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The Story


While many looked forward to trick-or-treating and costume parties on Halloween night, earlier that day, Mike, a 4 year old Border Collie lay cold and starving to death tied to a box next to his 10 year old Bordie Collie mother, Molly.

Mike and Molly's Good Samaritans noticed from a distance after frequenting the area on their regular travels a stark decline in movement of especially one - unbeknownst at that time being Mike.  Mike was no longer leaving his box as cars passed.  As the days passed and with temperatures declining adding a sharp nip in the air, their concern grew quickly for the animals at this location.  Thankfully they followed their intuititon and contacted Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals for help who in turn advised immediate contact with Jefferson County's voluntary Humane Society Police Officer Debbie McAndrew.  Mike and Molly were immediately seized by Officer McAndrew and brought directly to the Animal Hospital of Punxsutawney to be evaluated by attending Veterinarian Dr. Emily Rapp.  Shortly thereafter, Mike and Molly were owner surrendered to Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals.

At the time of Mike's removal under the authority of Officer McAndrew, Mike weighted a mere 18 pounds - somehow timidly, meekly and desperately - still wagging his tail at the sight of a human.  Mike had the will to stand but only had the energy to take a step or two.  The average weight of a male Border Collie is between 40 - 60 pounds.  Mike's progession of complete emaciation was - and currently remains - comparable to that of a deceased animal.  Mike is a walking carcass.  Indeed it is a miracle that Mike survived.

Molly is slightly thin, about 10 pounds underweight.  She has begun to lose fur.  Molly has lost the majority of her teeth, while others are stained from the metal chain and others yet are broken off due to grawing at the chain she was tied to for who knows how long.  Neurotic chewing and gnawing of her chain to free herself. Neurotic chewing and gnawing with no hope for even a little freedom - ever.  Molly was next in line - against her will and considered expendable - just like Mike.

Mike and Molly's prognosis seems bright.  They are in loving hands with
many, many people who care about what happens to them. 

We are hopeful that Mike will make a full recovery from the neglect and cruel actions that were imposed harshly upon him for no apparent reason.  We are hopeful that Molly will learn to respect herself again as she will never again live at the end of a chain. 

With diligence, all things can be overcome. 

Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals has created this fundraiser in the name of
"A Miracle for Mike" not only to help with costs regarding Mike and Molly but to also continue to expand to create an environment at the Sanctuary for animals in need in Jefferson County, Pennsylvania.  One may donate via our Facebook page of Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals, Inc. or via mail to P.O. Box 32, Coolspring, PA  15730.  We can be contacted at 814 849 7466.  Jefferson County Humane Control Officer Debbie McAndrew working under Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals can be contacted at 814 375 1812.

Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals will schedule an anti-cruelty demonstration to be held in Brookville, Pennsylvania soon upcoming.  Date and details will soon follow.

Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals appreciates your donation on behalf of Mike and Molly and on behalf of preventing cruelty to animals.  We are dependent upon community donations and will continue our mission to be pro-active in speaking for the voiceless as well as providing a loving and nuturing home environment for every animal that reaches our door. 

Our plea to you is this.  If you are having difficulty caring for your animals, please contact Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals or Officer McAndrew at the numbers provided above.  We are here to help.  We are here to make sure "things" do not spiral out of control as this situation did.  No animal has to suffer and no human has to pay fines and suffer the social consequences that will surely arise - how can they not?  However, this is not the goal.  The goal is to live in harmony - to help and respect each species for what they are - to do the right thing when no one's looking.  Please contact us if you think you're headed for trouble.  Please contact us if you think your neighbor is headed for trouble.  We can and we will help - but when it's too late, it's too late. 

Please take care of your animals. 

Thank you for helping - and thank you for caring about the animals.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 5, 2013

Posted on December 5, 2013

Update on Thursday, December 5, 2013:

Good morning to all!  Thank you for reading and remaining interested in Mike and Molly's progress.

Today is a great day!  Mike is finally comfortable enough to take up residency on his little purple mat that he's grown to love.  Our hearts are so warm that he trusts us enough to actually doze off just a little while watching the kittens scamper here and there. 

As you can see by the full body picture, Mike is looking so much better even from the previous.  Mike needs not a leash when outside - this is profound in itself that someone couldn't learn this after 4 long years - or more than likely they cared not to learn.  This greatly saddens us.  Mike is still having his fair share of accidents in the house, but it's okay.  We try hard to catch him in the act and scurry him outdoors to try to build the connection between what he's doing and the outdoors.  We do not have any doubt that he will catch on soon - he's brilliant, looks you straight in the eye while turning his head to "communicate" when we speak.  The broken record has to say we can't figure out WHY Mike's story is what it is.  We will just never know.

