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Growing up overseas has given Porter & I a love for people of different cultures, and we have been waiting for an opportunity to take our children on a volunteer trip to share with them that love. This Christmas we are partnering with Pangea Educational Development to travel to Kampala, Uganda where we will be working in two schools doing two different projects. One will be to help with construction of a girls dormitory so that these girls don't have to walk 2-2 1/2 hours to get to school! The other will be at another school where we will be helping to create a more sanitary washroom for the children. Along with getting to know the people, working with them, being a part of something that will last and will bless these children, our children get to experience a part of their own story as they work in Africa with their grandparents whose parents before them served in Africa. We are blessed and looking forward to all that we will experience.  

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Posted on January 14, 2014

Posted on January 14, 2014

Last week this time we were touring around London on the final leg of an incredible journey! There are so many stories that I could share:
- a transformed latrine (bathroom) at St. James elementary school
- new cement sidewalks around St. James
- blood, sweat, & tears spent digging the trenches for the water pipes
- loads of laughter from my kids & the school kids as they played
- a scary concussion Declan got playing soccer
- my children's delight at being the center of attention every time we walked down the street
- a 15 foot crocodile close enough to touch
- hundreds of giraffe 
- a hungry hippo grazing outside our tent
- Pete, the 3-legged male lion
- the beauty of the Nile & Murchison falls

We are looking forward to sharing some (maybe all, or maybe more) of these stories with all of you. More info to follow, but we are planning on hosting a dessert so that any of you who would like to come & experience a portion of this with us are able to do that. 

Life is a treasure. Live in your moment - you won't get it back!

Posted on December 15, 2013

Posted on December 15, 2013

Hello again! Just wanted to post a quick update so that I can log this into facebook as well.

For those of you that didn't read the last post, it's posted on the YouCaring site but I couldn't link it to Facebook at that time. You can go read that if you'd like.

We are doing well & enjoying seeing the progress made on our projects. For the ditch digging, we are digging a ditch to lay a water pipe that is going to a couple of places in the community so that the school can earn revenue off of the water useage. That is waiting on some meters & some welding that needs to be done for water pressure. The digging was HARD! Garrett enjoyed helping there. The latrine (bathroom that is a hole in the ground that you go in) is moving along, too. We have plastered most of inside & will be putting running water in so the kids can wash their hands & the latrine can be cleaned. The latrine needed a path so that the kids - especially the girls - could walk to & from easily. So we're in the process of building a retaining wall to hold the path, & we are making paths for around the classrooms as the red clay mud is extremely slippery. It is wonderful to see things coming together, wonderful to work together with the people, amazing blessing to watch my children & how they have adapted & had a wonderful time!!

Prayers would be appreciated for Declan! They finally were playing their first game of soccer & he took a full face shot from a player on the other team. We are praying he doesn't have a concussion & his nose & upper lip are pretty swollen. I'll be taking him to a chiropractor tomorrow as his neck is very stiff. Hopefully after that we'll have a better idea. 

Blessings to all of you! Thanks for your prayers & encouragement. We'll post pictures & videos as soon as we can. 

Posted on December 13, 2013

Posted on December 13, 2013

Hey all! So sorry that we haven't had the opportunity to update you until now!

So, I'm sitting in the home of a wonderful Ugandan family! We've had 2 full work days & are enjoyng seeing the progress already.

I'll back up for a moment.... 
Travelling was, uhhhh, an adventure! I'm sure some of you were following on facebook as we were able to post some here & there. For any who did not, we were very delayed out of Chicago due to mechanical issues & weather. Due to that, we missed both of our connecting flights for getting to Uganda. When we arrived in Paris, we ran from one terminal to another to board the new flight on Qatar airways. We found ourselves in a place we didn't know existed - Doha, Qatar. The flight from there that we were supposed to be on was full, & so the airlines treated us to a day in Doha! After 10 hours in the airport - with VIP lounge given gratuitiously, we went to a hotel in the city where we caught up on sleep, took a walk in the evening, & had a restful evening - all on the airlines dime (food, too)! Upon arrival in Uganda, after the most chaotic flight we've ever been on, we only had half of our luggage! 2 hours later we finally left the airport & were greeted warmly. (Still waitiing now for our luggage.)

After all that, we've settled in terrifically. The kids were amazing on that journey - we all chose to see it as a grand adventure. :-)  They are doing amazingly here - jumping in with digging, mixing cement, plastering cement, playing with the kids. Such a blessiing to watch! The projects are coming along well & we will be taking a break half way through to go on a short safari. :-)

Love you all! Thanks for your prayers, encouragement support! We'd love to hear back from you here if you'd like! Will try to post pics & videos soon. 

Stay warm! We're sweating enough for all of you!  :-) 

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