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Support my Ride Of Lights journey to Help Build a Home (India & Nepal)
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The Story

The 'Ride Of Lights' idea came when I wanted to create a purpose for my travel experiences and keeping a promise I made last year. So I put my motorcycle adventures together with an idea to raise funds to build a sustaining home and providing the underprivileged with 500 solar lights for the villages there too. Along the way I will be photographing social issues and helping those I meet. With a social project called ‘Ride Of Lights’ via my main project ‘Give Them Light‘ which has been going on since 2013.

(updated 22nd Feb 2018)


The idea is not just to build a brick shelter but comfortable home, with a sustainable income for the family. We have a few phases of this build.


1st Phase – Materials for brick house, 3 rooms, 1 living, bathroom, wash area. (US$8500) (completed)
2nd Phase – Roofing, windows, doors. Water source. Power grid would be with solar panels. (US$4500) (partly outstanding)
3rd Phase – A sustainable income (Cooking classes/ Homestay)(US$1500) (incomplete)

Since Narayan has the experience working in a guesthouse (The Yellow House) for many years, he will be able to manage travellers looking for a peaceful quiet farm house. Maybe Ashima’s Homestay/Cooking Classes? We will share this idea soon after the house is completed. 

Currently they live in a metal zinc and tarp shelter, which is leaking, with no electricity, dark and dusty, no proper water system, no proper bathroom or living space. Ashima and the mother has to shower outside in the open space. All their belongings are just stuffed into this small 6 x 10 space.


1. To provide Ashima and her family of four a living space they can call home, a sustaining income for a comfortable life. To raise US$13500 or more to complete this project.  

2. My goal is to explore every part of India and Nepal. To raise US$25,000 or more. Funds are to purchase materials for aHomeand 500 Solar Lightsfor 3 to 4 different villages. Note that I have been into these locations when I was there during the Nepal Earthquake relief aid in 2015. I hope to raise US$1 – US$2 for every 1kmI cross.

3. To publish photographic and video stories of this adventure and my travel experiences. To share my personal experiences with those who wish to learn more about a new way of life and travelling with social causes. For those who supports this journey and all the youth out there. 


You can send you donation via my Crowdfunding page YouCaring/RideOfLights. Or choose the other options below: 

  • Send funds direct to my Paypal account via friendly)
  • or Malaysian Bank Transfer:  

Malayan Banking Berhad (Maybank)
Beneficiary Name : iMKIRAN Nation. 
Account Number : 514123632561
Tag #ROL

Every penny matters when it comes to social projects in Nepal and India, as the paper currency converts to a bigger purpose when used in these rural locations, material cost and supplies. So please send any amount that you wish to help with. Each US$10.00 goes a long way here. 

ABOUT THE LIGHT – Nokero Solar Light Bulb.

The Nokero N233 is perfect for camping, backpacking, emergency lighting, and other off-grid lighting. It is bright enough for reading, working or lighting up a tent and runs up to 15 hours after just a day’s charge. 

Each light cost US$14.00 (MYR 60.00)including shipping and distribution cost. 

  • Tough: Fully weatherproof and designed for the outdoors
  • Bright: High and low brightness settings
  • Simple: Hang it, hold it, or stand it up
  • Dependable: Includes a 2 year warranty and the rechargeable battery lasts up to 5 years

“Nokero is the only solar company to win the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s Patents for Humanity Award” – Nokero Inc.

My adventure started in Chennai, with the Royal Enfield 350cc Classic, get it all repaired for the big solo expedition. Then off  across Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Slums in Mumbai, Gypsies of Rajasthan, Punjab. Next going up to the Himalayas too. After crossing the most dangerous routes of LEH, Ladakh, I will then make my way into Nepal, crossing borders and heading to the rural areas. I still haven’t mapped it all out, or how long will this take, maybe 1/2 years of my life.

