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This fundraiser has ended, but you can still donate to support our work! Go to:

*The video above is about our Get Free Program for queer and trans youth of color. We are raising funds for that program as well as our new Editor-In-Training program.

If we exceed our goal, that means we can do even more! Keep giving!!! All of your money goes to amplifying the voices of queer and trans people of color!

Black Girl Dangerous is a multi-faceted forum for the literary and artistic expression of queer and trans people of color. It was created in December of 2011 by award-winning writer and queer Black tomgirl nerd, Mia McKenzie. Since its inception, BGD has amplified the voices of over a hundred queer and trans writers of color writing about racism, queerness, gender, economic justice, disability justice and so much more, and reached an audience of over 4 million people from every populated continent on earth. BGD is the only website of its kind.

BGD is a grassroots, non-profit, reader-funded project. We are trying to raise $25,000 for two of our programs, the BGD Editor-In-Training Program and the Get Free Program for Queer and Trans Youth of Color.

Black Girl Dangerous Editor-In-Training Program

We need the voices of marginalized people in media. Now more than ever.

We can tell the stories of our communities with the insight and respect they deserve.

This mission of this FREE program is to educate more queer and trans people of color in writing and editing specifically for online independent media. Online indie media sites have specific needs with regard to writing and editing. This program will focus on gaining those specific skills.

Many of us who have the most to contribute to important conversations happening in indie media, including conversations on race, gender, queerness, economic injustice, disability justice, issues affecting youth, etc., have the least amount of access to the training, education and experience needed to be successful in contributing to and leading independent media movements. Continuing our commitment to amplifying the voices of queer and trans people of color from all walks of life, BGD will train queer and/or trans people of color in online media editing and writing over 6 months. Participants will learn the skills necessary to write well for the web while also learning to effectively edit the work of other writers, to contribute to and build quality platforms. Participants will have the opportunity to write and edit for BGD, and to carry those skills into their own future indie media projects.

BGD Get Free Program for Queer and Trans Youth of Color

This is an artistic, intellectual, emotional and practical project for queer and trans youth of color that focuses on the inner work it takes to Get Free in a world where, for us—people who experience oppression based on race and queerness or transness—just surviving is a feat. Through writing, dreaming, screaming, owning up, and facing who we are, who we have been, and who we might become, we aim to start an emotional r/evolution that will reverberate throughout our lives and our communities.

This FREE program includes workshops, creative projects, discussions, confessions and solutions re:

  • taking steps toward healing our own individual trauma so that we can come together in healthier ways
  • treating each other better, causing less harm, and being accountable to each other for the harm we do cause
  • speaking truth about, and pushing back against, racism, misogny, ableism, and various other forms of oppression withinQTPOC communities
  • and more.

We launched the Get Free Program in June of this year, with 12 youth from all over the country and the UK. It was a HUGE success and we are hoping to be able to do it again (and again)!

These programs can have a huge impact, not only in QTPoC communities but in the world. If you have $50, $25 or even $10 to contribute to help make these important programs happen, please GIVE!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 18, 2014

Posted on September 18, 2014

Huge, giant THANKS to everyone who has donated! We are very near our goal! If we exceed our goal, that means more money for QTPoC voices and helping our youth to heal! Please keep sharing and giving!!!

In solidarity,
The BGD Team

Posted on August 30, 2014

Posted on August 30, 2014

Thanks to everyone who has donated so far to our Editor-In-Training and Get Free programs! Your support makes our work possible!

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BGD Editor-In-Training Program & Get Free Program

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