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The Story

After almost a year of battling stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer, Millie is still attempting to achieve what some consider impossible. About a year ago, Millie began to feel ill. Eventually in January of 2017 she was told she may have cancer, and after a month of tests and delayed appointments, she finally got a diagnosis. Having defeated cancer once before ten years ago, Millie already had her mind set on fighting once again. However, this type of cancer was much more aggressive than the breast cancer she had battled in her past. In March of 2017 doctors explained to Millie and her family, that this was an incurable, and aggressive terminal illness. They went on to explain her chances of remission were 5%, and they did not seem very optimistic. Treating her with categorized practice rather than custom personal care, Millie’s doctors didn’t seem to have a plan, other than to inhibit the growth, offering a year or 2 of time. The Jones family responded with their obvious plan to put their best efforts forward in order for Millie to be one of the 5% of patients that go into remission. Unfortunately, the medical system did not respond with similar enthusiasm right away. Millie and her family were shocked at the approach taken to treat this cancer, and the lack of positive reinforcement offered to its victims. It was clear that this would be a team effort, requiring some major adjustments and sacrifices for Millie to have the best chance. Immediately Millie’s family and friends stepped up, doing everything possible to aid in her mission. 

The first 6 months included some of the hardest times of Millie’s life. A lack of strategic planning and no answer for a cure, was matched by countless symptoms and mishaps. This chemotherapy was no joke and the side effects were brutal. Hospitalizations and missed holidays left Millie hurt. Time off from work, and time away from friends and family took its toll. Finally in September of 2017 a scan showed that Millie was indeed defying the odds. Her metastasis in her liver was getting smaller, and so was the tumor in her pancreas. This was amazing news, but it also meant chemotherapy would continue. Within a few treatments from that time, Millie’s body began to react differently, and her doctor decided to change her regimen, until eventually she was being given a therapeutic dose. Unsure of what the future held, and how the cancer would react to this adjustment, the Jones family reached for hope once more, and pursued a second opinion of Millie’s progress and treatment options, at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Philadelphia.

Although Millie had incorporated her own changes and adjustments, an integrative medical system would confirm her actions, and influence her future progress. Immediately after seeing the quality of care and integrative approach CTCA took to treat their patients, a co-treatment plan was initiated. Millie and her family began to feel hope once more. MSK in Rockville Centre and CTCA in Philly, would each see Millie once a month as equal parts of her bi-weekly chemo regimen. Each doctor would infuse Millie with the same chemo regimen, but implement their own tests and integrative treatment, while keeping communication open with each other. CTCA offered a convenient network of doctors, able to see Millie all within her 3 day treatment. Customized medical practices were chosen, and Millie began to feel confident in her plans. Clarity of what she could benefit from, gave her the ability to prioritize her actions, to best suit her body. 

On December 5th of 2017 MSK performed their routine CT Scan of Millie’s abdomen. The metastasis in her body had cleared. The tumor in her pancreas still remained, but was showing a decrease in size and proof that all her treatments and integrative medicine were helping.

Millie approaches her next chemo infusion and an MRI on January 17th. Whatever the next move is, the battle is far from over. Doctors will have options available for Millie, based off of her scans. The next step may require all of her strength, and a lot of recovery time. Millie’s family is doing all they can to help her, and her strength and positive mindset makes her easy to care for. Millie has always been nurturing, generous, loyal, and humble. Working with various causes, and helping many over the years, Millie still made sure to be there for loved ones. Selfless, it is rare that she would accept help, let alone ask for it. So naturally, she did not create this fundraiser, but rather her friends and family. She has agreed to allow it, although skeptical at first… Even the greatest of heroes need help to defeat their most powerful enemies. As her family and friends, we ask that you come to show your love and support at her fundraiser on January 15th 2018. This fund is to allow all of those who have been touched by Millie’s heart, to donate to her cause, and allow her to focus on her health. If you are somebody who cannot travel to Millie’s fundraiser, then this page will allow you to show your love and support! You can forward any other inquiries, offers to volunteer to help with this event, or donations to her fund, to [email protected] … Thank you for your time, prayers, and support, they are truly appreciated. 

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on January 5, 2018

Posted on January 5, 2018

For starters, we want to thank all the donors, and those who shared our site. We feel truly blessed already and are so thankful for the response we are receiving. 

Event Updates : We are still collecting donations for the Chinese auction at our event.  We will also be preselling admission in multiple locations this upcoming week.

Millie's updates : Every day is a blessing and we are certainly still counting ours as we are heading into the hardest part of our battle. Other than some fatigue, our Wonder Woman is hanging in there. We are approaching our next rounds of testing and doing everything in our power to help Millie's body kick this cancers ass! Feel free to send loving messages and things to make her smile as we believe this is the greatest medicine for her. 

Lastly... the Wonder Woman thing. I am sure you've seen the flyers, and if not, at some point you have seen Millie or one her supporters wearing these nifty wonder woman superhero themed bracelets. Before the recent cinematic release of the new Wonder Woman, Millie was diagnosed with this cancer. Each type of medicine has been considered, but one of the strongest is the power of positive thought. Wonder woman traditionally wears cuffs which give her strength and power. These bracelets serve as our mantra, and all who are wearing the bracelets are in fact, passing along some of their strength and power to Millie's bracelets. Among the many feelings this brings about, it also contributes to Millie's courage, and the comforting feeling of knowing she is not alone..

More updates to come! Email [email protected] with any questions, inquiries, or donations! 

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