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The Story

Tater Tot, estimated to be 10-12 months, was left tied to a pole on New Years Eve in New York City. He was suffering from a severely prolapsed rectum and a protruding penis. NYPD Officers brought him to NYC ACC. After seeing a volunteer post his condition, Mr. Bones & Co., a New Hope rescue partner with the Mayors Alliance and the City of New York immediately reached out to ask if we could pick him up. Despite the facility's closure on the New Years day holiday, we showed up hoping someone would open the door. Two hours later, thanks to some compassionate shelter staff who responded to our request despite being closed and/or on their day off, we had this dwarf-sized Pit Bull in our car and headed to our emergency animal hospital, The Animal Medical Center, in Manhattan.

Originally named Buster, once we met him we decided Tater Tot was a more fitting name, given his huge paws, short stubby legs and adorable 28 lb. mashup of what appears to be Pit Bull, Bulldog and Frenchie.

Tater Tot underwent immediate surgery to essentially put his rectum and colon back inside and in place with a purse string procedure. Sadly, an ultrasound the following morning revealed chronic trauma and lesions in his intestine just above his pelvis. It is currently unknown what the cause of this trauma was but instead of stating what can not be known at this point, we are focusing on this little, sweet and shy pup healing. As of tonight, Jan. 4, his third consecutive day of hospitalization, he is eating well, though continues to leak blood and fecal matter. We are hoping to be able to pick him up and place him in foster care by Friday for continued observation and rehabilitation.

We did not anticipate a high cost medical needs pull as out first rescue case of 2017, but when there is a need as great as his, sometimes you just need to charge forward. We are incredibly appreciative of any donation you are able to make. Mr. Bones & Co. is a 501(c)3 animal welfare nonprofit, making your gift tax deductible to the furthest extent allowed by law.

For more information, please visit www.mrbonesandco.org. For inquiries, email [email protected]

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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 31, 2017

Posted on January 31, 2017

We want to give a special thanks to The Animal Medical Center's Dr. Kendall Wilson who has been running point on TATER TOT while he has been hospitalized a second time and under the care of the Internal Medicine team. This morning he will undergo surgery to address yet another septic abdomen. Unfortunately, he developed a small hole in his colon during one of his ballooning procedures which caused bacteria to leak out. The good news is that the hole is very tiny and his body is already repairing itself. The procedure will also include a rectal stent to eliminate the risk of continued stricture.

It is important we share that this surgery is not without risk. In the event the Interventional Radiologist performing the surgery, Dr. Chick Weisse, finds his colon to not be viable, rather than have more colon removed and put him in a state where his quality of life will be heavily compromised, we have made the decision to do what is humane and allow our special pup to let go and fly.

Last night his foster moms Elli, our founder, and Cait, visited him and made sure he continued to know only love, along with some cheese and ham to fill his belly up. Our baby seal LOVES to eat! TATER TOT is a resilient little dog, a fighter filled with love. The hour and a half we spent with him last night saw him in great spirits, being silly and playful and cuddly and trying to steal the ham off the counter whenever he could get close enough. We have high hopes that our boy will continue to make people laugh and dance for years to come. Please join us this morning as we send light and love his way. TATEY, fight the way you love - fierce and free. We will fight as long as you are fighting but if you need to let go, we will lift you high enough that you find your wings.

Thank you all for your continued support!

Posted on January 29, 2017

Posted on January 29, 2017

TATER TOT UPDATE: We are heartbroken to share that early this morning Tater had a serious decline and was rushed back to our emergency animal hospital, The Animal Medical Center, after constant vomiting throughout the night and the inability to pass anything through his colon. We suspected a complete stricture; his colon closing in due to scarring from a combination of his original injury and the suture site healing. An ultrasound confirmed our suspicions. Because a ballooning procedure to open up his colon was forced to happen earlier than planned he will have to undergo multiple smaller procedures to gradually open his colon and lessen the risk of rupture.
Dr. Kendall Wilson (Internal Medicine) is overseeing his current care and we are happy to share that two hours ago our baby seal completed his first successful first procedure. His colon was closed so tightly that passing a wire through it was challenging, but she was gradually able to dilate him to 12mm. Tater Tot will remain hospitalized over the course of the next few days as the goal is to get him to 20mm.
While Tater Tot has captivated so many people, we must emphasize that he is the product of cruel, selfish and irresponsible cross breeding, and likely inbreeding, without regard for the consequences on the innocent animals produced. He is unique and adorable, but it's important to remember his physical traits come with a price. Please discourage anyone you know who is thinking about or currently breeding their dogs. While Tater Tot's injuries are not due to his breeding, his wonky little body that can be challenging for him, coupled with what appear to be cognitive impairments, are. We love this little dog exactly as the gift that he is but we sincerely hope we never come across another pup like him.

Please keep our little fellow in your thoughts. As long as he is not suffering needlessly and without hope, we will continue to fight hard and do everything we can for him.

His care costs have increased by another 3K and as such, we are increasing his fundraiser to reflect this. Thank you for your support - we will be issuing emailed donation receipts in the coming 1-2 weeks and apologize for this delay!

Posted on January 8, 2017

Posted on January 8, 2017

TATER TOT needs all your thoughts and prayers right now as he recovers from an unexpected 4.5 hour emergency surgery he underwent this afternoon after an abdominal ultrasound revealed a perforation. Upon opening, his abdomen was found filled with fluid and fecal matter, causing it to be septic. We are devastated to share that his chances of survival are 50/50. Approximately two inches of his colon was removed and the viable ends of the tissue were sutured together. He had a transfusion of human albumen, a protein found in our blood that he needs in order to pull through, in addition to a feeding tube placed through his neck and into his esophagus to ensure he receives vital nutrients. These next 3-5 days will be critical as his body works to repair itself.

The silver lining is Tater Tot's resiliency, manifested in part by his excellent appetite up until his surgery, which isn't common with sepsis, and so we are hoping the tough little Pit Bull in him works hard to survive and pull through.

We remain grateful to the incredible team at AMC are working around the clock to save his life, including the Critical Care team who has been looking after him throughout his entire stay in ICU, the Internal Medicine team and the Surgery Service Two team, led by Dr. Spector. Today's surgery was performed by Dr. Kalafut with Dr. Rollins and Dr. Weisse scrubbing in on the long procedure. Tater Tot is in the absolute best hands.

We believe in you Tot, you have come so far and there is so much life ahead of you! Please fight hard - so many people want more than anything for you to survive. You can do this, we got you.

As his hospitalization continues and the costs of his second surgery add up, we have adjusted his fundraiser to 10K, at which his care costs are projected to fall. We have been overwhelmed by such an incredible outpouring of support and are incredibly grateful for your donation.

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