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The Story

Rabbi Moshe Arazi shlita is one of the central figures in the world of KIRUV AND EMUNAH, HELPED TO SO MANY PEOPLE, NOW NEED HELP TO STAY ALIVE! THE ONLY WAY IS TO GET TO MAYO CLINIC! AS BEGINNING, OUR GOAL IS TO GET  $300K, THAT'S HIS ONLY WAY! we are almost there, please help him! Every one that donate, gets him one step closer! 
Maran HaRav Chaim Kanievsky and Harav Yitzchak David Grossman send people to him to receive blessings and guidance. RABBI MOSHE IS NOW IN A CRITICAL CONDITION IN THE USA, WITHOUT HEALTH INSURANCE AND NEEDS YOUR HELP NOW TO SAVE HIS LIFE.

R’ Moshe is Suffering from a severe Behcet's disease, a rare autoimmune condition which attacks the brain, the vascular system, the heart, the intestinal system and more..
After fighting in the IDF Elite unit, he got seriously injured and after he recovered he became A Chozer Betshuva.

A few years ago he met his wife which was on dialysis. Right after they got married Moshe and his wife(Leean) adopted her 6 siblings, their mother passed away and their father was abusive and violent. Moshe was fighting for them in court against tough lawyers and the court system for 2 years and won. Moshe became very sick, the doctors in israel said he is too complicated to be treated in Israel, he has 2 years to live.

On top of his disease he had a gastrointestinal perforation (hall in the stomach, all of the stomach fluids goes out and "eats" the part around as it dissolves meat) if we didn't go to this doctor we wouldn't find this out, which was a miracle that we found out. Moshe had to be under starvation for 40 days.. Eventually he had to make a trial surgery because of an acute bleeding. 

After a long and tough recovery, on a wheelchair and a broken lower spine, he gave his life for torah, making lectures all over israel and doing kiruv with R’ Aryeh Schechter and helping people all around the world in all kinds of life decisions.

While he was doing the lectures he started feeling worse, after a CT Scan it shows that he has a stomach perforation again and his life's in danger, the doctors couldn't help. R Moshe was admitted to ICU to keep him alive. He wasn't able to eat or drink for 79 days. While he was in the ICU people use to come in and see his illuminated face and hear Devar torah and a good advice.

Under close observation Moshe’s family was looking for a solution worldwide. We found a doctor in the us with good experience and dealt with complicated patients. Reb chaim Kanievsky sent us to America with R’ Aryeh Schechter. 

With huge help from Rabbi Grossman and a few good friends, Moshe in his weak force succeeded to get enough money to pay for the flight and insurance in the USA. R’ Aryeh schechter came along, with a letter and a blessing from Reb Kanievsky, they boarded a urgent medical flight with a doctor, paramedic and life supporting machines.

Moshe have been told that a medical team is waiting for him and he has insurance to cover his medical expenses. 

They landed and been sent to a apartment, with all the machines and a paramedic. The paramedic didn't want to stay with Moshe, Moshe's condition was really bad, the people that promise the insurance went with moshe to the ER and saw the specialist, the doctor knew that they will be paid. The Doctors admitted Moshe and made a test in order to see what kind of operation moshe needs, which eventually made his condition worse. The doctor didn't get paid, Moshe said that we don't have the insurance as promised so the doctors didn't do the surgery. We never saw the doctor again, the people that promise us the insurance disappeared and moshe stayed alone abandoned in the hospital. After the test Moshe developed very high fever and was admitted for 20 days. When he was stabilized, he got released from the hospital half an hour before Shabbos.

Moshe started to fight for his life again.  By a miracle someone found us a place for shabbes and 2 savers been sent and they gave us basic insurance. After Shabbos they called an ambulance and we went to the hospital. All of this time he is thinking about the kids in israel, that has no family at all, only moshe and leean.

For Leean, after 8.5 years of dialysis she finally made a kidney transplant not so long ago.. Moshe and the kids are the most important thing in her life. After they checked him in the ER he got admitted. Another?#160;miracle happened, the doctors said that the hole in the stomach is not that bad, but they saw that his behcet's disease is very severe. They suggested a trial medication. Moshe did one round and it made his condition worse. he didn't want the medication and he was treated by nurses and therapist at home, trying to recover from the medication.

While He is waiting for the right doctor to help him...he succeeded to accept people and help so many, and because moshe was surrounded by so many people, everyone thinks that others helping. Moshe and his wife have no family here. Moshe and his wife were fighting fighting alone.

