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The Story

The Mission

I’m Marcus Campbell and you are helping to decide the next stage of my ministry. 

Malawi is a country where one family made a huge difference.  In 1957, Doyle and Louise Gilliam arrived in Northern Malawi with a small team of missionaries.  Twenty years later they left a legacy that produced more than 125 congregations and thousands of believers throughout Malawi’s North and Central regions. 

But Doyle Gilliam and the missionaries of his generation have retired—and it’s time for us to step up.  So please consider helping to move the work in Malawi forward through me.

It’s simple:  if God is willing, and I get the remaining funds to minister in Malawi full time—I go.

The Destination

Priestley Nkhonjera, a fellow 2012 graduate of Sunset International Bible Institute, is currently training Malawi's next generation of preachers.  During the academic year we plan to teach together at MIBI (Malawi’s International Bible Institute)—while we try to grow the church Priestly has begun in a local village.

I’ll take your response as evidence of whether I should be part of moving MIBI forward. So I appreciate you taking the time to consider God’s work in Malawi—and how we can help!

Our Progress

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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 4, 2015

Posted on June 4, 2015

Wow...we're getting close, and the towns of Portales and Elida are pretty much the reason why.  I'll update my summer transition on the blog page for the mission, but I've worked at the Third & Kilgore Church of Christ for the last 3+ years---and the 31st was my last Sunday.  We exchanged thanks for the time spent working together, then the elders prayed over the mission and took up a final collection for the work in Malawi.  Included in that was a healthy one-time gift from the elders, which has helped bring this campaign near its end.

We're not done yet, but - after setting my initial timeline back - I definitely didn't think that we would be this close this soon. So thanks to everyone who has contributed...and continues to contribute through sincere prayer for the work ahead.  Within those though, are the folks from Elida---who have been consistent in driving support for this work forward.  I thank you more than you know...because you deserve special thanks!

As much as any contribution though, was the one from the residents at the Beehive Nursing Home of Portales.  They're simply special to me...and both the nurses and residents have been a consistent source of joy over these last 3+ years.  For the first time since I started ministering there, we lost a number of residents in 2014.  They had all spent time worshiping with us over the years. But 2015 brought some of the most pleasant surprises our way in the form of new residents that just seemed happy to see Sundays!  Their joy was contagious and, thank God, even spread to me at a time when I was gettin' straight grumpy. :]

Anyway, those are my folk. And the fact that they got me anything was a huge surprise. So in addition to my folks from Elida, the word that best describes what they've meant to me is consistency!  Exodus 17:12

I'm writin' more than I planned too, but I can't leave out three young ladies from my youth group---each of whom wrote personal goodbyes. I appreciate 'em so much, and I will be praying for the road ahead for you! know who you are, and you have huge blessings in store!  One isn't on social media, but I was shocked when she walked into the youth room as a student this last week, b/c in my mind she's still a baby. But I guess consistency is the theme, and she has been a consistent joy from the time I've known her. Way back when - just because - she and some of the young'uns got together and cleaned my office (#straightmess) ...and I've never forgotten it. I also never thought that I'd actually get to teach her. So even though it was just for a short time, having her in class was a blessing. Actually, having all the new ones for the last couple of weeks was huge. That whole crew made me about as happy as my folk at the Beehive. But special thanks to you three...

Final shout out goes to Blake Martin though! He's the latest in a group of local business owners who came together to cut my relocation expenses.  He's getting my lawn tight for the home sale.  Spragreen came through with consultation and materials for fertilizing, seeding and growing in the bare patches that are now in full retreat. (...spiritual shout out to God for, so far, the rainiest year on these plains in 20+ yrs)  The Print Shop of Portales helped make my Kinko's bill a thing of the past by printing the brochures and copies of the mission prospectus that helped bring in our current monthly contributions. Which reminds me of the Elders at Third & Kilgore, who helped reduce those expenses while I went back to school to do missions training this fall. 

...and finally, finally...I can't leave out Buena Vista Realty, run by our elder Jack and his wife Kercida Merrick.  They've been patient with all the things I've been juggling in getting my home to market.  So like our elder Johnny Lieb and his wife Sharon from the Elida crew, I thank them especially too!

Thank you all though. And if I've left anyone out...God still sees.  Praying that He multiply the blessings back to you all!

Posted on May 23, 2015

Posted on May 23, 2015

A steady balance of pleasant surprises from family and other unexpected places continue to keep the love flowing.  My aunt Veronica recently came through again, but money is only a fraction of the support that she's continued to send my way: comfort food, comforting presence, and just coming through in I said "again!"  Auntie and Mom are both continuing to help keep my arms raised in this fight.  Exodus 17:8-13 

...words really don't do justice to the way they've come through for me.

I was especially surprised to see an old friend who found the work on line though, and I'm still trying to get the details regarding how he found us.  Either way, huge thanks to Mr. Mike Murphy---a friend from my very first Bible "College", South Houston Bible Institute. Much like my feelings for the way that my biological family has come through, I've got no words for how much I miss SHBI...and times like this help explain why. So thanks again, Mr. Murphy...


Posted on May 7, 2015

Posted on May 7, 2015

...and I don't know how I missed seeing it, but a special lifetime-support thanks to my family as well--for donating on behalf of my grandfather, who passed in 2001.  No words!

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