Current location: Kathmandu, Nepal        Distance (KMs completed): 17,448 km


  • Purchase of school building materials – US$ 10,500                  
  • Purchase of 500 NokeroSolar Lights – US$ 7,500
  • Motorcycle Expenses, Fuel & Repairs – US$ 3,500
  • Accommodation and Food – US$ 3,500

These are rough expenses for the next 2 years, as the figures will change depending on environment and project locations. There is also other cost like, photography work, internet, equipment, website, etc but that I will try to find other ways of getting them. 

“So send me a few KMs 1km = US$1.00.Choose to send me as many KMs you like so I can keep going.” – Kiran Kreer 

So here I am today, with hopes in keeping that promise. With a motorcycle expedition, my backpack and my camera. Choose to SHARE your Voice, Time or Money to make this dream a reality! All you have to do is choose one of these three steps. Do something.

What more do I need? Sponsors and Partnerscan join in. Speak to me about collaborations for this expedition/project.

Love & Light,
Kiran Kreer

Photos and updates:
Updates on Facebook
Updates on Instagram

Projects that started on this journey:

A Home for Ashima (Kathmandu, Nepal) -
The Travelling Movement (Schools, Nepal) –
The Mango Tree Trust (Children Home, Goa) –
Anjuna Mallik, Disable Artist who needs a home. #AnjunaArtist
Rishikesh Dog Protection Shelter. #RishikeshDogs

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on August 7, 2017

Posted on August 7, 2017

Hi friends, thank you again for those who are still supporting and donating, I have received a few more donations and sales of poster prints. I will get all that printed and shipped to you soon.

Also something new is coming up, a partnership with a Malaysian org to help raise more funds and supporting this campaign, will post that out soon.

I have also updated the page below, see the new updates on where the funds were used, completed projects so far. I will post more of the updates there. Read more about it at the link below! Share!

Big hugs! It's sunny and blue skies out today, got my camera, so I'm going out to explore more of Old Manaliand Vashisht, Himachal Pradesh, India!!


P/S Account number and PayPal link is on website. I usually don't share account number here as I would like you to read first, understand, be aware and then donate.

Posted on July 19, 2017

Posted on July 19, 2017

First, let me thank everyone who has been supporting and funding this project since June 2016, we made it this far with a few social projects along the way and seeing India in a new light. Big hugs!! I have done over 13,000km in these last 12 months.

I'm now in Old Manali, my stop before I heading into Ladakh and Kashmir where I may not have access to good internet for while. I will start that crazy journey soon, here are some updates first.

I have updated the new details on the website below, with a route map, new easy Paypal link and breakdown of where the funds will be used. As for the funds we have enough for about 150 solar lights, which is still very much behind the goal of 500 lights and funds for material to build schools(education centre).

So here I am again, requesting your support. You can help by donating any amount, US$5, US$10 or US$50. To make it easier I have added a new Paypal link which allow you to send funds direct to me, it's mobile friendly too. Let me know if it works.

Another way is via Maybank (click link to see details). I hope more will join in this little self funded project, where we can help make a small difference for those living in the dark and with no education.

A 'school' in rural places in not like those in the cities, they are education centres and support groups where children can get not only an education but basic needs like food, books and clothing. Run mainly by volunteers and locals.

I am here to help them fulfil this dream of starting an education centre, or supporting existing education centres in Nepal. Only with enough funds will this be possible.

Click the link if you think education for rural areas are important too. Share! Nepal is waiting.

Posted on May 18, 2017

Posted on May 18, 2017

Thank you Banreet Kaur​ and Jasmine Singh for your contribution and love to support the homes, solar lights and education of those in rural Nepal. Will update you once the projects have started. My families there are needing help since the earthquake that happen in 2015. Not to long ago.

Yes work is still going on even after years.. things don't go back to normal after a natural disaster, but we forget easy. So help as much as you can, even a $10 will help a long way.

Sending love to families in Jharlang and Mankanpur, Nepal where there is still no electricity and proper homes.


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