A 'HOME' A Sanctuary For Forgotten Orphans

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The Story

Meet Joshua & Maria

When I met Joshua, he was hysterical and alone on the street … as he is most days. His mother Maria works ten hour shifts to provide him with food and shelter and cannot afford day care – forcing her to leave Joshua alone in the house all day.  Maria, a victim of sexual abuse from her father since the age of ten, has no other living relatives or support network. Joshua and his mother are manifestly alone, and their story is just one of many I have witnessed. There are so many other tragic stories of La Guerilla(FARC)  violence that has plagued Colombia over the past few decades. FARC (Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia) is the oldest and largest group among Colombia's left-wing rebels.   The Farc is on US and European lists of terrorist organisations. They are violent, brutal, murders... They Leave children without parents, fathers, families.

So In ways Maria is wise beyond her years. She realizes in their current situation, her son is destined to continue on a path of poverty and misery.  She is trying to break that chain by placing him in a safer environment.  The Orphanage, Misericordia Medellin / Juventud Con Una Mision (Youth With A Mission or JUCUM), offers children like Joshua a sanctuary from their past and a bridge to a better future. 

Juventud Con Una Misión / Misericordia Medellin (JUCUM)

JUCUM has been caring for children like Joshua for the last twenty years. I have had the opportunity to join forces with them this June.  The Mission for JUCUM is to restore and protect the lives of boys and girls who are at high risk. This includes: displaced orphans and victims of violence, intra-family abuse, and prostitution.  In the process, we provide children with the Christian Faith, love, shelter, food, clothing, education, and recreation.  While committed to continue supporting these children, JUCUM and the orphans will be evicted from their current location by the end of December, leaving them with no roof over their heads.  

However, there is Hope! JUCUM has recently purchased a plot of land through generous donations and began construction on a new orphanage last year.  However, we currently lack the funds to complete construction of the new home and this is why we are asking for your help. Most of the construction is being done by local volunteers that don’t have money themselves. This home is going to offer them an opportunity to have what most of us take for granted – a place to lay their head and somewhere to call their home.  As the eviction date gets closer I have come to realize I cannot achieve this feat alone. 

So Family, Friends, and World this is my biggest adventure yet and I’m in need of your assistance. Send me your ideas; forward the website to those willing to help, but most of all we need donations. For most of us growing up we were fortunate enough to have a Mom, Dad, Brother or Sister. We were privileged enough to have a roof over our heads and food on our plates. We had no reason to worry. As kids we either had parents or a parent who made sure we lived a decent life. Currently I'm helping build a home for children who are not as fortunate. We are building a home for 50 orphans who aren't as privileged as most of us who had at least the basic necessities. These children who don't have a Mom, who don’t have a Dad, a Brother, or a Sister, they depend on us, the staff. We give our time as missionaries and volunteers. We are their Moms and Dads and Brother and Sisters. So please help me finish giving these children a place they can call HOME. Let’s plant this seed, let’s give them hope, faith, belief. Give them a chance for a future. Let’s make a difference, I can't do this alone, but I know together we can accomplish anything.

Please post, send to your family and friends, and share liberally. We appreciate any and all support that you can provide. Ask all of your friends and family to donate whatever they can to the fund. Share this on your social networking sites; place it on your website or whatever creative means you can think of. . If you have questions or an idea you would like to implement to support this campaign please email me at [email protected] or contact me via Facebook with any questions.

"Whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me"  Matthew 25:40

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 1, 2014

Posted on January 1, 2014

Happy New Year everyone and Thank You all For your Generous Support, Postitive Energy, and Kind Donations... I am Happy to inform everyone that we have Been Blessed and been given an Extention untill the end of January... So let me inform you what we have accomplished so far with everyone's support. We Finished the kitchen, we finished the first floor bathroom, we finished the laundry area and most of the first floor. Hopefully we can finish the rest in a months time... We are still in need of Donations so if you know of anyone who will be willing to Help this cause please forward this website over to them. I will keep everyone Updated. Thanks Again Everyone and God Bless us All...

Posted on November 18, 2013

Posted on November 18, 2013

Thank you all for your Generous donations & support! Today marks 2 weeks in receiving donations and we have accumulated $2,500. With this amount we are able to continue the construction with out delay. Buying the material needed to consistently continue. Thank You All, but we still have a long way to go. There are 3 things we are in need of: Money, Manpower, and Time. So Please help by asking your friends and family to donate, by sharing this page via social media, and if you have any creative fundraising ideas that you have and are willing to assist us with please email your idea(s) to [email protected]. Thanks Again Family, Friends, World, God Bless You All.

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A 'HOME' A Sanctuary For Forgotten Orphans

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