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We are approaching one year of hospitalization. Our sweet boy, Memphis, was delivered abruptly at 31 weeks on April 3rd. He spent 7 1/2 weeks on a ventilator without success in weaning him off. We made the difficult decision to leave our comfy nook and the doctors, nurses and staff who had become good friends, a second family and home, to transfer him on May 24 to Children's National for progressive care. It's been determined that he has a PDA (open heart valve), VSD and ASD (holes in his heart) which are all causing extra blood to flow to his lungs. This makes him have to work very hard to breathe, and unable to become extubated and get off of the ventilator. Currently, they are treating him with diuretics (along with sedation/pain meds, antacids, etc.) to help lessen the pressure/fluid on his lungs and wean his ventilator settings. BUT, he's going to need heart surgery to correct the problem.
Your help is needed as I have exhausted my leave at work and am not sure when his surgery will be and how often I'll need to take off once I have to return this summer. We're also unsure what kind of medical bills we will be encountering as a result of his prolonged care. Not to mention, going back and forth to DC all of the time (gas/parking/food) is starting to add up. We're incredibly fortunate to have such an amazing support system and know that many of you have been praying and sending positive thoughts to our boy and are so appreciative of that. Please, keep them coming! If you are able to do more and gift monetarily, even a few dollars helps!

We've designed tshirts and hoodies that can also be purchased to help spread the word. And we have a new Facebook page specifically for Team Memphis!

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if you're considering purchasing LuLaRoe or Thirty-One products for yourself or as gifts for the approaching holiday season, I can help you with that as well to assist with raising funds for our family.




We love you all!
Brian & Christina

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 6, 2018

Posted on July 6, 2018

“May you be as fascinating as a slap bracelet” (“Have it All”, Jason Mraz)

That line always makes me laugh. Memphis is many things, and certainly more fascinating than one of the most iconic toys from my childhood. When “Have it All” was released it was difficult to listen to. On one hand we had a thriving Harleigh and on the other, an uncertain future for Memphis. Every year since Harleigh was born, I dedicate a song (documented in her baby book) that is somehow significant either to that year of growth, something that reminds me of her personality at that time, etc. This year, I’m dedicating this song to each of my children as it’s indicative of everything I want for them. 

You may may be wondering how this song pertains to Memphis and why I would want to associate a song about a happy life and future to my deceased son. Because he DID live. It may have only been for 371 days, and everyone of those days was spent in a hospital bed with tubes and wires on a ventilator with lots of medicinal support, but we vowed to make the absolute most of our time with him in his content (albeit medically induced) state. 

Well here's to the hearts that you're gonna break
Here's to the lives that you're gonna change
Here's to the infinite possible ways to love you
I want you to have it
Here's to the good times we're gonna have
You don’t need money, you got a free pass
Here's to the fact that I'll be sad without you
I want you to have it all

Memphis broke a lot of hearts, changed a lot of lives, is loved in infinite ways, had good times and we are always sad without him. In the end, he had it all. All that we were ever able to give him, anyway. 

We recently met with with some of his care team to discuss the autopsy results. All of the information confirmed that we, without a doubt, made the absolute best decision for him and prevented traumatizing treatments which would have only continues to delay the inevitable. The lesions which were discovered on his liver were in fact cancer. Hepatoblastoma, a very rare form of cancer which primarily effects children under 3 (often preemies). When it metastasizes, it usually spreads to the lungs next. At the time of his death, Memphis was in no condition to undergo treatment and surgery to remove the masses carried more than a 99% mortality rate for him. His lungs were also much worse than we thought after all of the damage from the ventilator support he received (which in turn was also keeping him alive). While this is devastating news and I want so badly to believe it’s not true, I feel at peace and know that allowing him to pass quietly in our arms was the best thing we were able to do for him. 

We will never stop spreading Memphis’s story and appreciate everyone who continues to keep him and our family in their thoughts and prayers. As you can imagine, I’m quite anxious growing Memphis’s little sibling in my belly and am so hopeful we can make it to at least 37 weeks (only 19 1/2 to go!) So please keep those good vibes flowing for a healthy baby and healthy mama, because this summer has not been so kind to me so far! ❤️

Here is the music video video for you to enjoy!

Posted on June 7, 2018

Posted on June 7, 2018

CALLING ALL SLOTHS!! Or those relatively faster :-) On Saturday, October 20, our team is participating in Children’s National's 6th annual Race for Every Child 5K and Kids Dash at Freedom Plaza in Washington, D.C. in honor of Memphis William Spencer and the 371 days he spent fighting for his life in the Cardiac ICU. Please join us in making a difference for kids in our community.

Your support of the Race for Every Child helps Children’s National ensure that every child in our community gets world-class care - regardless of ability to pay. From bumps and bruises, to life-threatening diseases, these children are counting on all of us.

We invite you to join us in supporting this life-saving mission by signing up for the 5K run/walk or Kids Dash with our team or donating to our team today.

Thank you for helping to give more children a chance for a healthier future!

Click here to join #TeamMemphisWilliam in the Race for Everybody Child

Posted on May 5, 2018

Posted on May 5, 2018

I don’t know what the timeline is like for processing the death of your child, but it still doesn’t feel real. We went to the funeral home today to sign paperwork approving cremation. For the last 24 hours all I kept thinking was, he’s there and I could ask to see him. I didn’t know if that was allowed or not. We arrived and my heart sunk because here was yet another place where he’d been that wasn’t our home. I wasn’t sure if I’d make it through the door, but we went in prepared to go through the formalities and be on our way. But the lovely man we were working with proposed the idea seeing Memphis and I had to jump on it. Completely unsure of what I would be looking at. But there he was, in body at least. A perfect little cherub. I thought we’d seen him for the last time when we left him in nurse Nick’s loving care one last timeafter his passing on April 9th. I wasn’t expecting to be able to see him. But he looks so perfect. Just like he is sleeping. The most bittersweet part was Harleigh asking to hold him. And it occurred to us that there wasn’t a reason why she couldn’t anymore. So we were able to make that happen. She was so empathetic and sweet as she wiped the tears from my cheek with her fingers and dabbed my face with tissues. She’s such an incredible little girl and perhaps the reason I haven’t completely shut down. 

We’re still preparing for the celebration and would love to see you all there. If you haven’t RSVP’ed, please do so we can feed everyone.

❤️The Spencers

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