Animal Orphans Animal Rescue Needs Your Help to Stay Open!

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Animal Orphans Animal Rescue Needs Your Help to Stay Open! (Animal Orphans Animal Rescue & Pet Sanctuary)
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The Story

The Animal Orphans Animal Rescue & Pet Sanctuary has fallen on hard times. We need immediate assistance to keep the rescue open.

We get very little in donations & I pay for nearly everything out of my own pocket. I got hurt at work last August & i don't know when I will be returning. I barely make enough to get by much less run the rescue. If something does not change immediately we will be forced to close the doors permanently & 15 years of my hard work will be for nothing.

Please help us keep this place open. These animals have nowhere to go.

The money will go to cover basic needs, like food, litter and utility bills. It will also cover spays, neuters, medications and vet visits. The money will also cover some basic upgrades to the rescue to make it a nicer place for the animals that call this home.

I can no longer do this alone. Please help me keep this place open!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 3, 2016

Posted on July 3, 2016

Here is where we stand: The rescue is in foreclosure again. We need $4250 to stop the foreclosure. We need $1000 for flea treatment. We need $1200 for the next round of shots . We are short on food donation. We have shut off notices on the electric and water. We need funds for spays and neuters. We need a new roof and alot of remodeling to repair the damage caused by the roof leaking. If the bank forecloses on the property, not only does the Rescue close but I lose my home as well.

The Reality: Help Is Not Coming.

For 2 years, I have begged for help. From friends, from family, from businesses, from rescues, from strangers, from TV shows, from organizations, from celebrities with minimal response. 80% of my "friends" will not even share my posts. We have received help from a handful of loving, caring people, but it is not fair to expect those few good people to carry us forever.

I have not heard back from 84 Lumber yet as to whether or not we have received the grant to fix the roof; but what is the point of fixing a roof on building we are about to lose?

In order to save this Rescue, we would need to get about $5,000 in donations IMMEDIATELY! Then we would need to get the grant for the roof. Then we would need about $10,000 in donations in the next 30 days just to get caught up. After that, we would need $2,000 in donations each month to maintain.

Sadly, no one seems to care. I spent 15 years paying to run this rescue, out of pocket to the sum of $35,000 a year. All the while listening to people bringing me litter after litter of kittens, saying the couldn't afford to get their cat fixed but perfectly okay with me footing the bill. Now I ask for help & you can hear a pin drop. I have done all I can do on my own. I can't do any more right now and I have no control over that until I heal enough to go back to work. I thought I could hold on till then, I was wrong. So as it sands, we are shutting down. We need too many miracles & our pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

I do want to thank the handful of people who donated & supported us along the way. This is not your fault. Just like me, you did all you could do. But all our efforts combined just were not enough. The fact that you cared enough to help will always mean the world to me.

Posted on January 27, 2016

Posted on January 27, 2016

I cannot even put into words how grateful I am for everyone's support. It brings tears to my eyes every time I think about how many people chipped in to help these animals keep their home. I cannot thank everyone enough.

But we are not out of the woods yet. We need funds for spays and neuters, food, litter, medication, cleaning supplies, moist food, utilities, & of course, the mortgage.

I go in on Feb 11th for my surgery to correct the injury I suffered at work back in August. Then I will have to recover before returning to work. The company is fighting me tooth & nail, as most companies do. I'm doing my best to make ends meet & support this Rescue but I can no longer do this by myself.

No one would expect one person to solely support any other animal rescue & the reality is, after 15 years, this Rescue has grown to proportions too large for me to fund by myself.

So please find it in your hearts to donate to this 100% No-Kill, Non- Profit rescue or Share our fundraiser daily if you can't afford to donate. Help us by making a poster & hang it in the lobby of your apartment building or the break room at work. It doesn't take alot of effort to help our cause immensely! The animals will be so grateful that you took the time to show you care!

Posted on January 27, 2016

Posted on January 27, 2016

Today, Animal Orphans Animal Rescue & Pet Sanctuary received a surprise visit from a Humane Officer. Someone had called in and reported that we were fraudulently raising money for a non-profit that doesn't exist & there are no animals. So he walked into the rescue & a dozen of our cats ran over to greet him immediately. Everything is good. We are a 501c3. There are animals & they are healthy & well cared for & the money raised on gofundme & youcaring.comwent to pay the mortgage in order to keep us from foreclosing, just as advertised. I hope this make everyone feel better.

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Animal Orphans Animal Rescue Needs Your Help to Stay Open!

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