds! He has been moved out of ICU and is off fluids but is still on anitbiotics. He will be staying at VSEC until at least Sunday. Thank you for your continued support!

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Blue needs your help: day-by-day

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