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The Story

The Great News, Everyone!

I was accepted to do a workshop at the Nonmonogamies and Contemporary Intimacies conference in Austria. That's rare, because people at my loci of intersections are usually erased in these conversations. Here's my chance to make an impact with people from all over the world that I would never be able to access otherwise due to systemic barriers.

I created and developed the framework for intersectional non-monogamy, integrated feminism, and cocreated the inclusive approach of multi-linking - to say the least; I tend to create a lot. I was chosen to present on Intersectional Non-Monogamy, which would mean so much to me considering that the ill-named and remarkably noninclusive SoloPolyCon sought to discuss it - without crediting me or consulting me and without even grasping the irony of non-Black people handling issues of race. It's not like they didn't know that I was working on it, but I digress.

Why I need you

I have been erased, shoved out, and undergone such horrors in the past year, let alone my entire life. Help me help people do better. Give back by granting me bigger platforms so that the vulnerable and left out can actually be heard for once. 

The conference is also a rarity for it's accessibility: both the event and the hotel are kid-inclusive, meaning I don't have to worry about my kids or leave them behind. They will assist me as best they can to ensure I can attend, but obviously I still need your help as a lifelong impoverished person. I need to get my children passports and need to pray that the TSA doesn't molest me because I'll need airfare and the like.

I am risking a lot being a Black queer femme single parent teaching what I teach and travelling to deliver a message no one else can give. You can help mitigate that risk for me. The more funds I raise, the more safety I can buy - because money and reparations can make living under oppression slightly easier.

What I need from you

I need your help to secure visas and passports for the kids (I already have mine), funds for airfare and hotel, and incidentals (because when you're impoverished everything is an emergency). 

Whether it's your form of doing reparations, paying it forward, because you'll be there and want to see me speak, or just because you're a decent human being - I'll appreciate it. When I say my effect on my corners of the world can be immense, it's not hyperbole. You can look me up to see all I've done in spite of the awful things that have happened.

But, don't just watch me struggle. I'm a human being. Make space. My dreams are just as worthy as yours. I'm doing my part. But with the world against me, I risk being fully erased. We've heard all the usual voices and seem to have learned nothing.

Try mine for a change.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on June 16, 2017

Posted on June 16, 2017

Soooooo, it's time for me to register for the 2nd Non-Monogamies and Contemporary Intimacies Conference (details and fees here). It's 150 euros to secure my place, so I'd appreciate your continued funding of me for this momentous opportunity to spread my creation.

I am also now awaiting my eldest's passport. I will still need to cover hotel and travel costs and incidentals. Now more than ever, we need an intersectional approach to the ways we envision community, giving, and support. The fact that it is nearly prohibitive for me to attend conferences and share my experiences and expertise is exactly why it's imperative that I am able to attend this one.

It makes no sense that folks that do the damage to folks like me are more easily and quickly funded for the bare minimum while I remain largely uncompensated.

Posted on June 3, 2017

Posted on June 3, 2017

I know it's been a while. I didn't know if things would be okay after I was abandoned by the folks who took us in.

Anyway, I did receive one of the passports and included a blurry pic for you. The eldest needs an additional form sent in but that's on it's way and I should get that passport in short order, though I also now need to update my address so I can actually receive it.

Sigh. Anyway, so let's keep going! I still need funds for incidentals, travel, and my portion of hotel costs and airfare.

I've supposedly taught so many so much and yet I'm still so grossly uncompensated for most of it. Why is that? I know why, but why would you let it remain that way?

Posted on April 29, 2017

Posted on April 29, 2017

Ok, so have had the worst, most painful past few days as my menstrual cycle returns with a vengeance. All of my chronic pain is flaring, and I needed the roommates' help yesterday despite everything. I actually rested today, and while the pain is only slightly better, my mood and headspace is healthier.

The money for the passports and processing was taken out, so that's a very good sign! We'll all have passports soon!

Turns out the RV I was going to see doesn't run (updated description) so I saved money by not being able to go today! So, thanks, pain?

I have more opportunities for homes, albeit farther away. But I feel better about it all and I know eventually it will be ok.

Also found an actual running RV I am desperate to go see! It's older but in very good condition and costs less than the one I was going to see today.

Looking around at all I brought with me, it's actually not as much as I thought it was and won't take too long to pack when I can manage standing again.

No one I love has died in a few months.

I will be ok.

So please keep donating! I wanna go to Austria!

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Operation Get Michon to Austria to Present Intersectional NM

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