Molly is making progress in her comfort zone quite a bit slower than Mike, insofar that she is completely consumed with the kittens.  This isn't negative; she's just cannot relax in the house as you see Mike pictured.  Although accepting, Molly has a much lower tolerance of the other dogs she resides with.  We have to be careful since she is protective over most things and can change quickly in demeanor.  We'll be careful when trying to figure out Molly's puzzle.  She is beautiful, brilliant - and needs not a leash when outdoors.  Why she had to lose her teeth gnawing at a chain we'll never figure out.  That situation is completely unnecessary.  Molly's bathroom habits are impeccable - we can't remember when Molly's last accident occured.  Now that's progress !

I will hope to post a video or two later today.  This depends upon whether or not time allows before dark.  I promise to get a least a short clip soon.  We want you to enjoy Mike and Molly as much as we are, if only through a video clip at this time.

We hope that each of you will consider attending the December 14, 2013 anti-cruetly demonstration in Brookville, Pennsylvania.  It's main purpose is to stand against animal cruelty as well having dual optimism where many can have the opportunity to meet Mike, Molly, Patrick - and quite possibly Angel.  You might be wondering who the others are.  If so, we invite you to learn their stories further down the line on our Facebook page - Angel going back as far as 2012 during the Thanksgiving timeframe.

Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals thanks you for staying updated regarding the animals.  They - as we most certainly do - rely on and appreciate your support.

Thank you for reading and for sharing. 

Have a beautiful day.

All of Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals

Posted on November 30, 2013

Posted on November 30, 2013

Hello to all from Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals.  We hope everyone had a peaceful Thanksgiving and are looking forward to a nice remainder of this weekend.

This update on Mike and Molly is delivered with happy hearts and optimism for the future regarding this dynamic duo.

We'll start with Molly since she is the easier to describe.  Molly is an all-around good little gal.  Since the last update, Molly has grown so comfortable around the house, taking a keen liking to the three little kittens - Uma, Chibi and Phoebe.  Molly has all but housetrained herself.  With regular outings, she has not yet had an accident in the house.  She is a pleasure to take outside as she doesn't need a leash.  Today she spent the day with Tommie.  Whenever he went outside, Molly was close at his side.  When Tommie went inside - you guessed it - Molly was close at his side.  It's amazing that Molly spent such a long time confined to the limits of a chain when she doesn't need one at all.  In fact, it had to be more difficult leaving her on a chain than bringing her indoors.  We weill never know what type of person does things of this nature.  Molly is happy to stay where she lives.  Period.  We have learned that Molly likes to eat in privacy.  She shouldn't try to be taught differently regarding this habit.  Instead, we will make sure she is comfortable and private when she eats.  This is not a problem and is such an easy task to accomplish.  We have not acquired a recent weight on Molly but can say that she is holding her own with a slow but steady increase.  The fur along her spine continues to be thin.  We imagine over time and with a healthy diet, the fur will grow back.  Molly has completely recovered from her spay procedure and was an all-star patient at that.  Molly is likes cats, dogs and amazingly, people.  We don't know how this is possible, but it is.  The weather interfered with an appointment for Molly regarding her teeth.  Come Monday morning, I'll pick up the ball and run again to make an appointment to see if anything can be done regarding teeth that need medical attention, if any.  We can say somewhere along the line Molly had caring attention from the way her behaviors are now.  We will never know what happened on the timeline of her life to have things go awry.  Quite frankly we don't care.  We're just happy that all roads lead to a great life for her now.

Mike is a whole different story.  It is clear that Mike has had little to no socialization.  He becomes overwhelmed at the touch of a hand, not knowing where to run to first he's so happy.  No matter which name is called, Mike will come running for the attention.  Of course, we are always quick to reciprocate, never turning him away or using a harsh tone.  Mike is extremely sensitive and somewhat scared of Tommie - more than likely being a "man issue" - but he doesn't cease to be absolutely overly excited at the very sight of me.   I don't know what I did to be so lucky to have this innocent little creature wait around for me.  I'm not going to try to figure it out either - I'll just absorb every minute of the feeling since nothing on earth can come close to the feeling of seeing his little face and tail wagging in anticipation of being acknowledged.  Regarding weight and like Molly, he is a slow and steady increase.  Today we can no longer overlap our hands around his waistline.  Instead it is a complete circle, from one finger to the other.  This is great news for Mike.  We are so happy he is making the progress that he is.  His bowel movements will be a new subject to open with Dr. Rapp as he seems to have trouble when deficating - something that wasn't present before.  Mike is obsessed with the kittens, and we would never trust him alone with them right now.  We are almost certain he has never seen such a creature.  Despite our feeling on that, Mike is amazingly acccepting - just wondering - about what the three little balls of fur are.  Mike seems to like other dogs although it is too soon to let him run around as he's still fragile and without muscle tone.  This will come in time.  For now, the kittens are just great company for him. 

We are happy that we have the honor to care for Mike and Molly.  The future is bright for both.  We will march onward to learn the absolute most we can regarding both so we can strive to hopefully place them in a caring, loving, indoor family environment where they - and us - will never have to worry or be concerned about their well being until the end.

