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Glacier, WA
Organizer: Nicole Bishopp
Help the Mt Baker Snowboard Shop! (Mt Baker Snowboard Shop)
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The Story

Marcella and Bobbie need our help now! In a nutshell they were shut down by the county and can’t operate the shop without doing major repairs. The snowboard community that the Dobis family has built in Glacier is now in trouble!  We are currently working with local contractors to help these ladies rebuild their shop.  We need to raise funds for supplies, permits, and other necessary items required to get them up and running again. 

Here’s a list of items that we need to raise funds for:

Bathroom-Approx. size 5’x7’

Framing- Material/labor: $550.00
Rough Electrical: Material/labor: $750.00
Venting: $250.00
Rough Plumbing: $1,500.00
Drywall/taping: $1,250.00
Flooring: $450.00
Painting: $300.00
Fixtures-Sink, faucet, Toilet: $750.00
Door w/hardware: $550.00
Light Fixture: $150.00
Bath Accessories (grab bars, TP/soap dispenser) $100.00

Bathroom Total: $6,600.00

Firewall Separation-Shop only

Demolition/Prep -Remove siding as required: $650.00

Densi-glass material (exterior)-$1,500.00
Densi-glass install labor-$1,000.00
5/8” Type X GWB (interior) $850.00

Siding repair and replacement- $1,350.00

Firewall Separation Total: $5,350.00

Parking Lot

Minor grading/new gravel approx. 80 yards: $3,200.00 Landscaping as required for designated access/exit: $2,500.00 Signage for directional/Handicap parking $550.00
Parking stall curbs: $1,200
Catch basin with drywell: $2,000

Parking Lot Total: $9,450.00

Miscellaneous Items:

Site plan and details for permits: $3,500.00
Septic System: $8-12,000 depending on design and requirements Water supply from existing house to shop: 750.00

Miscellaneous Items Total: $12,250-$16,250.00

Estimated Totals

Sub Total 1: $33,650-37,650
Project Management Fee: $3,700

Sub Total 2: $37,350-$41,350

WSST @ 8.5%:$3174.75-$3514.75

Total Project Amount: $40,524.75-$44,864.65

We are lucky enough to have a project manager that will help us get the shop back to business  by next summer with your support!

This is their livelihood we are talking about.  If you would like to donate your time, supplies, or any items that may be used at one of our fundraising events in Glacier you can contact us directly at [email protected]  We will keep you updated weekly on the progress!  Thanks for supporting this amazing family and the legendary MBSS. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on December 18, 2017


Posted on December 18, 2017

We just had our first fundraiser event at Chair 9 in Glacier this past saturday and we raised over $5500!!  We want to say thank you again to the local community  and our world wide family that support us. We are forever grateful! Much love!

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