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On December 7th our 25 year old son Wesley went to his doctors office for a check up he had been having some weight loss and was itching all over, which he thought might be psoraisis, he also had begun to have some chest pains at night.
His pulse was elevated and his EKG came back abnormal so he was transferred to a local hospital where he was seen by a cardiologist who found a mass completely around his heart and in one lung.
He was then transferred to another hospital that same night where he was seen by another cardiologist and an oncologist.
He was told that night by the oncologist that she was 90% certain he had lymphoma.
They did two biopsies on him, and on Decmber 16th he was confirmed with Hodgkins Lymphoma.
His medical insuance will max out before he is close to completing treatment so please consider making a donation.
Don't think that if all you can give is $5.00 it won't matter, all of those little donations will add up to one great big one.
Thank you for your donation, and for your caring enough to show it.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on October 13, 2013 by
We have finally been able to get Wesley some help, this has been frustrating to say the list.  He can't qualify for assistane in just about everything we applied for because he had income last year, well last year he didn't have cancer and of course he had income he worked, he didn't live off of the government for no reason so you punish him for it by first of all cancelling the program that his previous employeer had insurance through when the sequester went into effect, and then turning him down for assistance because he worked, even through the first three months of chemo he worked, even when he got sent to the ER from work during chemo treatment he worked, he did that until he could do it no longer due to his health, so lets punish him for it ~thank you US Government ~ if he hadn't worked and had been a slug things would be fine everything would have been paid, in the three months he had not treatment his tumor spread.  MD Anderson finally came through and gave him 50% financing but the other 50% he is supposed to pay upfront every visit so he is still in REAL need of assistance.  Thank you to everyone who is supporting him through prayer and through donation.

Posted on August 5, 2013 by
Wesleys PET scan just came back and the news is not good, the tumor is taking on more dye which means it is more active, the disease has spread all over his chest and to a few other areas, he is in desperate need of funds having lost all insurance.

Posted on June 6, 2013 by
I just posted an image of Wesleys tumor of diagnosis in December, the two black areas are his lungs, the white mass covering the area where a visible heart should be is his tumor.
Wes is still fighting cancer please consider making a donation.

Posted on March 30, 2013 by
Wesley had his PET scan last week and it did not go as well as hoped, his tumor is still showing very HOT even after the 5 chemo treatments he has had so far, which means it is still very active and due to the fact that it is sitting on top of his heart his doctor has great concern about doing any radiation which could permanently damage his heart, they have scheduled more chemo sessions at this time and will decide with the next PET scan a course of action, stem cell and bone marrow transplants give him a greater risk of re-occurance but radiation gives him a great risk of premanent heart damage, so we just have to wait and see at them moment.

Posted on March 13, 2013 by
A few odd bits of news. My pet scan is still showing pretty hot. While the size of the tumor has decreased it's still taking in a lot of dye, meaning its still really active. I have 3 more chemo treatments minimum. Then my oncologist wants to talk about radiation or not. Sadly the active part of the tumor is directly over my heart, radiation treatment has the potential to really mess up my heart, so we may opt to do stem cell replacement therapy or marrow transplant instead. So, I am already at a higher risk for relapse because of how "hot" the tumor is after all these treatments... Good news, my blood cell counts are pretty normal. She said sometimes bone marrow boosts cell production as a defense response to chemo killing everything, so that's what my body decided to do. (Good news for my busted leg) she actually asked if i skipped a treatment. so....that's my long-winded bi-weekly update on what's going on. Thanks again to everyone for being supportive and super awesome. You guys rock, and I'm super thankful the universe has surrounded me with so many good people. I'll leave you with this, adriomyacin. They call it the red devil and its my first drug in my 4 drug treatment....looks really cool, always scares me when I use the restroom after this stuff. "Don't worry, your not peeing blood"

Posted on March 7, 2013 by
Wesley has a PET scan Monday to check and see if the size of his tumor has reduced and then we will have an updated treatment plan for him.

Posted on February 21, 2013 by
Wesley should be getting a scan this week to find out if his tumor has reduced any, he is on his fourth chemo treatment.
Thanks everyone for you support.

Posted on February 4, 2013 by
Wesley has now had 3 sessions of chemo, before the 3rd session he shaved his head, he said he wanted to loose his hair on his own terms and is now "Rockin the Cancer Look" per his own words.

Posted on January 3, 2013 by

Wesley received good news yesterday, the cancer has not spread into his blood.
He had his first round of Chemo this morning and so far is feeling okay.

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