Building the Hospital of Hope

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Building the Hospital of Hope (2014 Togo Team )
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The Story

Building the Hospital of Hope

Imagine a city of 40 thousand people without a hospital and none in any direction for hundreds of miles.  Imagine what it would be like to live without medical care – for yourself, your family, and your community.  Imagine an emergency without an emergency room.  That city is Mango – Togo, West Africa, and they desperately need a hospital, and the race is on to meet that need through the Hospital of Hope – a hospital of their own, in their city, to provide compassionate medical care to the people of Mango and the greater region. 

The race is on because all of the pieces are coming together for a grand opening in January of 2015. 

  • The people of Mango are waiting and watching!
  • Togolese medical staff are being trained in Togo!
  • Medical equipment is being purchased in the U.S. and ready to be shipped!
  • U.S. Doctors and Nurses have committed to go and are in language school!    
  • Work teams are making the trek to help build!

Will you help the people of Mango by giving to the 2014 Togo Team?

  • Grand Ledge Baptist Church is sending a team of seven men to build and serve in June of 2014!
  • Every gift you give goes toward man-hours - getting dirty - on site in Mango - building the hospital.
  • We have 600 man-hours of hospital construction to fund in Mango for this team!
  • Every man-hour in Mango moves the Hospital of Hope closer to the grand opening in January 2015.
  • Every financial gift brings the people of Mango one step closer to life saving healthcare.

The 2014 Togo Team

  • Andrew Ford
  • Noah Ford
  • Fred Gerhardt
  • Craig Jansen
  • Don Wotruba
  • Mike Zumbaugh
  • Paul Ford

The Hospital of Hope

The Hospital of Hope was just a dream a few years ago when the ABWE medical missionary team at the Hopital Baptiste Biblique in the southern part of Togo considered the medical needs of  northern Togo.  With an established healthcare track record, and the invitation of the mayor of Mango, ABWE moved forward, and in just a few years, a plan was created, a site was selected, and 5.5 million dollars were donated toward the completion of this project.  

Our History With Togo

Grand Ledge Baptist Church (GLBC) has had an ongoing strategic partnership with the hospital project in Mango since 2009 and is seeking to impact the community for many years in the future.  The people of GLBC have recently given $13,000 to train Togolese nurses, pharmacists, and x-ray technicians for Mango.  GLBC has sent teams to Togo on three previous occasions – once to install an oxygen system in ABWE's first hospital in southern Togo, once to strengthen our vision and passion for Mango, and once in 2010 to help build the hospital in it’s early stages. 

Give today by clicking on the "Give Now" at the top of this page!

If you desire to write a check and mail in your contribution:

  • Make the check out to Grand Ledge Baptist Church
  • Write "Togo" on the memo line
  • Mail to:
Grand Ledge Baptist Church
P.O. Box 333
Grand Ledge, MI 48837

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on May 14, 2014

Posted on May 14, 2014

No more funds needed!  We have raised the total amount.  Thanks to all who gave.  We leave in one month!

Posted on April 30, 2014

Posted on April 30, 2014

Passports and Visa Applications are ready to be sent in to the Togo Embassy in Washington DC.  Our departure day (June 14) is coming quickly.  Just last night we talked about luggage, travel to the airport, and all the bonding time we will have on the drive from Lome to Mango.  These are good times for the Togo Team - pray for us now and when we go!  We need it!

Posted on March 17, 2014

Posted on March 17, 2014

Nogbebji - A man we will meet in Mango.

One of the men we will meet in Mango while the team is there serving is Nogbebji.  The following piece was written by Chris Brauns and demonstrates the areas of impact the Hospital of Hope will partner with in the city of Mango.  Not only will we get to meet Nogbebji, but I'm sure a few of the guys will come home with shirts made in his sewing school!

(Nogbebji with some of his students . . . they use cement bags to practice sewing)

Nogbebji was an enterprising orphan who taught himself to read and write, and speak French. His uncle couldn’t afford to send him to school but taught him to sew in hopes Nogbebji could make a living for himself. After years of running a successful business, however, he felt like something was missing. One day while driving by a church he stopped, went in, and accepted Christ.

Soon, he realized there was more to life than making money. The tailor desired to use his skills and success to help others. After presenting the gospel to a young girl in the sex trade, Nogbebji implored her to leave her job and follow Christ. “I can’t,” she told him, sadly explaining that she had no other means of making a living. It was her story that prompted Nogbebji to take action.

Nogbebji established a school that teaches orphans how to sew. His school not only provides a context for proclamation of the Gospel, it also offers “the least of these” the chance to learn to support themselves. Students who attend this school as apprentices learn to sew using material from concrete bags. The students are given the materials and training at an extremely low cost, and are exposed to the gospel during the three-year program. Several have already made professions of faith.

After three years of training, they are given the opportunity to take a government exam and receive certification. At that point, Nogbebji’s students have the skills; it’s up to them to do the work required to create a successful business.

All students are teenage orphans (defined as fatherless by African standards) and come from desperate circumstances. Two qualifying students are chosen from each canton (like a township) of Mango and brought to the school for training, Bible studies and friendship. Nogbebji’s hope is that as students become believers, they will be able to go back to their villages and spread the Gospel throughout all of Mango.

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Building the Hospital of Hope

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