Lost my benefits, please help rent is due

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The Story

Update 3/1 no check, I had hoped with all my heart that if or when I was reinstated, it would be today that I'd see money. I guess not, I know that mean guy would deny me. 

2/15, went to ssi... Had the same guy who gave me a hard time that day 12/9. He kept pointing out how ssi is welfare a handout,  you can do this or you can't do that. 
One woman last time didn't want bank statements this jerk did, then he pointed out PayPal transfers. Accusing me of selling online. I said that's all documented in the past, it was help to me for my rent & expenses. He keeps referring to 2015 as if it were yesterday. 
In 2015 I was not on ssi.

I'll know in 2wks. but it didn't sound hopeful. I have fair hearings pending on last 2 failed ssi appts. I'm telling them about this jerk guy. Telling me this & that isn't accepted. (documents) 

I don't know what I'll do. I'm ready to give up,,,,,, really truly give it up.  
Put my cats up for adoption & just give up. 

Now I got gas pains in my body from this stress. 

On top of it eviction notice for Jan & Feb rent. I'm at my wits end.
Jan got paid by money order PO says wait after 30 days file claim if they didn't receive it. 

the cats seem to be over their colds, I'm very happy none got as bad as Tommy that's cause he's not be vaccinated yet, perhaps in another week he'll go back to vets. 
I filled out more forms to send to the Medicaid office since it's PO box return receipt & to ssi office signature required both so I know it got there. 
I asked landlord to send me a break down letter of rents paid since ssi wants that. 
Please any amount I'd so very much appreciated. 

I went to Medicaid they gave me a copy of those forms they claim not to have received, unfortunately my lousy pcp (few blocks apart) still would not fill out or sign this 1 page check off boxes...... Office said next week.... A complete joke, my Medicaid ends Jan 31st.......
Why is this disregard of checking off a few boxes & sign it do they have, you know how difficult it'll be to reapply with no means of money to pay my rent,  etc. 

my Medicaid getting stopped, because they never received this thick large envelope of forms they sent me to fill out that damn Dr's had me run there 3xs & then they said they can't fill it out... What a joke they are. So I mailed out forms on 12th so by now they should've been there it's only to Brooklyn. I go back to ssi on Feb 15th they're awful. I still have not raised Jan rent. I am getting so fed up with this. I spend money I don't have on getting to Dr's for wasted money & time. Now I have to go to a Medicaid office. Another long trip there's none by me. 

I needed to rewrite this. Instead of update. Along with asking for rent I need to ask for vet money, I've got 10 cats down & coming down with an upper respiratory infection. Big boy & Tommy went to vets big boy because he had it 1st & Tommy cause he's only about 4 months old. Vet bill is $262 for the 2.
I've got my SSI appointment today, I can't sleep they've been up sneezing, & I'm worried. 
I got a letter how ironic just yesterday....  telling me I owe them back $7000.00 that they send but not a confirmation letter about my appointment. Not the letter with their final judgment. They closed my case that Dec 9th.
Please help. I was told to get L-lysine for cats at vets it was $38 a plastic jar on Amazon it's (prime) about $22. They swear it helps. I have an amazon wish list too. 
Thank you. 

Today is the darkest day I've had. I was called to ssi office today Dec 9th. 
Long story, but in short I've lost my benefits I will not be getting anymore checks. I lost my medical coverage too. And food stamps. 

If raising the difference between what I got in ssi & my rent was hard to raise, now it will be even harder. 

My heads bursting my pressure higher than ever. If I cry too much I'll bring on an asthma attack. I feel like I'm having a heart attack. 

What am I going to do? 

Plus I won't be able to reapply for a couple of yrs. 

I'm so tired of fighting,, I fought for so long & I waited 2yrs for the few crumbs they threw me, it's never been about me... But my cats. Keeping a roof over their heads, warmth & food. 
It's never been about myself. 

Help please.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 27, 2017

Posted on March 27, 2017

Last week I scanned over what docs I had brought on 2/15 that the guy was supposed to file-keep-base my benefits on but obviously did not because politicians office informed me the (supervisor) ssa office didn't know anything about it.... The guy has a personal thing against people on ssi it seems or just against me..... So I'm waiting on word if that was enough or do I need more docs. Next time I'm summoned there I'll just slit my wrist while there since I've nothing else to show proof of.
They want me to pay back over $7000. Seriously, I'm so stressed over this. No Medicaid even. No dr appts had to cancel the 2 appts not able to get blood work done (ferritin keeps rising) 

Hoping I'll hear good news this week

Posted on March 17, 2017

Posted on March 17, 2017

Update: as of 3/15 one month ago to ssi office, no word from anyone not ssi not politician office (I've emailed her 3 times). 
I mailed in yet another bunch of info to Medicaid office I know they got it paid $4.95 for confirmation. This is getting me sicker each day. I go on fighting only because my cats need me. 
Not sure if they sent any letter out my mail is hit or miss & no matter who I complain to if some dyslexic mailman sticks in another box these so called neighbors don't care to find out whos mail it belongs to. 
I'm going crazy with worry. 

Posted on March 15, 2017

Posted on March 15, 2017

This is getting ridiculous no word either way, I'm in limbo. Of course I'm not the only one but it's one month today I was there, there should've been word by now. 
I bet that guy turned nothing in, the politicians office helping me emailed & spoke on phone said, they only needed my landlords letter which that jerk took, saying he's making copies of.
I mailed in Saturday my Medicaid info again using $5 to get signatures but maybe with storm it will be held back..... My luck if it's not a holiday it's bad weather.

I can't take anymore of this stress.

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Lost my benefits, please help rent is due

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