Now Moshe has a perforation again. After consulting a few surgeons in NY, they said that they cannot help him because his case is to complicated, and he has to go to Mayo Clinic right away! No time to waist! (The Doctor's letter attached to the page). Moshe doesn't have the right insurance to go to Mayo Clinic, he is laying in bed in his room with the medical machines attached to him, not eating or drinking again for ..... days now.. With high fever (106), weak and sick...it's not cancer, it's a body that attacks itself, and you have the opportunity to help and stop it by simple "click" and donating.

Moshe is accompanied by the top doctors here, not unfortunately the right specialists for his condition and the most honorable rabbis that told him that if he won't go to the right medical clinic, he doesn't have a long way. It's a pikuach nefesh!

Moshe is praying and asking to save his own life.
Please, don't stay on the side and let it pass in front of your eyes, donate today and be a part of a Zchus to save this jewish soul! He did so much for us, now it's our turn to give him back!
Please, share it to all your contacts, every donation gives us a step closer to our goal- SAVE HIS LIFE.

For more info please feel free to contact.

[email protected]

If you are willing to donate, accept our sincere gratitude and all the best blessings.  But please, don’t stop here - send it to more people in your contacts.
if you don’t have the ability to donate, please invest a few minutes to send it to at least 20  of your friends, family and co-workers.  
Every dollar makes a difference!
HaRav Kanievsky wrote in his letter to R.Moshe- anyone that will help, will be blessed in all the best.
Together we shall help R’ Moshe stay alive!

משה רפאל בן אורה 

Mishpacha Jewish Family Magazine Article

Chadri Chadarim Article (Hebrew)

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 20, 2016

Posted on September 20, 2016

Hi my dear family,
I know it's been a while since I updated. I was holding off because I wanted to report good news and we had some very scary days. Most recent, we landed up in the hospital after Moshe began sweating heavily, dropping glucose levels and fell unconcious. Hatzala and the doctors couldn't stabilize the situation so we landed up in the hospital again. We are blessed with another miracle to have survived this episode relieving a blockage in his heart. To tell you the truth, I thought that this is gonna be the end.
When we arrived in the hospital Moshe have done a CT scan that shows fluids around his heart, base of his lungs, some around his kidney and more and serious stomach issues that demand surgical involvement, which they couldn't provide as he is a complicated patient and need specialists who knows to take care of those kind of patients.
So, Unfortunately, the hospital could only stabilize his glucose levels, gave him painkillers to relieve the pain and suffering as much as possible, but it's not enough. He still need an "overall health care " and I'm not giving up on his chances in Mayo Clinic. Please, let us know that you didn't gave up either.
I'm praying and believe that Hashem will grant Moshe a full recovery. While we didn't make it yet to the Mayoclinic, currently our only option - we are hopeful with a little more recovery to be"H get the treatment Moshe needs.
‎My gratitude to those that have donated is so great. You are sincerely the only chance we have - Thank You.
Please continue to donate as we have ot achieved our minimum amount we need in order to get the treatment Moshe needs.
Thank you so so so much.
Ktiva v'chatima tova to all. May this merit you a life filled with blessings and Perfect Health!

Posted on August 28, 2016

Posted on August 28, 2016

Hi my dear family. 
It's been several weeks since my last update. We had many distractions. Be it my own health issues as well as our children back in Israel. As you know by now, our battle is not only my husbands illness, which is so time-sensitive, but also my own medical issues and our children back home.  Sticking to the subject though, we had made arrangements to the Mayo but unfortunately still delayed. Reb Moshe is fighting real hard and trying to make it through the pain. We will be going as soon as we can raise the first $350k of the campaign. 
Thank you so muchjfor all your donations, regardless of its size. Reb Moshe is davening for all of you and ask that you keep him in your tfilos as well. Moshe Refoel Ben Orah. I beg you to please spread this link so we can achieve our financial needs in time. Please call the campaign hotline with any questions or ideas. Any an all help is welcome. 646-484-4420.

Posted on August 9, 2016

Posted on August 9, 2016

Hi my dear family.
I once again feel the urge to thank you all for the amazing support. During the past week we've been making every effort to try to go to Mayo already. The doctor is urging us to go before shabbos. We are hopeful that with your support, we will go and Moshe will have a complete refua. 
Thank you all for your generosity, this is so meaningful to us. 

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