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The Story

Hi! My name is Miguel Batista and I'm a young industrial designer living and studying in the countryside of Portugal.

When in 2010, just finished my graduation in Industrial Design, and prepared myself to, for the first time, face the work market as a professional, I carried with me a bag full of expectations and a few pre-conceived ideas about what would be to work in the design field, followed by a strong desire of create something and evolve as a designer. From Arts, architecture and design, I’ve chosen Industrial Design, a decision based not only by the interest in the area, but also guided by the economic restrictions that somehow, represented a huge influence. I have joined UBI (University of Beira Interior), a University located in the interior of Portugal and, in my convenience (and economic restrictions) located in my residence area.
I accomplished my graduation, as expected, passed three years and, at the time, I chose to gain some work experience in the field before I proceed with a Master's degree.
It was in 2010 and Portugal was already in a complex socioeconomic situation. It would not take a year before the prime minister at the time, José Socrates, announced that Portugal would request for external financial support (6 April 2011). The followed years were a period of economic regression where Portugal was under external intervention and where insecurity and employment were rise. Some of the taken measures, still on today.
The situation seems odd, however, and unlike my other mates, I accomplished to get a job, even in a form of an internship, but who provides me a real work experience in the design field and a regular income at the end of the month. It was, however, a job with a term and with well-defined goals, and, when those goals were reached, the job quickly vanished.
Other works had followed, more and more insecure, poorly paid, or others which payment never arrived. Some in the design field, others not at all, some as a freelancer, others which, covered of something else, remain the same.
2017 has arrived. The bag once full of expectations is empty, the idyllic image of the design field is gone like the desire to make whatever it is.
I crossed the New Year like statistic, one more in the middle of a crowd without a job. However, New Year means new resolution.
The entrepreneur culture, which, in the last years reach an all new protagonism told us that, sometimes we need to transform the obstacles in opportunities, well, forgot to tell that, like José Ortega y Gasset once told, “the man is the man and his circumstances” and, my circumstances are the circumstances of someone without a job and without resources, but, on the other side, with no intention of giving up!
We are now in 2017. The sócio-economic situation of Portugal stills delicate, however, the unemployment rates and the economy are showing slightly signals of improvement. Nevertheless, the creative fields remain affected by an insecurity feeling, where companies follow low wages policies and the internships, where any kind of payment is included, are the tendency.
2017 is the year I started with no job, nevertheless, for the first time in years, I actually have time to accomplish another goal, my Master's Degree. When in 2010, at the end of my graduation I decide to get some work experience before proceed with a Master's degree, I never thought that seven years will pass before I decide to do it.

How can you help:
Donations are the most obvious way but it is not the only one. Share and spreading the word is also a great way of supporting this campaign.
You can also buy stuff from my online shop HERE(
I am kindly asking help to rise 3000€ value that corresponds to the tuition fees and charges of the two years of the Master! However, any help are welcome. (
In all cases, thank you for your support.

I've also created a blog in a journal format to share my first adventure in the crowdfunding world. You can see it HERE or follow it on Twitter @FundingMyMaster

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on March 20, 2017

Posted on March 20, 2017

New Blog post at The Fundraising Diary
This time I talk about the Ups and Downs of this all month!

Also remembering that you could also support my campaign buying illustrations. The links for any of the stores I use are on the right side of my blog or here: Society6| Teepublic | Redbubble | Threadless

Posted on March 3, 2017

Posted on March 3, 2017

On my last blog post, I talked about my first work experience and one very important advice from my boss at the time! So, if you have started your own #crowdfunding campaign or if you are thinking about start to start one, please take a look. HERE is the link.

As an alternative way of support, I'm also raising money selling my illustrations. You can find them on Society6, Redbubble, Teepublic and Threadledd. The links are also on the right side on my blog.

Thank you, Miguel.

Posted on February 27, 2017

Posted on February 27, 2017

One of my biggest achievements.

Thinking on the first illustration I'd posted here, I have included a mortarboard, an item traditionally used as part of the academic dress that probably you are familiarized from seeing it in the movies (or maybe for using it). Well, it was only a symbolic representation of the academic path. However, in Portugal we do not follow the same dress code, although we have some traditions too! Any academic institution, University or Polytechnic (we have both systems) have his own costumes. What I'm am sharing here today is part of one of the traditions.

Here is my folder (traditionally we use one of these when we finish our graduation) and on it, a lot of colorful ribbons. The colors of the ribbons are the colors of the area, in my case, orange and dark blue are the colors of industrial design. The ribbons are filled with dedications of friends and family and are fixed on the sides of the folder. Degree certificate is delivered in a not so fancy paper folder but if you want you can pay for a fancy framed certificate to hang on your wall (not my case).

This fake leather folder and these synthetic ribbons may look insignificant at the first sight, nevertheless, are the symbol and the representation of one of my biggest achievements.

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