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The Story

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The family has asked people to donate something special for the girl. Those of you that would like to contribute in this special way can do the following:

The family asked for "homemade hearts of paper, fabric and felted wool that are purple in color and infused with prayers, love and light."

"The hearts will blanket the walls of the girl's room to remind her that the power of love is greater than all else," the release said.

Hearts can be sent to: Hearts for Healing, P.O. Box 407, Waukesha, WI, 53187-0407.


On June 1st in Waukesha, Wisconsin, a 12 year old girl was viciously attacked and left for dead by two other young 12 year old girls. Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier invited their 'friend' over for a sleepover, where they had been formulating a plan for a murder. Since early December, middle school friends Geyser and Weier had been planning to murder their 'friend' (who shall remain anonymous) and had been discussing ways to carry out the crime. During the sleepover, they had originally decided to tape the victim's mouth shut and stab her in the neck, but later changed their plan so it would take place in a park bathroom for "easier cleanup" and in the end, finally decided to play a game of "hide and seek" in the woods nearby to commit the crime.

One of the 2 girls held the victim down while the other, brandishing a knife, asked "What should I do?" and received a response "Just go crazy!"

The victim was stabbed 19 times, all over her body, including her chest (missing an artery by a mere MILLIMETER). As the 2 girls left the victim to bleed out, miraculously she was able to crawl out of the woods onto a nearby road where a passing cyclist found her and called for police:


"Who did that to you?" a bicyclist in Waukesha, Wisconsin, asked the 12-year-old girl he found bloodied and lying near a wooded area.

His words were captured on a recording of the 911 call he made, which has now been released.

"I came upon a 12-year-old female, she appears to be stabbed." the cyclist explained.

"She appears to be what?" the operator asked.

"Stabbed." the cyclist answered.

"STABBED!?" the operator exclaimed.

"She said she's having trouble breathing." the cyclist explained, "She said she was stabbed multiple times."

"Is she awake?" the operator asked, "Is she breathing?"

"Yes, she's breathing," the cyclist said. "She says she can take shallow breaths. She's alert."

Was there anyone around, a possible assailant? the operator asked.

"I don't see anybody," the cyclist answered.


Shortly after the police were contacted, they found the 2 girls walking near a shopping district where it was "apparent they were the suspects" indicating that they had a knife matching the stab wounds hidden inside of the purse of one of the suspects.

The two 12 year old girls were apprehended and taken into custody, where they confessed to the attempted murder. The motive for the crime was to "please Slenderman to become his proxies" which is seen as baffling by all media, including the Creepypasta fanbase. The 2 girls now await trial/sentencing in Waukesha and may face up to 60 years behind bars for the crime.

The Slenderman is a fictional character created by Victor Surge. He's a tall, lanky type man wearing a suit. His body releases tendrils which he uses to restrain his victims, similar to a snake, as well as fight off larger enemies. The most notable feature would be his face; it's completely blank and contains no sort of facial dynamics or features.

We have proven legitimacy with the Youcaring staff, the Waukesha Police Department, and several media outlets. We are now trying to spread out towards the Slenderverse, and the entire Creepypasta Community. As of now we are trying to get into contact with Pewdiepie, the Madame, and MrCreepypasta regarding the situation. Captain Oremus will keep in contact to discuss how the money will be distributed to the family (for those of you asking), and at this time they will remain anonymous.

We are currently trying to find out about the exact amount of funds needed. It was temporarily increased to $25,000 with information disclosed by the Waukesha Police Dept, but we are still trying to find out how much is needed. 

***In Social Media and International News***

Two 12-year-old girls have been accused of stabbing their friend 19 times in the belief that a fictional online character had told them to.

Prosecutors allege the youngsters invited the friend, who is also 12, to a slumber party on Friday evening having decided to tape her mouth shut and stab her in the neck.

But they ended up putting it off until a trip to the park the next day.

According to a criminal complaint, they passed the knife back and forth as they decided who should carry out the attack.

One of the girls then told the other to "go ballistic, go crazy", as the victim was allegedly held down and repeatedly knifed in the arms, legs and torso.

One of the stab wounds is said to have missed a major artery by a millimetre.

The injured youngster was left lying in woods and had to crawl to a road where a cyclist found her lying on a pavement.

She is now in a stable condition after undergoing surgery.

One of the suspects is said to have told a detective they were trying to become "proxies" of a fictional character called Slender Man.

The Creepypasta Official Website has even highlighted the event and has made an official statement. You can view the threadHere

*From USA Today*

Two 12-year-old Wisconsin girls were charged as adults Monday for allegedly stabbing a friend 19 times after acting out bizarre instructions from an Internet site featuring horror stories, authorities said.

