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The Story

Many of you know but, for those that do not, I have, for the past 10 years, been involved with a ministry that is dedicated to helping meet the needs of the growing orphan population in Lusaka, Zambia, Africa. 

According to UNICEF, approximately 1.2 million children are orphans (with over half losing parents to AIDS). Considering nearly 7 out of 10 people in Zambia live on less than $2.00 USD a day, it is a burden for extended family to take in the orphans. This often leads the orphans to live in the streets and fend for themselves.

I have seen the crisis with my own eyes. It is heartbreaking and sobering. Every time I think about it I get that visceral gut wrenching feeling when you know something just isn’t right.

When my pastor, of a little church, Emmanuel Christian Fellowship in Wildomar, California felt that God was calling him to build a village of 14 homes, a school, a medical clinic, and a church to take care of 168 orphans, I knew I would be a part of it for the rest of my life. Call it a “life passion.” I remember, a decade ago, standing on the 8.5 acre parcel of land that we envisioned would support these little ones, I thought to myself “Can it be done?…”  It was a lofty goal to say the least. But, then, God showed up.

Since standing on the barren land ten (10) years ago, we have since erected seven homes for twelve orphans each, a wall across the entire property, a playground with basketball court, a soccer field (and official team!). We opened up a school Academy serving both village orphans and kids from the community. Through an aquaponics system, we raise tilapia and grow vegetables. There's a chicken coop as well. It truly resembles a village. Most importantly, we have taken in 84 orphans off the streets meeting their life’s needs and a chance for a fruitful future!

And while I am so pleased with the growth over the past ten (10) years, the vision is not fulfilled. Part of that vision was a clinic to provide excellent health care for the children. We plan to provide a full education for these kids. Most importantly, there are still homes to be built and orphans to come out of a place of despair, and in to a future and a hope.

In a world that continues to let you down, I can testify that God is doing something special at the village---just when things seem like they are falling apart, God reminds me that, in fact, they are falling together.

So, my wife and I, along with a team from my church, Elevation, will be heading out to Zambia, Africa during the summer of 2017 to push through the fear, push through despair, push through the darkness and  LET HOPE RISE above it all!

I ask that you keep me and the team in your thoughts and prayers. If you are able to cheerfully provide me financial support in my mission to serve these kids and bring me to my Hope, I would be incredibly blessed and thankful. Simply, click the Donate Now button at the top of this page. If you want to follow as I update this site leading up to and throughout my mission, please click the Sign Up for Updates located on the right of the page.

Thanks for taking a bit of time to hear my heart.

With love,

For more info, and to find out how you can help, go to www.bofheaven.org


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"Papa Nabana," traditional song performed by the Breath of Heaven Praise Team
"Ba Praise," written and performed by James Mbewe and Charles Sakala
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Fundraiser Updates

Posted on September 30, 2016

Posted on September 30, 2016

The Father's Heart

The heart of a father is the masterpiece of nature. ~Antoine-François, Abbé Prévost d’Exiles

One father is more than a hundred Schoolmasters.  ~George Herbert, 1640

It is true. I have learned much in my life from many very important educators. It was one of the reasons I decided to enter education myself. However, most of my life's defining moments, I can honestly say came from direct or indirect interactions with my father. He taught me about honor and integrity. He taught me about adversity and responding to it. He taught me about money and, more importantly, value and worth. Later in life, he taught me about accepting a mindset of growth and holding on to hope and faith. Now, he wasn't the only one who taught me about these things, but as someone who I trusted, it resonated most clearly. I trusted him because he often encouraged me, built me up, showed support, etc. I am who I am today in large part because my father believed in me. What's crazy is much of this occurred at a distance because my parents split when I was four. The impact was felt regardless because he made a commitment to be that father.

Imagine how great I felt when I was introduced to my Heavenly Father! It was my father on holy steroids!! Now that I know my identity is firmly founded in being a beloved son of our Heavenly Father I feel like there is nothing I can't accomplish because of who He is in my life.

This makes me think of a story of a boy name Chisomo at the village. One day I asked him what he wanted to be when he grew up. Now, I ask this question regularly to the kids and so I was expecting the familiar response of pastor, teacher, business owner, etc.  However, I received a very different answer this time around. He said to me in a very soft, voice with a hint of british accent: 


I was caught off guard - I had never heard that one before. My non verbal cues must have made Chisomo think I didn't understand what he was talking about because he went on to explain:

"you know, someone who studies rocks from space?"

He went on to share that he believed there was only one other Zambian who worked for NASA in this profession and he would like to be the second.

Wow. You ask that to him 4-6 months before his time at the village and I can almost guarantee that wouldn't have been the answer. Most of these orphans come to the village in a posture of despair. Not knowing where and when the next meal will come, let alone dreaming about a stable future. Most are wondering if they will be around long enough to have a future. Many Zambian orphans, when charged to the streets, will do anything to survive. This includes begging, stealing and prostitution. With no strong mentors in their life, their influences lead them down paths of destruction. 

Breath of Heaven Children's Ministries mission is to bring these orphans out of that posture of despair through abundant life found in the Heart of our Heavenly Father. Our kids are connected with other orphans and grafted into a family along with house mothers (some who have been widowed themselves). They have earthly father figures in the President and Co-founder of the village, the Operations director, the Academy Principal, the various missionaries and sponsors who share in their lives. These godly men model, build up, encourage the kids to let them know that they no longer are lost orphans but found sons and daughters by their Father in Heaven.

Without children of my own, I truly believe God placed these kids and this vision on my heart for life (check out the video I made back in 2007 when we began building the village). I may not have physical kids of my own, but I have 84 (and counting) that I call my own.

Thanks for all your prayerful and financial support. God bless.

Posted on September 16, 2016

Posted on September 16, 2016

A Clinic of Hope

While Zambia has made strides over the past 10 years increasing life expectancy by seven years to the age of 57, it still suffers epidemic levels of the spread of preventable diseases. According to the World Health Organization, the majority of child deaths in Zambia are the result of preventable diseases such as diarrhea, malaria, pneumonia, HIV/AIDs and malnutrition. This is even more alarming when you realize nearly half (46%) of the country's population is under the age of 15. Because the majority of Zambian families are living under the poverty level (60%), this exposes these health risks to many. Access to adequate health services and quality care for the poor and needy is not equitable.  Now, take those considerations and imagine what life would be like for the street orphan.

Breath of Heaven Children's Ministries is not only focused on providing shelter for orphans, but is committed to their health. In partnership with certified nursing missionaries, each child (84) has been given medical check ups (Check out the gallery photos). The ultimate vision is to raise up at the village the Hope Clinic- which can provide adequate healthcare year round. We already have laid the ground work (see slab in the gallery), but continue to press into what God is doing there.

Imagine being able to mitigate the spread of preventable diseases - things we can easily take for granted here - what it would do for the community, the nation, the region. My mission team is excited to serve these orphans realize that, where once life was seemingly over, it truly has just begun.

Thanks for your continued prayers and financial support in this mission.

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