Please try to attend the anti-cruelty demonstration scheduled for Saturday, December 14, 2013 at 11 a.m. at the Brookville Courthouse in Brookville, Pennsylvania.  The animals - as well as Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals - need your support to strive for better rights, better enforceable laws and harsher penalties for animal abusers.  They need each and every one of us to speak for them.

We hope you have found this update exhilirating and optimistic.  Mike and Molly are the lucky ones.  Let's band together to help the less fortunate.

Thank you for reading - and thank you for caring about the animals.

Margo and Tommie

Posted on November 21, 2013

Posted on November 21, 2013

Mike and Molly have been in the care of Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals for near to three weeks.  They visited the Animal Hospital of Punxsutaweny for a follow up appointment, and we are pleased to report to you that Mike's weight is currently 21.2 pounds with an increase of 2.4 pounds from his initial weight of 18.8 pounds.  Mike's weight gain is evident in the fit of his toy breed collar - it appeared just a little snug today. 

When Mike first arrived, the circumfrence around the smallest part of his waist was 14" - currently it is 14.5".  The smallest part of Mike's hips from side to side when he first arrived was near to 5" - currently it is near to 5.2". 

Molly's weight is currently 34.0 pounds with an increase of 2.8 pounds from her initial weight of 31.2 pounds. 

Both weight gain reports are optimistic.

We are learning every day the mannerisms of Mike and Molly.  Molly is clearly more socialized than Mike.  Mike is scared, skittish and cringes at every movement and every turn.  When walking, his gait is clumsy and unsure, wrapping himself constantly in the leash without direction and swaying aimlessly side to side into our ankles.  We have taught ourselves to walk very slow with Mike so we don't hurt him by tripping over him.  We are disgusted and ashamed that Mike's mannerisms wreak of mistreatment in his past life.  As time passes, our opinion is that more went on than the absence of food. We are simply disgusted with Mike's situation, especially knowing Mike is the only one that knows the full story - Mike and his abuser, that is.   We try hard not to think about that, but we are human.  How can we not?  We love Mike unconditionally and hope that he will soon be at ease and understand he is out of harms way.  We think this will take a very long time.

Moving forward: 

Under the direction of Dr. Rapp, Mike was initially being fed 1/2 cup of food every two hours - now he is up to 3/4 cup every two hours and is still eating as if he's never seen food before.  Through paying close attention to Mike's habits, every second feeding he's ready to go outside to relieve himself although we are not forcing the housetraining issue at this point.  The main goal is to gain Mike's trust and make him as comfortable as possible.  Housetraining would require a reprimand here and there which we just won't do right now.  So if we catch him in time, that's great - if we don't, we don't.  Sometimes his stool is solid - other times it's not.  There is no rhyme or reason.

Molly is happy to walk around outside here and there.  Although Molly is excitable and anxious to "go a little faster", she is also quite happy to be by our side.  Molly tries very, very hard to listen.  She is very interested in Uma, Chibi and Phoebe - three little unwanted kittens that came our way a few months ago - although we would never trust all together unattended at this time.  

Also under the direction of Dr. Rapp, Molly was initially being fed 1 cup of food every two hours - now she is up to 1.25 cups every two hours without completely finishing most of the time.  Not finishing is great news since it means she's full.  Through trial and error, we have learned Molly most definitely enjoys her food slightly moistened which makes perfect sense in view of the fact her teeth are in such poor condition.  Additionally, Molly has grown in leaps and bounds regarding her "bathroom" habits.  With virtually no training, per se', Molly hasn't had a accident in a long while.  Why would ANYBODY choose to keep this sweet gal chained outside?  Why would ANYBODY disrespect Mike so much that he became the grossly submissive and scared little soul that he is?  Why in the world would ANYBODY do these things?

Molly's fur near her lower back towards the base of her tail is thinning.  We have noticed that same general area is sensitive to our touch as Molly whimpered and moved away.  I will call for an appointment first thing tomorrow to learn why.  While we're at it, we'll see if Dr. Rapp recommends any dental work to help Molly's situation.  

Overall, Mike and Molly's medical prognosis seems optimistic.  We are thankful for
Dr. Rapp at the Animal Hospital of Punxsutawney for caring about the animals as she does.  We are also very thankful for Dr. Rapp's dynamic team that always has the answers when I call - which is alot.

Donations are still being received throught the mail on behalf of Mike and Molly.  Currently the amount raised is $ 1,525.00 - way over what we anticipated.  We thank each and every person that has supported this cause.  You have lightened our load so we can help others in addition to Mike and Molly.  When "A Miracle for Mike" has seen its course at the end of November, we will report the grand total.

We thank Chief Dworek of the Brookville Police Department as well as Council for granting permission for Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals to schedule an anti-cruelty demonstration on Saturday, December 14, 2013.  More information will soon be posted on the Willow Run Sanctuary for Animals, Inc. Facebook page.  We hope for a large number of animal supporters to draw the attention of politicians within
Jefferson County that have the power to help the animals.  The animals do not stand a chance for what they're up against without enforceable rights. 

Thank you for reading - and thank you for caring about Mike, Molly and all the animals....

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