Morgan Geyser and Anissa Weier are being held for attempted first-degree intentional homicide over the Saturday morning attack in woods in the southeastern Wisconsin city of Waukesha.

The unidentified 12-year-old victim was fighting for her life in a hospital Monday, theMilwaukee Journal Sentinel reported.

According to the criminal complaint, one girl held the victim down and the other stabbed her in the torso, legs and arms, intending to kill her to become "proxies" of a character on the site Creepypasta Wiki, which posts short stories "designed to unnerve and shock the reader."

Despite her injuries, the victim crawled to a road, where a bicyclist found her. Police apprehended the two suspects Saturday afternoon and recovered a knife apparently used in the attack.

"Creepypasta" derives from the Internet slang "copypasta," a text block copied and pasted repeatedly on numerous websites. Its formulaic stories often include anecdotes, rituals or lost episodes of TV shows.

Rituals include a "list of instructions for the reader, claiming that if they go to a certain place at a certain time, and perform specific actions, something remarkable and/or horrifying will happen," the site says.

Weier told investigators that she introduced Geyser to the site in December, and that Geyser later decided they needed to kill someone to prove they were worthy of "Slenderman," the alleged leader of Creepypasta.

The pair decided to carry out the attack on May 30, Geyser's birthday, and then visit "Slender" at his mansion in the Nicolet National Forest to prove he existed.

"As the details became more apparent, it's extremely disturbing as a parent and as a chief of police, especially with the age of the suspects and being female," said Police Chief Russell Jack. "This is a very disturbing investigation."

He called it "a wake-up call for parents" to monitor their children's Internet use.

Members of Geyser's family sobbed several times during her court appearance.

"The family is very horrified at what has happened," attorney Donna Kuchler said.

*More information regarding the suspects*

Geyser's parents have been identified (Matt and Angie Geyser) and extensive research has discovered that they may have heavily influenced their daughter Morgan. More information on this below:

  • The parents of Morgan Geyser, one of the two 12-year-olds charged with trying to murder their friend, have Instagram feeds featuring skulls

  • Morgan and her friend Anissa Weier were allegedly trying to be proxies for a mythological horror creature called Slenderman with the attack

  • In one Instagram post from mid April, Morgan's father Matt shared a photo of a drawing 'Mogo' made of Slenderman 

  • His handle is 'deadboy420' in homage to a 'stoner rock' band

  • Both her father Matt and mother Angie have Gothic-themed photos 

  • Email addresses connected to Matt Geyser were various forms of 'ILOVEEVIL' and sometimes included '666' at the end

*Partners and Affiliates*
SVK Productions
Narrators u-NIGHTed
Creativity Not Reality --- hashtag = #creepyreality
WellHey Productions
Safe Horizon (via Narrators u-NIGHTed)


We, as the Creepypasta Community wish to save this girl's life and prove that the community is made up of strong, sane individuals and not those depicted from the suspects. All proceeds will go directly to the family for medical expenses, and court expenses. We're standing together to show that we can overcome this tragedy, and to expunge all negative thoughts that the media has portrayed us as.

Fundraiser Updates

Posted on July 3, 2014

Posted on July 3, 2014

As we're nearing our end, we just wanted to update everybody on our output. This campaign was for the well being and medical expenses of the young girl, including aftercare. SVK will stay true to their word and still donate a large amount to help the family attune for their difficulties.

The legalities of running this campaign hit hard when we signed up for it, meaning because we chose the category of "medical expenses" and that's what was given when contact with the IRS was made, we aren't allowed to donate anything further than that, post-recovery. However, all leftover funds will be evenly split towards several non-profit organizations including HFH.

Thank you all for your support. If anybody is interested at all, our next campaign is on Rene Lima Marin which you can support his wife here:


Posted on June 26, 2014

Posted on June 26, 2014


Just got off the phone with the IRS and we're cleared from taxes! All money donated will be sent from the organizer of the charity (Skyviper) to Hearts For Healing, which will not impact anyone on our side whatsoever. A deduction will be placed possibly in order to avoid anything serious. Our final steps will include getting the money to the family. Thanks so much to everyone who has contributed and shared the story!

Posted on June 23, 2014

Posted on June 23, 2014


Youcaring hasn't really been working with us lately (we haven't been able to post any updates). We are currently getting shirt designs prepared and there will be links added on the main page of the fundraiser and all of our social outlets soon.

If you haven't been keeping up, the victim was released a couple weeks ago and has been recovering outside of the hospital. We're still looking into amenities for her recuperation at home, so we're still fundraising for the family. We're still in the beginning stages of getting a documentary of creepypasta out, but we're making steady progress!

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