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The Story

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Nika is a miracle baby from Haiti, currently living in America receiving medical care. She was born with hydranencephaly, meaning her cerebral hemispheres were absent at birth and were replaced with cerebrospinal fluid, leaving her with 0.5% total brain tissue. This fluid build up caused hydrocephalus, which in turn caused her head circumference to continue to increase until she arrived in America in May (2015) to have neurosurgery to implant a shunt (a device that allows the CSF fluid to drain properly). With only 3% chance to survive after birth and only 1% chance to survive until 1yr old, she has defied the odds in astounding ways, she is now a beautiful 4yr old with a big personality. 

Not only is she living everyday with a condition that by definition says it is "not conducive to life", she's also battled severe malnutrition caused by the abuse and gross neglect of her biological family. By the time she was 11mths old, she was an emaciated 6lbs (most of that tiny weight was  actually the fluid in her head). She fought hard and began to gain weight and strength, praise God. To say she is a "little warrior", is quite an understatement... because of God's amazing love for us, He continues to allow us to witness miracles on earth as we see Nika thrive and do things she's "not supposed to be able to do"... like smile, laugh, recognize certain people around her, show emotion, live, and much more. 

She and her legal guardian, a missionary to Haiti, have been in America since the end of May 2015. They live in Louisiana where they work with local healthcare professionals and hospitals to meet all of Nika's many medical needs. Please consider giving a gift to help Nika stay in America where she is continuing to make improvements and is cherished. Join us in believing in her potential and valuing her life by helping to meet some of these crucial medical needs. 

We give all the glory, honor, and praise to God for the many wondrous things He has done for us! He is good!

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 25, 2016

Posted on August 25, 2016

The stack of hospital/medical bills may be high, but we remain grateful because every bill represents a service/test/procedure/etc that Nika has been given access to in America. As we come upon two years of her being in my care, I am vividly reminded of the days that I felt completely helpless and out of medical options for her in Haiti...

You see, every single one of the prescriptions she is on now, her formula, g-tube supplies, specialists, tests, therapy, surgery options, and pretty much everything else she needs daily to survive... was/is NOT available to her in Haiti... Believe me when I say, we will never take this ACCESS to medical care for granted.

So today (and every day), we are specifically deeply appreciative of every donation that we've received, which has given us the ability to faithfully make payments on these bills to one day erase our debt.... We give all glory to God for every gift and every giver! Thank you for letting Him use YOU to bless Nika! 

All our love... God Bless!

(Please follow Nika on Instagram: @littlewarriornika or on Facebook: Little Warrior Nika for all of the latest updates on her progress)

Posted on March 16, 2016

Posted on March 16, 2016

Nika has a special announcement to make...

Nika now has HER VERY OWN WEBSITE! It shares her full story, updates, pictures, and ways you can help. Since we believe her life story tells us of God's great love for us, we wanted everyone to be able to get a little closer look! 

Please visit and share www.littlewarriornika.comand let us know what you think!

Posted on February 25, 2016

Posted on February 25, 2016

Over the moon excited after meeting with Dr. Garrett yesterday. She is the pediatric general surgeon that will be doing Nika's gtube surgery NEXT WEEK! We absolutely fell in love with her! Many people have advocated for Nika (will share about these special heroes in posts to come) and we are so happy to say that Women's and Children's Hospital in Lafayette, LA has agreed to do Nika's surgery with minimal costs. Numerous people had to say yes and give approval, so we are just beyond grateful for how God has orchestrated this urgent need to be met.... and right here in my hometown. Many more details to come, but I just couldn't hold in the great news any longer. I'm continuously reminded that God's plan is always best. Thank you all for your prayers and support! Keep it coming because it gives us more encouragement than you could ever know.

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