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The Story

As many of you know, Mikey is a tiny, adorable little personality wrapped in fur. His being extremely bow-legged makes him all the more endearing... But as he's aged, in addition to his accident on 6/13/15, this condition has definitely impacted his mobilit

On June 13th, he sat down by his sister near the edge of the bed to have a scratch. She stood & walked away, causing the mattress to decompress & move slightly... Mikey became unbalanced & tumbled off the extra-high bed. It was immediately obvious that something was wrong, as his back legs did not appear to be broken, but he could not use them to walk & he was whimpering. 

An odd-hour emergency trip to the vet revealed that he had popped out his hip and severely damaged ligaments. The vet was able to pop his hip back in & suggested that perhaps his injury & exasperated condition could be managed with medication alone. I felt so incredibly lucky that things weren't worse. However, at the urging of a friend who works for a vet & is familiar with conditions & treatments of animals, a second & third opinion were sought.

Mikey was diagnosed as having a Level 3+ hip dysplasia. They concurred that a combination of age, genetics (including the fact that he is extremely bow-legged) & his accident make him a good candidate for a double hip replacement, with an excellent future prognosis. Without the surgery, it is more than likely that one or both of his hips will pop out again, he will have chronic pain, & his mobility will become severely restricted. In very severe cases of hip dysplasia in animals, euthanization may be required.

The surgery is exprensive... very expensive. The cost of $5,000 covers: surgical exam, lab work, X-rays, hospitalization fees, antibiotics, anesthesia, surgical fees, special surgeon drapes, & the cost of implants (approximately 35% of the fee). Follow-up care is estimated to be a minimum of an additional $300. Unexpectedly having to pay for the recent vet trips & testing has been draining.

The decision to ask my friends & Twitter family for assistance at this time has been an awkward & difficult one. I have been selling items & adjusting life commitments in order to work toward what will be needed financially for Mikey's surgery. If this was something for my own health, I'm resourceful & would eventually be able to develop some sort of payment plan. But most vets don't do payment plans (for which I don't blame them one bit).

Da Tzu wants to continue causing mischief among Twitter friends & family for many years to come. As his mama, I can't stand to see Mikey in pain & truly would walk through flames for any of my animals. If you could please help, you have Mikey's & my undying gratitude. If not, it's absolutely understandable & I thank you for taking the time to read this.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on November 6, 2015

Posted on November 6, 2015

Hi friends!
I continue to heal from my surgery & am sure glad to be home. Mama has sorta been absent from the internet & her Twitter pals as she works hard to pay off my bills, which were even more substantial than planned due to my extended stay. She misses all of you so much! She'll try & touch base when she can. Love, Mikey Da Tzu

Posted on October 27, 2015

Posted on October 27, 2015

As many of you wonderful people know, Mikey was able to finally come home after an extended stay at the clinic following hip replacement surgery. I don't think he & I have been apart since his homecoming! His movements are severely restricted as he receives physical therapy & recovers, & his poor sisfur is confused. She wants to play with him so badly, but eventually accepts a restful snuggle next to him. The mischievous twinkle is back in his eye, & the depression he showed while at the vet clinic has passed. The bills are much more substantial than expected, but we never even would have been able to schedule without the generous help from our pals. We thank each of you with all of our hearts.

Posted on October 19, 2015

Posted on October 19, 2015

Mikey hadn't been eating or drinking since the surgery, and he was somewhat listless. They had him on an IV to try & keep him hydrated, & the staff were great in attempting to bring him out of his depression. 

Mikey's clinic is a little over 3 hours from mama's house, which was very problematic (not naming any names, of course... GM... but your sending numerous recall notices in the mail to me AFTER I contacted you about the steering and brakes ceasing to function at 65 mph was especially endearing... & don't worry about the airbags not deploying, either - my head had no problem absorbing the impact). But I digress.

My anipals on Twitter worried about Mikey right along with me, sitting on #Mikeysporch & showing incredible emotional & financial support. They even went out of their way to try & figure out the transportation issue, knowing full well that none of us live that close to one another. Hardly any of us even live in the same state. Have you ever had friends like that before? I never did, until now.

I was able to rent a car (very expensive), & borrowed a vehicle another time. Mikey's medical expenses have continued to get higher & higher than expected. But he did perk up when he saw me - finally a familiar face in that strange place, surrounded by strange people doing strange & often painful things to him. In order to put any money I had toward his medical expenses, I spent more than one night in the vehicle rather than get a hotel room. I think I now have permanent safety belt indentations in my hiney to prove it :-)

I had planned to wrap up Mikey's "Come Wiggle With Me" campaign before or immediately following his surgery, but the additional medical expenses effectively nixed that plan. Hopefully, we'll be able to bring our furry child home soon, & the healing will begin... for all of us.:-)


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